Posted by: cousinbrandon | September 4, 2009

The “Music for My Ex” Mixes: Broken Down Music, Vol. 1 & 2

Here’s the thing:  I used to be married.  In fact, I spent nearly 12 years with my ex-wife, albeit married only for the last four.  One of my “hobbies” during that time was making mixes for her.  Granted, this process pre-dated the use of “burning” mixes to CD, at least for me.  I was making “old-school” mixes, recording everything from CD to tape and even tape to tape.  Sure, I wasn’t using turntables and vinyl, but considering the ease and availability of programs nowadays like iTunes, the thought of making a mix with anything but seems as antiquated as a car phone.

Over the years, I made my ex a ridiculous number of mixes, and it wasn’t until Mother’s Day a couple years back that I located some of the old tapes, tracked down songs via CD and the Internet, and re-recorded these mixes to disc.  Granted, knowing now what I didn’t know then, perhaps I wouldn’t have bothered.  Still, I suppose there’s no discounting good music, no matter what the occasion.

Like my year-end, Best of… mixes now, these older mixes were still “thematic” in nature.  That is, I made a conscious effort to move fluidly from one song to the next, while maintaining a mood.  And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I urge you to read Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity, and at the very least see the film based on the book.  Both are great, really, though the book is superior (shocking). 

Furthermore, I can’t seem to track down my pre-2002 Best of… Mixes, so I thought, hey, why not overload you with additional compilations?  After all, you didn’t have to do a lick of work and you’re still privy to the music that’s more or less guided and influenced me during my formative years.

With that, I give you Broken Down Music, Volumes 1 & 2.  And if the title is any indication, you can pretty easily deduce that these aren’t the happiest of songs.

Broken Down Poop Cover.

Broken Down Poop Inside Art.

Broken Down Music (Vol. 1):

1. Badly Drawn Boy – “Bewilderbeast”      
2. Bright Eyes – “Something Vague”                  
3. Death Cab for Cutie – “Technicolor Girls
4. A-Set – “Blizzard of ‘99”
5. Rainer Maria – “Artificial Light
6. The Delgados – “Accused of Stealing
7. The Lesser Birds of Paradise – “The Middle States
8. Clem Snide – “African Friend
9. Richard Buckner – “Elizabeth Childers
10. Burakumin – “Nothing Sooner or Later
11. Cat Power – “Colors and the Kids
12. Grandaddy – “Underneath the Weeping Willow
13. Radiohead – “Motion Picture Soundtrack

Broken Down Music (Vol. 2):

1. Badly Drawn Boy – “Camping Next to Water”   
2. Yo La Tengo – “The Crying of Lot G”              
3. Clem Snide – “Bread
4. Matt Pond PA – “The Sound and the Words
5. The Kingsbury Manx – “Piss Diary
6. Chris Mills – “Aren’t You the One?
7. The Handsome Family – “My Ghost
8. Richard Buckner – “Mud
9. Hayden – “The Closer I Get
10. Michael Penn – “Don’t Let Me Go
11. Radar Bros. – “To Be Free Again”
12. Bright Eyes – “A Perfect Sonnet
13. American Football – “Stay Home
14. Burakumin – “Jennifer Ehman

As I pointed out above, “happy” is not the all-inclusive word to describe this compilation.  Still, I think it’s a fair showing of solid music, most of which still holds up quite well in my estimate.  Considering the songs, I’d say I must have put this together while living in Chicago circa ‘98 or ‘99, seeing as how A) I remember buying The Kingsbury Manx record while living there; and B) The Lesser Birds of Paradise, a Chicago band featuring my pal Justin, is on the docket.

In any event, I’ve got a few more of these mixes to track down, and will do so in the near future.  Why?  Because you people like your music and, well, so do I.  Couldn’t be happier to share it with you.

So until next time, have at it, you vultures!




  1. I’ve always found “Come Pick Me Up” by Ryan Adams to oddly help and hurt when I feel down in the dumps about something. However, I generally don’t have super-refined taste when it comes to music, so Ryan Adams is highbrow for me.

    • For the record, Ryan Adams is highbrow only for Ryan Adams. He loves him some him.

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