Posted by: cousinbrandon | October 23, 2009

Tales of the Wandering Jew: Passing Out in…

…My Living Room.

These aren’t what I’d call “action shots”; more like “missing-in-action shots.” A couple months ago my cousin and his wife came to town for a visit, and the three of us, along with brother and my pals, Matt and Amy, commenced drinking. Let’s just say there were too many games of Asshole, too many glasses of wine, and too many bottles of High Life. The result? A couch to wipe out on and a cat who thinks you’re an asshole. That is all.

Drunken bird’s eye view.

“Seriously, one of you assholes better feed me since this guy’s a mess.”

Even my foot is hammered.

Look, folks, sometimes that’s really all there is to it. Wish I could tell you that there were ogres, jets and hookers involved, but this is really it. Six friends, booze and a cat. And one of those friends happens to be passed out on an old couch.

Well, until my next foray into the world of unconsciousness, have at it, you vultures!



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