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The “Miscellaneous” Mixes: Bits and Pieces, 2005 Leftovers

Bits and Pieces were addendum compilations to my 2005 “Best of” mixes, Deafening and Hushed.  Other than choosing the opening and closing tracks on both CDs, the other music was randomized.  That is, the music on these CDs was set aside as contenders for my year-end 2005 mixes, but were placed on Bits and Pieces in no particular order.  Further proof of that is evidenced on Bits, where two tracks by The Go! Team are not only included, but are two of the first three songs on the CD.  My OCD just got OCD over that one!

Long before I started making year-end mixes and was simply doing the whole tape deck to tape deck thing, I always made a point of kicking off mixes and ending mixes with instrumentals.  For some reason it always felt like the right thing to do.  It was, I suppose, comforting.  That is, putting on a CD and hearing an instrumental track at the start allowed me to ease into what followed.  Ending with an instrumental, then, allowed me some type of closure.  It’s kind of silly, really, considering they were my mixes, and of course I knew when they’d end.  Having an auditory trigger was not at all necessary.  Still, it was like some kind of tic that I had to subscribe to.  When you go back now and look at my year-end mixes, you’ll see that I still, for the most part, subscribe to that same theory. 

These mixes never saw the light of day.  In fact, I’d be surprised if anyone but me ever heard these, or at least not in this order.  Many of the songs are “known” to the folks familiar with my 2005 compilations.  This, once again, was something extra strictly for me.  Well, and now you.  With that, enjoy the rest of 2005.

Bits (2005 Leftovers):

1. The Go! Team – “Junior Kickstart
2. The New Pornographers – “Sing Me Spanish Techno
3. The Go! Team – “The Power is On
4. Silver Jews – “Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed
5. Dungen – “Panda
6. Bloc Party – “Banquet
7. The Hold Steady – “Your Little Hoodrat Friend
8. Caribou – “Lord Leopard
9. The Magic Numbers – “Mornings Eleven
10. The Dudley Corporation – “Maybe I…
11. 50 Foot Wave – “Dog Days
12. Apollo Sunshine – “Flip
13. Wolf Parade – “You are a Runner and I am My Father’s Sun
14. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – “The Skin of My Yellow County Teeth
15. Dressy Bessy – “Electrified
16. The Fiery Furnaces – “Sing for Me
17. Get Him Eat Him – “One Word
18. Spoon – “The Beast and Dragon Adored
19. The Oranges Band – “Evil’s Where You Want It to Be
20. Magnolia Electric Co. – “Leave the City
21. The Octopus Project – “The Adjustor

Pieces (2005 Leftovers):

1. Sigur Ros – “Milano
2. Robbers on High Street – “Dig the Lightning
3. Stars – “Your Ex-Lover is Dead
4. Deerhoof – “O’Malley, Former Underdog
5. The Decemberists – “The Bagman’s Gambit
6. Sufjan Stevens – “Decatur, or, Round of Applause for Your Step-Mother!
7. Aqueduct – “Five Star Day
8. Antony and the Johnsons (feat. Rufus Wainwright) – “What Can I Do?
9. Andrew Bird – “A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left
10. Wolf Parade – “Modern World
11. Black Mountain – “Don’t Run Our Hearts Around
12. Okkervil River – “A Stone
13. Devendra Banhart – “Little Boys
14. Dressy Bessy – “Who’d Stop the Rain
15. Clem Snide – “The End of Love
16. Get Him Eat Him – “Pardon My French
17. The Mountain Goats – “Song for Dennis Brown

Next up in these addendum mixes is something, well, massive, which might, in fact, take me a little while to put together.  Why?  Because just like Bits and Pieces, I never wrote the tracklist down.  This means having to wrack my brain trying to figure out the band and song title of each and every track.  Oh, and to make things even more difficult, the next selection not only comes from 2006, but, well, there are six CDs.  Yes, six CDs.  Oof. 

Until next time, have at it, you vultures!




  1. Hey Brandon,
    Man, I love that Apollo Sunshine record. One of the most annoying shows that I’ve passed on looking back is them opening for Dr. Dog at this small to mid sized venue in L.A. I didn’t know who Dr. Dog was yet and wasn’t interested in driving that far to see them open. If only I had known. I hear Apollo Sunshine puts on a great show too.

    Did you get the Black Sheep Boy Addendum? I ended up liking it as much as the record (which was quite a lot).

    No Tapes N Tapes?
    Also notable for me in 2005:

    Thanks for posting this. I’m very excited for 6 in ’06. Also, I’ve just pushed play on the Wolf Parade record. Thanks for getting me to try it out again.

    • How do you mean “No Tapes ‘n Tapes”? You realize, right, that A) this is just an addendum to my real 2005 mixes; and B) it’s irrelevant, as “The Loon” was released in 2006.

      Unfortunately, no, I did NOT pick up the Black Sheep Boy addendum. Need to do that, now that you mention it. Also, if you’re still missing out on Dr. Dog, I urge you to rectify that and pick up “Fate.” Stellar record. They’re older stuff is great, as well.

  2. Hey man,
    Sorry about that. My iTunes library is lying to me and says it was an ’05 release. I haven’t looked at the 2006 list in quite a while and I didn’t see them when I looked over the 2005 they weren’t there. Basically, my bad.
    Funny thing is that now that I think about it, I think that when I saw the 2006 list initially I may have even commented with a “way to go with Tapes N Tapes” sort of a thing.

    Fortunately, and unfortunately for the timing being so unfavorable, I came to find out the greatness that is Dr. Dog a few months later. Some guy at a record store show that my wife and I went to, I think in trying to hit on my wife, got all up in arms that she didn’t know about them and it peaked my curiosity. I ended up grabbing Easy Beat and the rest is history. Fate is right up there with my favorite albums of the 00’s.

    Thanks man. Sorry for the dates mix up.

    • From Dr. Dog’s “Army of Ancients” (on Fate):

      “I don’t want to wake up / I don’t want to move.
      I’ll skip the sermon / and stick to the booze.”

      Yeah, I knew there was a reason I liked those guys.

  3. That is a great lyric. I love that song too. Man, that guy just has the coolest yelling voice. I like the way he keeps it melodic, but really gets some great power. Really, really impressive.

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