Posted by: cousinbrandon | January 31, 2008

LOST – Season 4, Episode 1: “The Beginning of the End”

1. Hurley and Charlie.  I came to the conclusion (upon a second viewing of the episode) that the reason Hurley is being haunted by Charlie is because of the secret he’s kept since returning, which is:  nobody in the “present day” knows that there are still survivors on the island.  As part of their rescue and return to civilization, the Oceanic 6 (Hurley, Jack, Kate, and…) had to promise not to reveal that others had stayed behind.  The “mystery,” then, will be determining why those other people stayed, and which three people left?  I’m still of the opinion that it’s Michael in the coffin, for reasons I’ve explained previously.

2. Hurley’s Apology.  Yes, it’s quite strange that Hurley apologizes for going with Locke, seeing as how both he and Jack are off the island.  Clearly we’ll find out that either A) Hurley had a change of heart and decided to leave the island with Jack and Kate; B) Hurley left the island against his will.

3. Oceanic Air Rep.  As far as the rep from Oceanic Air is concerned (last name Abaddon, by the way, which is Hebrew for “place of destruction” or the “realm of the dead”), he’s clearly not who he says he is (although he did star in The Wire).  Which organization he’s with (DHARMA, Widmore, other) remains to be seen, unless, of course, he really is with Oceanic Air, and the entire airline is a front for DHARMA.  By the way, did anyone notice the whiteboard in the mental ward when Abaddon visited Hurley?  I saw a screen cap of it, and apparently it included drawings of island, water, and sharks.  Pretty cool.

4. The North Pole.  And while we’re on Hurley, here’s the whole North Pole thing Matt alluded to, in a nutshell.  Some guy on one of the blogs came up with this insane (yet interesting) theory that the Losties are actually in the North Pole, but that they’ve entered it through some sort of dimensional gap created by the turning of the key that turned off the protective shield around the island.  It’s more detailed than that, but here were some clues to hint to this idea.  First, when Hurley speaks to Charlie outside, he tells him, “One minute I was buying some Jerky and a Slushee, and then there you are in front of the Ho-Hos.”  Then, when Hurley and Jack are playing Horse, the game ends at H-O.  So, what’s that leave us?  Ho-Ho-Ho.  Isn’t there some dude that says “Ho Ho Ho” who lives at the North Pole?  Also, Hurley’s drawing an igloo and Eskimo in the asylum, Penny’s boat seems to be in some sort of Arctic territory when the two mates pick up the signal (season 2?), the polar bear on the island, and the running joke about “What did one snowman say to the other?”

5. Leader Locke.  As far as Locke/Ben goes, I’ve heard speculation that Locke will take over as leader of the Others.  I don’t know about that, really.  I did, however, think it was ridiculous that Jack let Ben go with Locke, particularly after Jack told the French woman, “I don’t trust [Ben]; he’s coming with us.”  And then just like that he says, sure, John, take Ben with you.  No way.

6. Naomi.  She didn’t rat them out because  she wants them to be found. 

7. Charlie’s Hand.  There’s a screen cap of Charlie in the police station investigation room, from when he “appears” to Hurley.  When he holds up his hand, though, it doesn’t say “Not Penny’s Boat”; rather, I believe it says “They’re still alive” or something to that effect.  Pretty cool.

So until next time, have at it, you vultures!



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