Posted by: cousinbrandon | March 13, 2008

LOST – Season 4, Episode 7: “Ji Yeon”

Let’s face it:  last night’s episode simply wasn’t great.  I mean, sure, a couple of great plot points were addressed, but all in all probably the weakest episode this season.  Nevertheless, here’s some shit to chew on:

1. Expose.  No one will remember this (probably) because it happened so quickly, but I noticed it last night.  During Sun’s flash-forward, right before she goes into labor, she turns off the TV in her bedroom.  I kept thinking the show she was watching looked familiar, but it happened so quickly that I blew off the idea.  Well, some sites have confirmed that she was indeed watching Expose, specifically a scene with our old pal Nikki.  Ugh, how I hate her.  Please, please don’t bring her or Paulo back.

2. The Tombstone.  According to Jin’s tombstone, his date of death was 9-22-04.  In Lost lore, September 22nd, 2004 is the date flight Oceanic 815 crashed.  Awesome.  So, should we assume Jin is actually dead, or that he stayed on the island?  Clearly it must be the latter, since we know he didn’t die in the plane crash.  What’s more, maybe he had a change of heart over the whole “Sun’s a cheating whore” thing and decided to stay after all.

3. Hurley.  When, exactly, does that scene take place?  Last time we saw future-Hurley was in the season premier, and at that point he was in a mental ward.

4. Michae…er, Kevin Johnson.  Kevin Johnson?!  Why didn’t they just name him John Doe or Bob Smith?  Kevin Johnson is so generic that it’s downright unbelievable.  One thing’s for sure:  traveling through time alters your hairstyle.  As anti-climactic as it was to see Michael, it was still pretty damn cool.  I do have a hard time believing, though, that both Desmond and Sayid were able to keep their shit together upon seeing him, acting as though they were meeting for the first time.  No fucking way!  I read an interesting theory, by the way, which suggested that it’s not Michael, but Walt grown up.  

5. Regina.  We hardly knew you.  Should we assume she jumped off the boat and killed herself because she was experiencing flashes like Desmond and Minkowski?  I mean, what was that all about?  What’s more, what was the deal with her reading her book upside down?  Additionally, the book she was reading (and of course I can’t remember the name) is a novel written as a journal about, I believe, either someone traveling on a ship or someone who was shipwrecked or blah blah blah.  In other words, there’s a boat involved.  (Regina, by the way, was played by the actress who got her arm sliced off by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill I.)  Hmmm, a journal of someone on a boat, sort of like the Black Rock journal Charles Widmore purchased?

6. The Captain.  I wasn’t wild about the guy.  I wish I could remember some of the exchanges between him and Sayid, but all I remember is that the dialogue seemed trite.  

7. Juliet.  Sweet Jesus!  I couldn’t believe she outright told Jin about Sun’s affair.  Seriously, that floored me.  What a bitch!  If nothing else, I think it’s safe to say that Juliet, in this instance, is being truthful.  Otherwise, she’s just a spiteful asshole.  While I found myself still wondering if the baby really is Jin’s, I guess it must be, seeing as how Juliet is still convinced that she and the baby will die if they don’t get off the island and fast.

8. The Oceanic Six?  So, Sun is an official part of the gang, but I’m still confused.  Are we to consider Aaron a member of the Six?  I mean, we’ve got Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, and . . . I don’t like the notion of Aaron, as he wasn’t on the itinerary.  I guess we could consider him a member if he’s one of the six people to get off the island.  I don’t know; I still think this is unclear.

9. Alternating timelines.  I called it during the episode that Sun’s flash-forward and Jin’s flashback weren’t in conjunction with one another.  It just seemed pretty clear that there were separate storylines going on.  And once Jin went back for that second panda, yeah, that sealed it.  No way is Jin, who is apeshit for his wife and kid, going back for a stuffed animal when his kid’s about to pop out.  Also, his hair looked weird.

That’s about all I’ve got for now, as I’m drawing a blank on other action. 

Until next time, have at it, you vultures!



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