Posted by: cousinbrandon | November 27, 2009

The “Miscellaneous” Mixes: Leftovers: The Best “Scraps” from 2008

I wasn’t sure if classifying this as a “Miscellaneous” mix was correct, but it’s my blog and I’ll do as I please.  Sometimes I’m left with so much great music during a given year that I’m forced to cut out entirely too many songs from the final product.  And because I always attempt to include no more than two songs by any single band on a year-end mix (one for the fast mix, one for the slow mix), great songs are often times shown the door.  It’s a travesty, really, and yet it’s the result of my own doing.  In other words, I’m having a moral dilemma with myself based on rules I’m responsible for creating and adhering to.  So, yeah, I’m equal parts crazy and OCD.

With that, in 2008 I made an addendum compilation to my mixes Feast and Famine. Leftovers never saw an “official” release; that is, I didn’t send it out to others.  In fact, I never do that with my “addendum” music, so this is a little gift to all of you.  (What’s more, I’ve got other addendum compilations which I’ll post in the near future, so stay tuned.)

In addition to linking to versions of the songs, I decided this time around to link to the musicians’ websites.  You know, to recognize them, and such.  After all, if not for them, these mixes wouldn’t be possible, which, of course, is the most obvious, stupid statement ever written.

A couple notes on the songs and artists below.  First, Marnie Stern is not only an unbelievable guitarist, but kind of foxy, to boot.  Second, the link to The Futureheads’ “The Beginning of the Twist” is from a fantastic series over at called Don’t Look Down.  Third, my daughter loves My Morning Jacket’s “Aluminum Park.”  And while I, too, love the song, I can’t stand the record that spawned it.  In fact, I think it’s downright awful.

Leftovers (The Best “Scraps” from 2008):

1. Marnie Stern – “Transformer
2. Vivian Girls – “Never See Me Again
3. Dirty Pretty Things – “Kicks or Consumption
4. Black Francis – “Seven Fingers
5. The Black Keys – “I Got Mine
6. The Futureheads – “The Beginning of the Twist
7. Wolf Parade – “California Dreamer
8. Born Ruffians – “Kurt Vonnegut
9. Islands – “Kids Don’t Know Shit
10. My Morning Jacket – “Aluminum Park
11. Silver Jews – “Party Barge
12. The Shaky Hands – “You’re the Light
13. The Rural Alberta Advantage – “Rush Apart
14. Damien Jurado – “Trials
15. Lightspeed Champion – “Devil Tricks for a Bitch
16. Mates of State – “The Re-Arranger
17. Liam Finn – “Wise Man
18. Okkervil River – “On Tour with Zykos
19. Delta Spirit – “Children
20. Sigur Ros – “Festival

I hope you and yours enjoyed the first “addendum” mix.  I believe next up is a trip down 2003 2005 lane, with not one but two addendum mixes to my year-end CDs.

Until next time, have at it, you vultures!




  1. Hey Brandon.
    I actually heard California Dreamer for the first time about two weeks ago because a friend recommended I check it out. I wasn’t blown away by Apologies…, but that tune made me definitely think about giving them another shot. At least looking into the Sunset Rubdown. Nice choice.

    I’ve also been on a bit of a Delta Spirit kick lately. Children is a really good tune. It’s my wife’s favorite on the record, and she is really into that one.

    How was the Okkervil River record? I skimmed it in a store while I was killing some time and it didn’t do a ton for me so with all the stuff I wanted to buy it got pushed down the list and I never got it. Is it worth it? I really enjoy a lot of their stuff.

    Great stuff man. I am also really looking forward to the 2003 extras.

  2. First, I goofed. The 2003 extras are actually 2005 extras. I’m entitled to the occasional fo-pax, yes? (Wrong spelling intended.)

    Okkervil River’s The Stand-In’s is good, but it’s no Black Sheep Boy or The Stage Names. And I urge you to go back to Apologies to the Queen Mary, as it’s a dynamite record.

  3. You’re right. Maybe I was a little harsh on the Wolf Parade record. I listened to it again and did enjoy it more. It happens to me sometimes when things get really hyped up. The expectations start to cloud things. Thanks.

    Also, just in case you’re interested. Here’s a 2008 track that I really liked.

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