Posted by: cousinbrandon | February 14, 2008

LOST – Season 4, Episode 3: “The Economist”

First off, let me say that I “heart” Sayid.  (Fitting for Valentine’s Day, no?)  He’s dreamy.

Seriously, that episode fucking ruled.  I’m as much of a proponent of Sayid as I am Locke and Desmond.  What’s more, we have confirmation that Sayid is one of the Oceanic 6.  In any event, let it begin:

1. The Numbers.  I’m assuming all of you caught the numbers/call letters on the side of the helicopter?  I don’t remember the letters, but the numbers 8 and 42 were in plain view.

2. Doctor Ben.  Did the rest of you figure out it was Ben treating Sayid in the final scene?  I picked up on it almost immediately.  I’m sure the writers wanted to suggest to some of us that, hey, maybe it’s Jack, seeing as how it was some sort of doctor.  Nevertheless, it seemed quite obvious to me that Sayid wouldn’t be working with Jack in that capacity.  Now, I must admit that as crazy cool as it was to see it was Ben, I feel somehow sad to find out that Ben is A) still alive; and B) got off the island.  I almost think it’s something they could have stretched out, no?

3. The Delay.  What the fuck is up with the 31-minute delay on the payload launched from the boat?  How fucking nuts was that?  Seems to support the notion that the island is either A) in a different “time” (literally); B) in a different dimension; or C) within some sort of force field.  Either way, that shit was intriguing as all hell.  By the way, why did Frank tell Daniel to hang up if George answered?  That is, why was he only allowed to speak to Regina?

4. The Lost Room.  Ben’s secret room behind his bookcase was pretty darn interesting.  Seeing as how it was riddled with “dress” clothes, various currencies, and a shitload of passports, I’d say it’s safe to assume that not only has Ben been off the island, but quite frequently.  What’s more, the fact that this room is hidden only seems to suggest that he was keeping this from the rest of his “tribe”.  Crazy.  Was anyone able to make out the name/numbers on the passport?  I’m sure it’s online somewhere, but I’ve net yet looked.

5. Kate.  Did Kate really choose to stay with Sawyer, or was that part of Sayid’s deal to get Charlotte and get on the boat?

6. Hurley.  Best line of the night was from none other than Hurley:  “Great, they sent us another Sawyer.”

7. Where is Jacob’s cabin?  Clearly Ben was aware that either the cabin’s mobile or simply isn’t visible to just anyone at anytime.  Either way, something was quite strange about that scene.  What’s more, interesting to see that the gunpowder or mojo dust or whatever the fuck that was still outlined where the cabin should have been.

8. The Economist?  So if Sayid is working for Ben, who was Elsa’s boss?  You know, the economist?  Any thoughts?

Until next time, have at it, you vultures!



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