Posted by: cousinbrandon | February 7, 2008

LOST – Season 4, Episode 2: “Confirmed Dead

Seriously, this was the sort of episode I was hoping for last week, so kudos to the Lost team for drawing out the anticipation and making good on their promise.  Not only was the opening sequence fantastic, but the episode as a whole kicked all sorts of ass.  So, what did we learn and what must we ask:

1. The Bullet Wound.  As many of us speculated, Locke confirmed that the bullet would have killed him if he still had his kidney.  Well done, writers, for finally answering something, and for tying that into his past.

2. The Newbies.  What should we make of the four new characters on the island?  First, I really dug all of their mini-backstories.  In my mind, all of their “flashbacks” take place before they actually came to the island.  In other words, the wreckage of 815 was discovered, which then meant that the four of them would now have to go to the island, as per their mission they previously trained for.  Wow, that was convoluted.  In other words, I suspect that the four people on the helicopter were trained to one day go to the island in the event that flight 815 was ever discovered.  Well, now that it WAS, in fact, discovered, they must embark on their mission.  Did anyone notice, though, that the helicopter was supposedly struck by lightning, according to the captain?  Anyone else think that maybe the electro-magnetic fortress around the island was somehow reactivated instead, thus causing the helicopter to malfunction?

3. The Photograph.  Call me nuts, but in Miles’ flashback when he goes to the old woman’s house, one of the photographs on her wall sort of looks like a picture of Michael.  I screen-capped it myself and attached it.  Now, that could be a big reach, but it truly does resemble him.  What’s more, what in the hell was that vacuum thing he had?  I mean, clearly we’re to believe that he truly possesses some sort of psychic ability, but huh?  What the fuck was that thing?  Also, I tried to spot things in the boy’s room that could have been clues, but didn’t catch anything.  How about the rest of you?

4. The Grizzly Bear.  The grizzly bear skeleton with the Dharma Hydra logo.  Sweet Jesus, that was smooth.

5. Locations.  Should we draw any conclusions from the locations of the four new people?  I think they were in Massachusetts, California, Tunisia and The Bahamas.  Just curious.

6. Jack.  Best line of the episode:  Jack:  “I don’t know, Miles.  How stupid are you?”  Something about his delivery ruled.

7. Ben Linus, 70’s Icon?  How about the picture Miles has of Ben?  Did anyone else think that it not only looked dated, but it appeared as if it was photographed during the same time as one of those DHARMA movies was probably shot?  The clothes were dated, the image looked somewhat yellowed.  I don’t know, but I’ve got a feeling on that one.

8. Naomi and Abbadon.  Just what the fuck is the deal with Naomi and Abaddon?  What is that brother man’s connection to all of this?  And furthermore, does anyone suspect that, based on the “abilities/specialties” of the four new people, that they were somehow involved in the early stages of the Dharma experimentation?  Or at least, were they the children of Dharma scientists?

9. Daniel’s Caretaker?  Did anyone else find it curious that they didn’t show the face of the woman in the opening scene with Jeremy Davies, when he’s watching TV and finding out about the plane?

10. The Spy?  Just who the fuck does Ben have stationed on their boat?

Man, what a great episode. 

Until next time, have at it, you vultures!



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