Posted by: cousinbrandon | December 8, 2009

The “Miscellaneous” Mixes: Residuals, 2006 Leftovers

I have no idea, really, just what in the hell to call this. I mean, to call these mixes “addendums” to my 2006 mixes, Lamb and Tyger, seems inaccurate, as I didn’t track any of these songs. Not in the least. Rather, I used iTunes to shuffle up all of the leftover songs and bands that were being considered for inclusion on my 2006 Best of CDs. What follows, then, are six compilations of “mixes.” Again, though, these are mixes in the truest sense, in that the songs follow one another (and are included, to some extent) based solely on the discretion of iTunes. That, then, should explain why, for instance, M. Ward populates both the 15th and 17th slot on Disc 1 of Residuals.

I’m not sure how the rest of you do it, but I create playlists on iTunes based on the year. As soon as I get my hands on an album from said year, I drag it to the corresponding playlist. I then use that well of music to fashion my year-end CDs. Make sense? It should. It’s pretty goddamn simple. The hard part, then, is creating a second playlist that corresponds to the year. So, this year I have a playlist called “2009 Music,” as well as a playlist called “Best of 2009.” I know for a fact I’m not the only one who uses this method, so I’m sure many of you are currently fashioning the “Duh” face. For those of you who were wondering how I kept track of everything, though, there you have it.

To be perfectly honest, I rarely listen to the “mixes” that follow, despite the fact that I burned all of them to CD. I guess it’s some type of self-discrimination, in that they aren’t proper mixes, and listening to them is essentially the same as putting my iPod on shuffle. Crazier, though, are the number of really good songs on here that didn’t make my year-end mixes. It’s one of the drawbacks, I suppose, of limiting myself to no more than two songs per band. Still, why over-represent any one band? I mean, I own the records from which these songs come; I can listen to them anytime. The mixes, really, are for those of you who don’t have access to these bands, and, frankly, it’s my chance to play DJ.

Like the music on my Bits and Pieces post, I was forced to look up a ton of the music below via Google, as I hadn’t written down any of the tracklists.  With the amount of music I “purchase” and own, it becomes entirely too difficult to remember each and every song, particularly when they’re compiled on unlabeled mixes. In fact, it got so difficult at one point that I had to solicit help from Cousin Matt, as well as pals Chuck, Mick, Ryan and Seth, to come up with “Underground” by The M’s (Disc 4, Track 11), as well as The Capes’ “Comet Tails” (Disc 2, Track 18). So, once again, thanks, Fellas, for all your hard work.

And before I forget, I should point out (or point out again, as I feel I’ve mentioned it previously) that I chose The Thermals’ The Body, The Blood, The Machine as Record of the Year in 2006. I stand by that selection, as it not only lapped the field in ’06, but still kicks the shit out of most records three years later. (And if you don’t already own it, quit dicking around and get it already. It’s that good.)

With that, I now welcome you to get your filthy little fingers on all 119 tracks below. All I ask is that you put them back where you found them when you’re finished. Savages.

Residuals (Disc 1):

1. Girl Talk – “Smash Your Head
2. Handsome Furs – “Shut Up I am Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings
3. Magnolia Electric Co. – “Lonesome Valley
4. Belle and Sebastian – “Sukie in the Graveyard
5. Mates of State – “Running Out
6. The Walkmen – “Emma, Get Me a Lemon
7. Figurines – “The Wonder
8. Band of Horses – “Part One
9. Jason Molina – “Alone with the Owl
10. Oh No! Oh My! – “I Have No Sister
11. The Thermals – “Here’s Your Future
12. Neko Case – “That Teenage Feeling
13. The Strokes – “Heart in a Cage
14. Magnolia Electric Co. – “Montgomery
15. M. Ward – “To Go Home
16. The Thermals – “Returning to the Fold
17. M. Ward – “Rollercoaster
18. The Pipettes – “It Hurts to See You Dance So Well
19. Destroyer – “European Oils
20. Yo La Tengo – “Mr. Tough
21. The Elected – “Would You Come with Me
22. Oh No! Oh My! – “Farewell to All My Friends

Residuals (Disc 2):

1. Snowglobe – “Instruments
2. The Thermals – “Back to the Sea
3. Cat Power – “Hate
4. …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – “Eight Days of Hell
5. The Hold Steady – “First Night
6. Swan Lake – “All Fires
7. The Capes – “Francophile
8. The Walkmen – “Tenleytown
9. TV On the Radio – “Province
10. Islands – “Rough Gem
11. The Heartless Bastards – “Searching for the Ghost
12. Robert Pollard – “A Boy in Motion
13. Augie March – “Mother Greer
14. The Flaming Lips – “The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
15. Mew – “Why are You Looking Grave
16. Jason Molina – “It Must Be Raining There Forever
17. Ben Kweller – “I Gotta Move
18. The Capes – “Comet Tails
19. TV On the Radio – “Dirtywhirl
20. The Decemberists – “Sons and Daughters

Residuals (Disc 3):

1. Cat Power – “The Moon
2. The Raconteurs – “Call It a Day
3. Belle and Sebastian – “The Blues are Still Blue
4. The Elected – “Sun, Sun, Sun
5. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins – “The Big Guns
6. Mew – “Special
7. The Long Winters – “Teaspoon
8. Tapes ‘n Tapes – “Cowbell
9. Grizzly Bear – “On a Neck, On a Spit
10. Silversun Pickups – “Well Thought Out Twinkles
11. Grizzly Bear – “Easier
12. Phoenix – “Consolation Prizes
13. Quasi – “Alice the Goon
14. Yo La Tengo – “I Should Have Known Better
15. The Heartless Bastards – “Into the Open
16. Tapes ‘n Tapes – “Manitoba
17. Cat Power – “Lived in Bars
18. The Decemberists – “Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)
19. The Raconteurs – “Broken Boy Soldier
20. Belle and Sebastian – “Another Sunny Day
21. The Hold Steady – “Chips Ahoy!

Residuals (Disc 4):

1. Quasi – “Peace and Love
2. Neko Case – “John Saw That Number
3. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins – “Born Secular
4. Cat Power – “The Greatest
5. Dirty Pretty Things – “If You Love a Woman
6. Figurines – “Rivalry
7. Magnolia Electric Co. – “Don’t Fade On Me
8. The Walkmen – “Don’t Get Me Down (Come On Over Here)
9. Beirut – “Brandenburg
10. …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – “So Divided
11. The M’s – “Underground
12. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins – “Happy
13. Howling Bells – “The Night is Young
14. Dirty Pretty Things – “Deadwood
15. Augie March – “Just Passing Through
16. Built to Spill – “Conventional Wisdom
17. …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – “Wasted State of Mind
18. Grandaddy – “Guide Down Denied

Residuals (Disc 5):

1. Tapes ‘n Tapes – “Just Drums
2. Built to Spill – “The Wait
3. Cat Power – “Living Proof
4. The Long Winters – “(It’s a) Departure
5. Oh No! Oh My! – “Lisa, Make Love! (It’s Okay!)
6. Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins – “The Charging Sky
7. Band of Horses – “Monsters
8. Dirty Pretty Things – “You Fucking Love It
9. The Decemberists – “The Crane Wife 3
10. The Hold Steady – “Party Pit
11. The Capes – “Sun Roof
12. Mogwai – “Acid Food
13. Snowglobe – “Caroline
14. Mates of State – “So Many Ways
15. Cursive – “Dorothy at Forty
16. Augie March – “One Crowded Hour
17. The Heartless Bastards – “Came a Long Way
18. The Thermals – “St. Rosa and the Swallows
19. Phoenix – “Rally
20. The Hold Steady – “Southtown Girls

Residuals (Disc 6):

1. The Mountain Goats – “Get Lonely
2. Jason Molina – “Some Things Never Try
3. Beirut – “After the Curtain
4. Cursive – “Hymns for the Heathen
5. The Futureheads – “Back to the Sea
6. Yo La Tengo – “Sometimes I Don’t Get You
7. Grandaddy – “Skateboarding Saves Me Twice
8. Destroyer – “Looter’s Follies
9. Quasi – “Invisible Star
10. Yo La Tengo – “Beanbag Chair
11. Augie March – “The Baron of Sentiment
12. Phoenix – “Second to None
13. Secret Machines – “I Hate Pretending
14. Thom Yorke – “Atoms for Peace
15. Destroyer – “Your Blood
16. Band of Horses – “St. Augustine
17. Swan Lake – “The Freedom
18. The Decemberists – “The Island-Come & See/The Landlord’s Daughter/You’ll Not Feel The Drowning

Phew. Breathe. In, out. Sweet Jesus, I know already!

Not exactly sure what my next step will be, though I might dip into some of Cousin Matt’s year-end mixes. That, or simply wait until my Best of 2009 CDs are ready to roll. Chances are, though, that my impatience will get the best of me, so something new in the realm of music will be up sooner than later. See you then.

Until next time, have at it, you vultures!




  1. Hi Brandon.
    You were right man. This is huge, and from what I know on the list really great. The cool thing about this list particularly is that it features a lot of stuff that I’ve been meaning to have a look at through reputation, but haven’t gotten to yet. For just a couple examples, I’ve only heard a couple TV on the Radio tracks, I’ve been really curious about Swan Lake and Destroyer (heard maybe 1 track by each and liked them and am definitely intrigued by the band connections). Go Canada! Also, in general are the Silversun Pickups worth it? I’ve only heard one song after a bunch of hype in passing and it didn’t do a ton for me but a lot of people speak awfully highly of them.

    Briefly, which you know can be hard for me, but I better start trying to get a little work done, even if it is Friday and the boss in on the golf course at the moment. I’m glad you explained the process you go with. I never really thought about annual mixes until I first saw your blog, but now as I’ve become curious about the best of various years it’s become increasingly clear to me that I have no idea when things were released (and with iTunes a lot of my stuff has no date, and it’s not necessarily accurate (see the Tapes N Tapes fiasco)). I really like the idea of that categorization.

    Also, I think it’s a shame that Belle and Sebastian doesn’t really seem to get any discussion post the Boy With the Arab Strap. Fold Your Hands Child… may hit me a little splotchy, and the stuff may not be quite to the calliber of If You’re Feeling Sinister and Arab Strap, but Dear Catastrophe Waitress and The Life Pursuit are definitely quality records. We may have talked about this before. I’m a big fan of The Blues Are Still Blue.

    Quick thoughts. I need to pick up the Crain Wife. Love Alice the Goon. I really enjoy the Band of Horses record a great deal. I remember I was skeptical when my friend showed them to me because I thought the band name was a little too “sensitive indie rock” for me, but man am I glad he had me give it a listen. Great stuff. I’m on my way to listen to as much of The Thermals record as will provide me (about half). Thanks. Great post. Ton of stuff to check out.

  2. so much for briefly.

  3. Well, especially now that I’ve looked at the pre-holidays finances, I can’t treat myself to another record until I’ve got everything else under control, but I grabbed a couple tracks from the Thermals record and it’s definitely the next thing I’m going to buy. Thanks for the tip.

    • You cannot go wrong with The Body, The Blood, The Machine. It’s fucking brilliant!

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