Posted by: cousinbrandon | January 6, 2010

The “Miscellaneous” Mixes: The Best of 2005

While he prepares his Best of 2009 mix, Cousin Matt’s still got a few previous Best of CDs kicking around. Today we’re looking at his Best of 2005 mix which, in Cousin Matt’s words, “got the best response” from his “listeners.” Here’s his take on the compilation:

Somewhere along the line, I lost the files for all my older mix covers (sigh). Fortunately, though, all is at peace because I still have hard copies – and a scanner. As a result, 2005-2001 and any pre-Best Ofs are relegated to lamer, grainier, lo-fi versions.

For this installment, I tinkered with the cover a little to beef it up a bit – also added album titles, order numbers, etc., which probably helped explain things a little.

Front cover – Top 10 Albums of 2005:

#10 – Justamustache by Thunderbirds Are Now!
#9 – Apollo Sunshine by Apollo Sunshine
#8 – Alligator by The National
#7 – Z by My Morning Jacket
#6 – Silent Alarm by Bloc Party
#5 – Lonely People of the World, Unite! by Devin Davis
#4 – Illinoise by Sufjan Stevens
#3 – The Woods by Sleater-Kinney
#2 – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
#1 – Apologies to the Queen Mary by Wolf Parade

Regardless of what he and other thought, I still think his 2004 mix was superior. In comparing his 2005 mixes to my 2005 mixes, Hushed and Deafening, we actually had 13 songs in common. Considering he had a grand total of 39 whereas I had 44, that’s a pretty decent percentage of overlap. 

Looking at some of Matt’s lesser-known, individual selections, The Tah-Dahs “The Cute Band” was one of my favorite picks from 2005. The Thunderbirds Are Now! record was pretty much a hidden gem in general, as was The Spectacular Fantastic’s I Love You EP. Another unsung band on both his and my mixes is The Oranges Band, whose 2005 release The World & Everything In It is truly fantastic, despite some less than spectacular reviews. I’m particularly keen on the very last moment of the record’s final track, “Evil’s Where You Want It To Be.” Also, Get Him Eat Him’s “selection” is actually two selections. That is, the first two tracks on the record nearly blend directly into one another, so Cousin Matt included both tracks. And while “Hymn for Her” by The Magic Numbers was certainly one of my favorite tracks of the year, there’s no denying Wolf Parade’s Apologies to the Queen Mary as my choice for 2005 Record of the Year.

As is always the case with Cousin Matt’s year-end mixes, this is a “countdown” as opposed to a compilation. (Again, Track 1, in this case, is his 39th favorite song of the year.)

The Best of 2005 front cover.

The Best of 2005 back cover.

The Best of 2005 (Disc 1):

1. Dungen – “Panda
2. Of Montreal – “So Begins Our Alabee
3. Animal Collective – “Grass
4. Broken Social Scene – “Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)
5. The Spinto Band – “Brown Boxes
6. Spoon – “I Turn My Camera On
7. The Octopus Project – “Music Is Happiness
8. Thunderbirds Are Now – “From: Skulls
9. Dudley Corporation – “Glance
10. Architecture in Helsinki – “Wishbone
11. Marah – “The Hustle
12. The Tah-Dahs – “The Cute Band
13. Get Him Eat Him – “One Word / The Celebration
14. The Hold Steady – “Cattle and the Creeping Thing
15. Nada Surf – “Always Love
16. Lucero – “Noon As Dark As Midnight
17. The Spectacular Fantastic – “60 Cycles
18. Heartless Bastards – “Onions
19. The New Pornographers – “The Bleeding Heart Show
20. Rogue Wave – “Bird On a Wire
21. Apollo Sunshine – “Ghost

The Best of 2005 (Disc 2):

1. Antony and the Johnsons – “Hope There’s Someone
2. The Oranges Band – “Ride the Nuclear Wave
3. Black Mountain – “Don’t Run Our Hearts Around
4. The Decemberists – “We Both Go Down Together
5. Oneida – “High Life
6. Sleater-Kinney – “Modern Girl
7. Bloc Party – “Helicopter
8. Kaiser Chiefs – “Every Day I Love You Less and Less
9. Aqueduct – “Growing Up with GNR
10. My Morning Jacket – “Lay Low
11. Ryan Adams & the Cardinals – “Let It Ride
12. Devin Davis – “Giant Spiders
13. The National – “Mr. November
14. Sufjan Stevens – “Casimir Pulaski Day
15. Okkervil River – “For Real
16. Wolf Parade – “I’ll Believe in Anything
17. The Magic Numbers – “Hymn for Her
18. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – “The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth

I’ll be back soon enough with Cousin Matt’s 2006 compilation. His 2009 mix should be ready in the near future, as well. Keep an eye out.

Until next time, have at it, you vultures!



  1. Wow, I guess 2005 is a year I was actually paying attention to music! I know A LOT of this stuff! I’m not a huge fan of Sufjan Stevens in general, but “Casimir Pulaski Day” is an amazing song. I dig My Morning Jacket, the Decemberists, The National, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Spoon, the New Pornographers, and Apollo Sunshine.

    I think I may need to start re-examining my life, as I know far too much of what you posted on this edition!

    Thanks for posting so much, weirdos like me appreciate it!

    • If you do, in fact, re-examine your life, be a pal and let me know if you discover why people ever thought Bon Jovi was a good idea.

  2. Yeah, no amount of re-examination will ever make Bon Jovi make sense, B.

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