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The “Miscellaneous” Mixes: The Best of 2004

Today we’ve got yet another Cousin Matt mix to tackle. This time we’re examining his Best of 2004 compilation. Again, here’s a little rundown in Cousin Matt’s own words:

So this was the first Best Of where I utilized the Billboard “look” that would eventually become the template. It made sense, it was a countdown after all. And, quite frankly, I was running out of ways to change it each year.

This was also the first time I posted my top albums on a Best Of. Even still, compared to later versions, you can see that it was pretty bare bones in its infancy stage. No numbers, no titles or bands names. Just the album covers. Laaaame. And probably confusing. Anyhoo, those albums were…

Front cover – Top 10 Albums of 2004:

#10 – Sung Tongs by Animal Collective
#9 – Good News for People who Love Bad News by Modest Mouse
#8 – No Danger by Inouk
#7 – The Difference Between Me and You is That I’m Not on Fire by McLusky
#6 – Dios by Dios
#5 – Summer In Abaddon by Pinback
#4 – Doing the Distance by Snowglobe
#3 – Blueberry Boat by The Fiery Furnaces
#2 – The Futureheads by The Futureheads
#1 – Funeral by Arcade Fire

I think this is one of Cousin Matt’s strongest compilations. In comparing it to my Best of 2004 CDs, I realize that while we include a lot of the same bands, we actually picked wildly different tracks. This, actually, is pretty common among our mixes. Cousin Matt and I tend to agree on the performers, yet we typically choose different songs as our favorites, and I’m not quite sure why. Still, I suppose it makes for more variety come the end of the year. Like Cousin Matt, my mixes included The Fiery Furnaces’ “Chris Michaels,” Devendra Banhart’s “This Beard is for Siobhan,” The Detachment Kit’s “Skyscrapers,” and Snowglobe’s “Aimless Sailor.” Again, the weird thing is that we actually had so many of the same bands on our mixes that year, yet only four songs in common.

Among the more underrated records of 2004 represented below are Dios’ self-titled record, Snowglobe’s Doing the Distance, Inouk’s No Danger, and The Futureheads’s self-titled debut. Additionally, “The Heat” by Graham Smith (aka Kleenex Girl Wonder) is absolutely fantastic.

As is always the case with Cousin Matt’s year-end mixes, this is a “countdown” as opposed to a compilation. (Again, Track 1, in this case, is his 34th favorite song of the year.)

The Best of 2004 front cover.

The Best of 2004 back cover.

The Best of 2004 (Disc 1):

1. The Good Life – “Album of the Year
2. Brian Wilson – “Heroes and Villains
3. The Comas – “The Last Transmission
4. Guided By Voices – “Girls of Wild Strawberries
5. Ambulance Ltd. – “Stay Where You Are
6. These Arms are Snakes – “Angela’s Secret
7. Xiu Xiu – “Clowne Towne
8. Of Montreal – “Vegan in Furs
9. Rogue Wave – “Kicking the Heart Out
10. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – “The One Who Got Us Out
11. The Hives – “B is for Brutus
12. Les Savy Fav – “The Sweat Descends
13. Electrelane – “On Parade
14. The Go! Team – “Junior Kickstart
15. Dios – “Meeting People
16. Modest Mouse – “Black Cadillacs
17. Aloha – “I Don’t Know What Else to Do

The Best of 2004 (Disc 2):

1. Animal Collective – “Leaf House
2. Franz Ferdinand – “Jacqueline
3. Snowglobe – “Aimless Sailor
4. Interpol – “Slow Hands
5. A.C. Newman – “On the Table
6. Devendra Banhart – “This Beard is for Siobhan
7. The Walkmen – “The Rat
8. Detachment Kit – “Skyscrapers
9. Inouk – “Nudie Suit
10. Bloc Party – “Banquet”
11. McLusky – “She Will Only Bring You Happiness
12. The Killers – “All These Things That I Have Done
13. Graham Smith – “The Heat
14. The Fiery Furnaces – “Chris Michaels
15. Pinback – “Syracuse
16. The Futureheads – “Hounds of Love
17. Arcade Fire – “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

Next up, obviously, is Cousin Matt’s 2005 compilation. Before that, though, I hope to get my Best of 2009 mixes up and running. They’re all tracked and burned, ready for your amusement. So, you can most likely look for them this week.

Until next time, have at it, you vultures!



  1. Well, I have more tracks on this list… But just The Killers, Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse. I still feel lame.

    • Nothing to feel “lame” about. The majority of the music Cousin Matt and I listen to is “off the beaten path,” so to speak. Now, then, right the system and start listening to the music above. There’s a cure, good man.

  2. What a fantastic compilation. Kudos on all the work you put into this for your readers.

    • Thanks so much, lafix. It’s well worth it for the good folks like you.

  3. Hey Brandon.
    Thanks a lot man. I’ll come back and look at it a little more in depth tomorrow, but I wanted to thank you right off the bat. I was trying to remember which Fiery Furnaces record I wanted to pick up and it was totally Blueberry Boat (I’d wanted to check them out and the one track that I’ve heard and liked a lot was from that record). I was actually thinking of heading to the record store on the way home to grab the newest Starlight Mints anyways with some store credit I have acquired. Now hopefully I can grab both. Thanks.

    I have also thought about looking into the whole Sunset Rubdown thing. Do you have any advice for which album to start off with?

    Thanks again man.

    • Absolutely pick up Blueberry Boat ASA & P, but while you’re at it grab The Fiery Furnaces’ latest record, I’m Going Away. It’s easily one of my favorite records of 2009 (which you’ll realize soon enough, wink-wink). No need to grab the latest Starlight Mints. It’s disappointing. Ever since The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of (I believe I’ve got the name right), they’ve failed to put out a consistently solid record.

      As far as Sunset Rubdown goes, pick up Shut Up I Am Dreaming to start with.

      • Thanks a lot Brandon. I’m glad that it actually worked out better for me to go today than yesterday. I’ll pass on the new Mints record. Thanks for the tip. It makes sense. I wonder if they are one of those bands that seems to just have a sort of diminishing magic factor. I had never come across the first one before in order to buy it, but I thought of Amazon after reading your post and picked it up (along with 4 other things. An order that I imagine you would definitely endorse, two from the 106 list, two from here). I’m pretty excited to see how that one plays. I believe that Shut Up I Am Dreaming will replace the Starlight Mints record on my shopping list for today. I also ordered Blueberry Boat this morning with my amazon order. I’m pretty excited about that one. Thank you very much again man. I’m also very excited to get better acquainted with 2009. Between that, my iTunes cards that I’m burning through and my pending trip to the store I haven’t gotten my hands on this much new music in quite some time. Really exciting stuff.

        I’ve already rambled on too much and I haven’t even gotten to the mix yet. This one is actually chalked up with bands I know about, but haven’t really taken the plunge yet. This is what I get for refusing to let my tastes evolve for about 8 years. I will say that Les Savy Fav put on about the craziest show I’ve ever seen. It ended up with the singer running out of the venue, climbing a tree and chewing on leaves. Great show.
        I love that AC Newman record, and I think On The Table is probably my favorite track on it.
        It was funny, I didn’t get into the Arcade Fire record at first. Sometimes I think I get a little subconsciously contrarian when the critics go too nuts over something. Not a quality that I celebrate, but it’s a tough old habit to shake, but I’ve really pretty into it over the last year or so. Great album.
        The Pinback record is great too. I’m actually listening to it right now. And with that, the bar that scrolls up and down the post has gotten smaller than I’m comfortable with so I’ll call it here.

        Thanks a lot for everything. Great post, and great comp to Matt.

  4. For WakingUpWithRobots (as well as the rest of you), I might hold off on posting my Best of 2009 compilation until after the new year, seeing as how no one will be around to read it. The mixes are all finished, but I’d like to say a bit more about them, so I might just bide my time.

    And to you, WakingUpWithRobots, I might have cautioned you on buying all that music until AFTER you read the 2009 post. Still, in terms of overall records, 2004 was probably a better year than the current one, so maybe not a bad idea after all.

  5. Hi Brandon.
    I know, I have discipline problems. I think I am physically incapable of sitting on a gift card, particularly when they apply to places where music is sold. I think I’ll heed the warning and halt where I am until I have a listen to the 2009 picks. I’m still definitely not tapped out yet. It was kind of the year of the gift card this year.

    The cool thing about this morning’s purchases is that they were very inexpensive. I never realized that you could find stuff so cheap on Amazon. I ended up grabbing 5 cds for around $22 (though I looked at several cds and most of them weren’t quite that cheap). I’m going to have to start taking advantage of that more.

    Thanks again, and if I run across you in the digisphere I hope you have a great new years man.

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