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LOST – Season 6, Episode 3: “What Kate Does”

I’ll begin by saying that “What Kate Does” started out a bit slow for my taste, yet got ridiculously awesome as it progressed. I guess I should have expected that, though, as Kate-centric episodes have never been the show’s strong suit. Don’t believe me? Go read through any fan forum (or one man’s blog take, in particular) and that opinion will be reiterated in spades. Granted, Season 5’s “Whatever Happened, Happened” (in which Kate left Aaron with Claire’s mother) was one of the stronger Kate episodes, as it was downright heartbreaking. Why do I bring this episode up in particular? Read on, beginning with…

1. The Temple. Sal Star (who has since been identified as Lennon, which is apt considering his round spectacles) furiously makes his way through the halls of the Temple, where he locates Dogen (who I previously identified as the Asian leader of the Others, as I didn’t yet know his name) to give him the news on Sayid. A confused and barely lucid Sayid wants to know what happened. Jack tells Sayid that he died, and that he to which Sawyer sarcastically comments “he definitely deserves another go around,” which is obviously a nod to the common LOST themes, particularly in what it appears we’re seeing this season, which takes us to…

2. Taxi Driver.

No, not the film. We return to last week’s flash-sideways, and Kate has hopped into the back of a cab at LAX, pulling a gun on the driver and demanding him to drive. A frightened Claire sits in the backseat. Kate orders the driver to go, but he has to stop as Arzt’s luggage has spilled in the middle of the road. Frantic, Kate looks around and sees Jack on his cell phone (not sure of the significance of this, really, other than to say, “Hey, audience, there’s Kate noticing Jack”). Kate forces the driver to run over Artz’s luggage. The driver makes his way out of the airport, and at the red light runs off like a coward, leaving Claire in the backseat at gunpoint. See, who says chivalry is dead? Kate orders Claire out of the cab, but refuses to let her get her bag out of the trunk. And all this time, I couldn’t tell whether or not Claire was pregnant. Hmmm. We return then to…

3. The Escape. Sayid and the rest of the Losties have been brought outside into the courtyard. Miles jokingly says that Hurley has “assumed the leadership position,” which is actually quite telling. I mean, Hurley’s significance on this show has always hinted at being much more important than what it might appear. Think about it: he sees and communicates with the dead, he’s got the strongest connection with the numbers, and, if you remember back to the episode “Dave,” in which Hurley was having an “imaginary” conversation with Evan Handler, there were always hints that LOST might be going down the whole “snow globe” path. That is, what if the island and everything on it wasn’t real? What if Hurley had created everything in his mind as an effect of his neuroses? While I don’t really buy into that as the explanation for the show, the suggestion of it has always been in the back of my mind, which is the intention of the show’s writers. We should eventually have a “logical” explanation for what inevitably happens on the show, or otherwise we’ve simply been duped for six seasons, on which I’d call “Bullshit!” But I digress. Sayid thanks Jack for saving his life, yet Jack doesn’t correct him. The Others attack Jack and crew but it’s quickly interrupted by Sawyer, who has managed to get a gun off one of the captors. Sawyer makes it clear that he’s leaving, abandoning his “friends” in the process. Dogen insists that Sawyer stay, but Sawyer takes off nonetheless. We come back from commercial, still at the temple, and HOLY SHIT, ALDO’S BACK! (Sorry, but I’m a huge It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan, so seeing Rob McElhenney reprising his albeit brief stint as Aldo totally surprised me.) Kate proposes that she be let go to bring Sawyer back, as she has the ability to track him and can be “very convincing.” Jin offers to go with her. Why, I’m not really sure, but whatever. Speaking of Kate, we move to…

4. The Mechanic. Kate pulls into a body shop where a mechanic is working on a car. She points her gun at him and demands tools. This is clearly the coolest mechanic ever, and I’ll go so far as to guess he’s done time himself, as he points out she won’t be able to remove the cuffs and keep the gun on him with only two hands. Smart fellas, those mechanics. He removes Kate’s cuffs. Now “free,” she takes Claire’s bag into the bathroom where she obviously plans to change out of her clothes. Opening the bag, we get confirmation: a Polaroid of a very pregnant Claire sits atop the bag. Inside are other baby items, including underpants and a stuffed animal (a whale, by the way, which is not only a water reference, but also black and white). She looks in the mirror and is clearly overcome by guilt. We return to…

5. The Torturer Becomes the Tortured. Kate and Jin are readying themselves to track Sawyer. Jack grabs Kate to warn her to be careful, and for a moment I thought he might actually kiss her. But, you know, that would have been too easy. And at this point, is Jack still subscribing to the “whatever happened, happened” theory, in that he knows he had Kate and lost her, so what good would a kiss do? Meanwhile, we find Sayid strapped and bound to a table, which made me think of the water torture scene in The Princess Bride, when Wesley, also referred to as “The Man in Black” (wink-wink), was being held captive. Sayid asks question after question to Dogen, wanting to know what he’s doing and why, but Dogen refuses to answer. Instead, Dogen blows some type of mystical powder over Sayid’s body, then hooks electrodes to him. He proceeds to shock/torture Sayid, but still says nothing. Dogen then removes the electrodes and pulls a red-hot poker from the fire. Rather than asking for answers of any sort, Dogen presses the poker into Sayid’s chest. Sayid, still confused, wants to know why they did this. Lennon tells him it was a test, and he passed. After Sayid is carried out, Lennon asks Dogen, “I just lied to him, didn’t I?” to which Dogen responds, “Yes.” This scene was interesting, as it’s not the first time we’ve scene Sayid in a similar spot. If you recall, Rousseau held Sayid hostage way back in season 1. What’s more, did anyone else notice that this Sayid doesn’t speak with the same certainty and confidence of, well, Sayid? Again, I’m not suggesting he’s been inhabited by Jacob as many people have pointed out. And, yes, I realize he just died and came back to life and was tortured. All I’m saying is that he clearly sounds different, and I’m wondering if it’s not only an effect of the spring, but some kind of moral choice, in that he is thankful/astonished to be alive. I don’t know. Just thinking as I’m writing. Dangerous. We go back to…

6. Thelma and Louise.

Hmmm, I’m just full of movie references today, but at least I didn’t mention Taxi. Yet. Kate returns to pick up Claire, who is apparently still at the same spot (?) where Kate kicked her out of the cab. Kate returns Claire’s money and luggage. Claire explains she’s going to Brentwood to meet her unborn baby’s adoptive parents, and Kate, out of the goodness of her (guilty) heart, offers her a ride. Pretty friendly exchange, really, considering Kate just held her at gunpoint, kicked her out of a cab, and took off with her money and luggage. We cut back to…

7. The Getaway.

Aldo and Justin march through the jungle with Kate and Jin in an attempt to track Sawyer. Aldo explains that he and the Others are protecting Kate and crew from Smokey. Jin asks about Ajira 316, and when Justin pipes up about “the second plane,” he is told to shut up by Aldo. After spotting a booby-trap, Justin keeps Kate from tripping it and says it must be one of Rousseau’s, who’s been dead for a long time. Aldo, clearly harboring a good deal of anger, points out that Kate knocked him out three years ago when she, Sawyer and Jack were being held captive (Season 3). (What’s interesting about this is that, at that time, Aldo would have been a “guard” under Ben’s command, no? So how, then, did Aldo find himself under Dogen’s leadership?) Spotting her opportunity, Kate knocks out Aldo with her canteen and trips the booby-trap, which knocks out Justin. She and Jin escape, which makes sense since Kate’s, obviously, always on the run. We then go back to…

8. The Pill. Sayid is returned to his friends and tells Jack he was tortured, but doesn’t know why. He sounds incredulous, which again was quite interesting. Jack goes to see Dogen to get answers, but Dogen can only tell him that Sayid’s “infected.” Dogen presents Jack with a pill to give to Sayid, and explains that Sayid must take it willingly. Again, Jack wants to know why they tortured Sayid, to which Dogen responds that they were diagnosing him. Dogen, in an attempt to manipulate Jack into giving Sayid the pill, tells Jack it’s his chance to redeem himself for all the blood on his hands, for those who have been hurt or killed following Jack’s lead. Finally, he tells Jack that should Sayid fail to take it the infection will spread, yet doesn’t explain the effects of the infection. We find Miles asking Sayid about the afterlife, and whether or not there was some sort of white light. All Sayid remembers is being shot, and he assures Hurley (in a comical moment), “I’m not a zombie.” Jack pulls Sayid aside and shows him the pill he’s to take. Jack explains that it wasn’t him who fixed Sayid, essentially putting the ball in Sayid’s court. Sayid says that he’ll take the pill because he trusts Jack, which results in Jack clenching his fist around the pill, as he realizes where trust from other people has gotten them. And then a quick stop at…

9. Jin and Kate. Jin is still confused by Kate’s plan, or lack thereof. He asks Kate where the Ajira plane landed, which I thought was pretty ridiculous. Why would he be asking Kate, when she clearly arrived back in 1977 with Hurley and Jack? Also, even if he really thought she knew, why ask her now? Wouldn’t he have asked her a while ago? This confused me. Kate says she’s essentially leaving Jack and company behind, and that she’s on her way to find Sawyer. Jin wants to know what she’ll do then, and Kate says she and Sawyer will “figure it out together.” Um, sounds like someone still has a thing for a southern conman, no? And this, by the way, is why people get annoyed with Kate. Choose already, motherfucker! We then move sideways to…

10. Meet the Parent(s).

Kate and Claire are driving to the adoptive family’s house. Claire has explained they were supposed to meet her at the airport, but must have gotten their days mixed up. Claire is clearly guilt-ridden about the process, and attempts to justify why the parents didn’t show. When they arrive at the home, Claire asks Kate to come with her for support. The mother answers the door, but explains that her husband left her, and she just can’t be a single mother raising Claire’s baby. Kate has a fit and wants to know why they didn’t even call Claire, who flew all the way from Australia? (Pretty interesting, by the way, that Kate has taken this much interest in Aaron in this timeline, no?) Likely brought on by stress, Claire begins to go into labor (apparently). We flip over to…

11. New Otherton. Kate locates the barracks. She finds Sawyer inside his old house, digging up the floorboards. He removes a buried shoebox and pulls out what looks like a piece of material, though we can’t quite make out what it is. Kate watches Sawyer from the hallway and tries to leave without his knowing she was there, but of course Sawyer hears her and makes his way past her, still visibly upset. We then move back to…

12. The Hospital. Kate pulls up to the hospital, and although she meant to drop Claire off and leave, a police car arrives, forcing Kate to go with Claire in order to hide. Claire is hooked up to the machines and HOLY FUCKING SHIT, HER DOCTOR IS ETHAN! I admit, I was stunned to see this. For some reason, the thought of seeing Ethan again never crossed my mind. He introduces himself as Dr. Ethan Goodspeed, which was interesting because I can’t remember whether we’ve ever heard him identify himself as such. I mean, we know he was the son of Horace and Amy, so we know that’s his actual name. Still, it sounded odd, as I was still imagining Dr. Ethan Rom. In any event, this scene was amazing. Ethan explains that they could deliver the baby now, or they could medicate her to essentially hold off the delivery. And what does he tell Claire? “I don’t want to have to stick you with needles if I don’t have to.” Claire decides she wants to hold off, but the baby’s heart suddenly flatlines. She panics and asks if Aaron is okay. They locate the heartbeat and the situation is under control. Okay, so again we’re seeing a scene play out in this flash-sideways timeline that has essentially taken place in the real timeline, in that Ethan is playing doctor to Claire and injecting her with needles, a la him injecting her to ward off the sickness(?) back on the island. It’s as though the same things are happening in this timeline, only not in the same manner. Is this, then, a foreshadowing of the fact that everything really always ends the same? That no matter how our Losties get there, they will get there. The path might change, but the destination is always the same. We return to…

13. Sittin’ by the Dock of the Ocean. Kate meets Sawyer on the dock, where she tells him she returned to the island to find Claire. Kate apologizes for Juliet’s death, but Sawyer takes the blame, saying that had he not kept her from leaving back in 1974 she’d be alive now. “I think some of us are meant to be alone,” he says, before revealing the engagement ring he was going to give to Juliet. This, obviously, is what he retrieved from the shoebox. Sawyer chucks the ring into the water, which is now the second time we’ve seen this (Desmond did the same with Penny’s ring). Sawyer walks off and we see remorse and tears on Kate’s face, only I couldn’t decide if she was broken up over feeling responsible for Juliet’s death, or jealous because she’s in love with Sawyer. We move across the island to…

14. The Heimlich Maneuver. Jack walks into Dogen’s “office,” where he is spinning a baseball. (Kind of a strange moment, really, though it made me think of Jack and the whole Red Sox dialogue.) Jack wants to know why Dogen uses a translator; Dogen explains it’s to separate himself from the others, so they’ll follow more easily when they don’t like his decisions. Jack wants to know why Dogen is here, and in a very interesting moment, Dogen explains he was “brought” there just like everyone else. Furthermore, he tells Jack, “You know exactly what I mean.” On the literal level, we could think he was referring simply to being brought to the temple. Clearly, though, he’s referring to being brought to the island itself, which is something this recent version of Jack has clearly bought into to an extent. This, after all, is the Jack who now speaks of destiny and what they’re “supposed” to do. Yes, he might be jaded after the bomb detonated and here they are, but still. Jack reveals that he didn’t give Sayid the pill, and instead tries to swallow it himself as Dogen won’t reveal what’s in it. Dogen grabs jack and applies the Heimlich Maneuver, dislodging the pill from Jack’s throat. Why? Because, as Dogen finally explains, the pill is full of poison. We jump to our timeline and find…

15. Identity Theft.

When I hear “Claire,” this is still the one who comes to mind.

Claire is staring at a picture of her ultrasound from her hospital bed. A woman, Detective Rasmussen, enters the hospital room and asks about the woman who drove Claire to the hospital, as identified on the sign-in sheet by the name Joan Hart. Unfortunately, the only Joan Hart I could find anything on was this one. Claire doesn’t give Kate up, who is hiding in the other room. Kate thanks Claire for saving her, and Claire thanks Kate in return. Kate plans to leave and Claire offers Kate her credit card, even though it’s got a small limit on it. Kate refuses, but eventually accepts. Metaphorically, this seemed pretty important to me. After all, here’s Claire offering Kate a piece of her identification to take with her. And seeing as how Kate adopts Aaron in the real timeline and says he’s hers, it’s as though she adopted Claire’s identity in the real timeline. This scene, then, like the previous scene with Ethan, appears to be another example of things unfolding the way they’re supposed to. Interestingly, though, Kate leaves by telling Claire she should keep Aaron. Hmmm. We return to…

16. The Explanation. Well, sort of. Lennon can’t believe Jack attempted to swallow the pill. Jack wants to know why Dogen would want/try to kill Sayid. He tells Jack that Sayid’s been “claimed”; that there’s a “darkness” in Sayid, and once it infects his heart, Sayid will be gone completely. Okay, this was pretty cool, but only half as cool as what happens next, when Dogen explains, “It happened to your sister.” And speaking of which…

17. Hey, Sis. Jin, who’s now on his own, is walking through the jungle when he is recaptured by Aldo and Justin. He explains he was returning to the temple, but Aldo plans to shoot him instead. Jin makes a break for it, but his leg is caught in what appears to be a game trap. Aldo holds Jin at gunpoint, but before he can pull the trigger both he and Justin are shot…by Claire. Sweet Jesus! So can we assume that Claire died when her house exploded in New Otherton, and somehow she was taken by the Others to the Temple and revived in the spring? If I recall correctly, Claire was always supposed to raise Aaron. Is this why she was brought back to life? To find Aaron and raise him as her own?

Okay, I’ve just about run out of gas. As always, I ask — no, demand – you leave comments here on my blog. What did you think of the episode? What did I miss? Agree with my takes? Disagree? Also, any thoughts on the pictures? Does it help to break up the text? The floor is yours.

Until next time, have at it, you vultures!


UPDATE: Based on Cmitch’s thoughts in the “Comments” section, I thought I’d add these two pictures, one of an “old” Rousseau and one of a “young” Rousseau. Again, I must admit that the resemblance to Claire is uncanny.

“Old” Danielle Rousseau

“Young” Danielle Rousseau


  1. Great post as always.

    Kate also used the alias Joan Hart in the first season in the episode “Born to Run”, which also has Kate visiting a hospital.

    • Nice catch, Cmitch. I actually don’t remember that reference at all. Kudos.

      • Well to be honest I used the interwebs to make the connection. I keep the laptop close by during all episodes.

  2. Wasn’t it Sawyer who made the statement about Sayid deserving another go round? Something snarky like “he’s an Iraqi torturer and he shoots little boys. Of course he deserves another go round,” because he’s very obviously bitter that they could bring Sayid back but Juliet’s still dead?

    • Yep, it was Sawyer indeed. I made the “fix” above. Good looking out, A.

  3. Great post! That episode was really good even though it didn’t answer a lot of questions. The parallels between the realities are interesting to say the least. Seeing Ethan gave me the chills a little bit, but the dialogue between him and Claire was pretty amazing. I miss Aldo already! The more Mac we have in this world the better. Thanks again Brandon!

    • No, it actually provided new questions, but that’s okay. And, yes, you can never have too much Mac, although it appears he was shot and killed. How he and the rest of the gang managed to keep that bit of info of his appearance off of Twitter I have no idea.

      Also, interesting that there were no Ben/FLocke/Richard scenes in this episode. If you think about it, it’s been a while since the writers completely ignored one of the storylines in an episode to concentrate on another one.

    • Question: Isn’t the main timeline now in 1977? Didn’t Kate whack Aldo in 2003? Does this mean that Aldo went back in time also?

      • No, Richie, the main timeline is in 2007. Once Juliet detonated the bomb, the Losties “leaped” back to “when” they should be on the island, which is the same time frame as the Ajira flight. Everything is correct in that manner.

  4. I also think that the possession taking place of Sayid and Claire (after being brought back to life in the temple) are by those that have died on the island. I think that Claire has been brought back to life but is possessed by Rousseau. I think this for three reasons

    1) Her general Rousseau-like haggard appearance

    2) She has been setting Rousseau-like traps on the island

    3) She holds her rifle low, below the shoulder, like Rousseau did…that might be a stretch.

    Also when we last left Rousseau in season five she was firing her gun at Jin instead of saving him.

    Claire would also be the logical person that Rousseau would possess due to them both losing their children…Just a thought.

    If that is the case, perhaps the fear in Sayid’s voice and slight more British tone could mean he has been “infected” by Charlie???

    • You kind of just blew my mind there a bit. I mean, as much as I dismissed the notion that Sayid is Jacob reincarnated (or whatever term you’d like to use), I love the idea of Rousseau inhabiting Claire’s body. Her haggard appearance and the whole gun-angle thing certainly ring true. Not sure what you mean about Claire setting traps, though, unless you’re implying that the trap they nearly tripped last night wasn’t one set by Rousseau but by Claire. I’m not convinced on Sayid either way. Other people have noted the “British” accent in his voice, but I simply chalk that up to people wanting to make that association because he’s British in real life, so they’re hearing what they want to hear. Yes, Sayid “sounds” different, but it’s more in tone and inflection in my mind.

      Also, if your theory were accurate, who, then, is inhabiting Ben? Not sure I see that. I mean, who else was evil that would have died on the island back in 1977, when Ben was shot and taken to the spring? Not Widmore. Not Mib. Not Roger Linus.

      • I think that the traps were set by Claire due to the fact that Mac/Aldo put the kibbosh on Justin saying that the trap couldn’t be hers because she had been dead for so long.

  5. Did anyone watch Bad Girls Club last night?

  6. Seriously though, Cmitch kinda killed me on that comment as well. As soon as I read it I felt that the image of Claire (pictured above) is a spitting image of Rousseau. Could we see Locke’s “real” body being brought to the springs to be inhabited by someone else? maybe Echo?

    • I just added a couple images of Rousseau at the bottom of the post. Again, I must admit that there’s an undeniable resemblance between the “look” of new Claire and the “look” of Rousseau.

      And the notion of someone bringing Locke to the springs makes a whole lot of sense. Whether or not these characters are coming back to life as old characters, I don’t yet know. Still, the idea of Locke coming back as Eko would make a good deal of sense, actually, seeing as how Eko was, in fact, portrayed as Locke’s opposite in a number of ways, particularly when you think back to that scene with the crossword puzzle in season 2.

      • So could this battle that we have been hearing about essentially be a battle between themselves? i.e. “claimed” Sayid vs. “parallell timeline” Sayid? “claimed” Claire vs. “parallell timeline” Claire? This only being true if, 1. those “parallell figures” return to the island and 2. everyone on the island dies only to be “claimed”.

        It would be awesome if Jack died and was claimed by Julliet resulting in Sawyer falling in love with “claimed” Jack. Brokeback Island style.

  7. At first, I thought it was ridiculous that Claire would not only be in the same place she was let out at, but that she wouldn’t run at the sight of Kate, who had a gun and wasn’t afraid of waving it around. Even more perposterous, she took a ride with Kate, and asked her to come to the woman’s door with her!

    But then I remembered… she had a little of the Stockholm’s syndrome when she was captured by The Others too. Granted, she was drugged up, but that was somewhat of a parallell too. (By the way, I’m dissappointed that the Detective’s name wasn’t Missingbreast, as I originally thought I heard, because that would be high-larious.)

    Was Kate saying she was innocent, or was she seeing if she could be convincing? Remember, she said in the Temple, “I can be very convincing when I want to be.” And I definately thought Kate was crying because she thought Sawyer still loved her. She’s selfish, remember?

    The pill… maybe poison for Jack, but medicine for Sayid? Why not kill him when they had him strapped down? Or why would he have to take the pill willingly, if it was just poison. And what could those tests have been? The hot poker… I’m not sure of, but electricity did keep Smokey at bay, right?

    Another observation/question… were the Numbers in the ALT reality? – noticed that the hospital had numbers, but none were The Numbers. In the orignal reality, the numbers would have always been The Numbers.

    • As far as the pill goes, I think the bigger importance is why did Jack have to give Sayid the pill? Doesn’t this sort of mirror MiB not being able to kill Jacob and needing Ben to do it (loophole)?

      I hadn’t noticed the numbers in the other timeline to this point.

  8. Re: crotch

    “It would be awesome if Jack died and was claimed by Julliet resulting in Sawyer falling in love with “claimed” Jack. Brokeback Island style.”

    That was awesome/hysterical/creepy.

  9. I’m surprised you didn’t mention two things:

    1) When Jack asked Miles to get Sayid some water (I think that’s what he asked him to get) in the opening, Miles looked at Sayid with a perplexed look (“I’m not seeing the right dead-person”, sort of look), or look of suspicion.

    2) I don’t think you mentioned it being coincidental that Dogan requires Jack to give him the poison (probably killing him). Yet another instance of someone else doing the killing for anOTHER (Sayid, potentially the spirit of Jacob, or whatever’s inside of Sayid). If it was Jacob inhabiting Sayid, why would they want him dead? Is it because the water/pool was murky that Sayid is able to BECOME inhabited in the first place? In other words, it seems that the man-in-black needs to inhabit people who have died (i.e. Locke, Yemi, Christian, etc.). That being said, maybe Claire DID, in fact, die. And, WHO is inhabiting Sayid? The man-in-black, or Jacob, or something else?

    Also, during the scene where Jack brings the pill to Sayid, even Sayid says something like, “I’ll do whatever YOU want me to…” Free will vs. nature yet again. What’s your take on this?

    I definitely think the Claire/Rousseau is happening – mostly because of Aldo quieting Justin about the “looks like one of Rousseau’s booby-trap” comment.

    I hated the whole scene where the detective walks in and asks Claire if she knew where Kate (or whatever her name was) had gone. Claire says no, and the police leave. What great investigative work!

    I totally agree with you about Sayid being a big pussy during the torture scene. I feel like he’s always shown a much stronger, almost invincible, side to his character. This is NOT the Sayid we know and love.

    • What I want to respond to, DM, is your point about free will. Yes, once again this is a free will issue, but more so it’s a character issue in this case. We don’t typically think of Sayid as being one to do something based on his trust in someone else; rather, he is a competent chap who wouldn’t base his decision solely on trusting Jack. Again, I do think this version of Sayid is compromised, but only to the extent that Ben was also compromised after being taken to the temple. At this point, I’m definitely not convinced Sayid is being “inhabited” by anyone but Sayid.

      Yeah, I hear you on the detective work, or lack thereof. Chalk that one up to bad television and weak writing. Again, for the purposes of time, they can’t launch a full-on investigation and block off the crime scene. Rather, they have to take the pregnant mother at her word and get on with it.

  10. -The mystical powder that is blown over Sayid. I thought it was the same Ash they used to keep Smokey out.

    – I think the Rousseu/Claire possession thing is another red herring. There is no indication previously of other dead people taking over bodies. When Sayid said he was not a zombie, it was funny, but maybe also significant. A zombie is a dead person who is resurrected supernaturally, and has no free will. Lost is all about free will. Also, if this was a possibility, why would they have been so non-chalant about Sayid’s body. All they said is that he was dead, and walked away. You would think that they would have done something with it immediately.

    -The ultrasound had a date a month later than the original 815 crash. So they’re working on an alternate, alternate timeline. Also, I think Aaron had a stuffed whale when Kate was raising him last season.

    – I think the Others saw Ben as a leader, not THE leader. A lot of the Others knew about the real leader, or Dogan, which would explain Aldo. Ben did not know about the real temple, and was even shocked with Mikhail’s constant ressurections. But I think he had to keep being taken back to the temple, right?

    – Lennon is Dogan’s middleman, just like Richard was Jacob’s.

    – Justin said to Aldo that they can’t kill, “One of Them.” Obviously, the plan for Jack and company hasn’t been revealed yet. But what the hell is the eventual plan? And this kind of confirms that Jacob knew all this, at least up til now, was going to play out, right?

    – I like the loophole thing with Sayid and Jack. One thing we know, it can’t be Smokey that infected Sayid. They put that circle of Ash around the temple BEFORE Sayid re-awoke.

    • Let me go point by point, MM:

      1. It could be the same ash. Not sure, though.

      2. I think the whole “zombie” thing was thrown in by the writers for the fans, as it was some sort of running joke that the dead on the show weren’t actually dead. In other words, more of a tip of the cap to the audience.

      3. Yes, there was a date malfunction. I ALSO read Doc Jensen’s recap this afternoon, if that’s where you’re getting this. And, yeah, I had forgotten the whale appeared previously, which DJ also mentioned in his recap.

      4. Why do you say Ben didn’t know about the real temple? If memory serves, didn’t Ben, in fact, mention the temple back in season 4? I could’ve sworn he did.

      5. I didn’t catch Justin’s saying they can’t kill one of them, which would make sense since they were on the list, which I assume is Jacob’s list. I think the existential question isn’t whether they’re ALLOWED to kill one of them but whether or not they’re physically ABLE to kill one of them.

      6. No way did I think Sayid was infected by Smokey, or anyone for that matter. Again, I’m still not buying into any of that for certain.

      • In all honesty, I don’t even know who Doc Jenson is. But thanks for that.

        Yeah, he mentioned the temple, but I think he knew about the outer temple, and the place where he was confronted with his demons. Not the inside, or the lazarous pit.

      • Actually, thanks to the snow, I looked, via hulu, at ALL the numbers in the episode, which is where I saw the date on the ultrasound. The baseball also had some numbers written on it. But I couldn’t quite make them out.

  11. A few things I’ll throw out there (as I’m just catching up on all three write-ups). I’m not saying anyone thinks this, but just in case — the “claiming” of bodies and the MiB becoming Locke are two separate things (as far as I can tell). I feel like it’s easy to consider them similar, but they’re exclusively different, right? Since MiB didn’t “claim” Locke’s body. He basically “becomes” these other people.

    Also, on the Kimmel interview, didn’t Cuse and Lindelof disprove the notion that Sayid is Jacob? So we can put that theory to bed? I mean, Sayid is someone/something, just not Jacob. Their exact words were “something is inhabiting the body of Sayid.”

    Lastly, I’m not necessarily on board with the whole Sayid “sounding different” thing. I definitely remember a time in an earlier episode/season (just don’t ask me which one) where he sounds just as vulnerable. I believe it was the one where he finds out his woman was killed. He says something (to Ben, I believe), in that same sad tone, along the lines of “Why are they doing this?” Obviously I’d like to have more info on that, but it’s just something I remember.

    • Okay, the malty, I totally concur that Smokey takes the form of the dead; he doesn’t inhabit their bodies. The two are completely different. What’s more, up til now (which I pointed out in “LA X”), why should we assume that Jacob inhabits the bodies of others? We’ve never seen this, so why are people hellbent on him inhabiting the body of Sayid?

      I didn’t see the Kimmel interview, so I can’t chime in on that one.

      Again, there seems to be an opinion that when Sayid awoke and said, “What happened?” that he suddenly sounded British. I disagree. I rewatched it and I think it makes a hell of a lot more sense to say that he woke up completely discumbobulated and simply sounds like someone who’s been in a coma or something. I do think, however, that he seemed a bit “out of character” in this episode in that he didn’t have the same calculated, confident tone he typically has. Again, you can chalk this up to returning from the dead, or instead choose to think that he is somehow “changed” after being revived in the spring, which is what we were led to believe happened to Ben.

  12. “What’s more, up til now (which I pointed out in “LA X”), why should we assume that Jacob inhabits the bodies of others? We’ve never seen this, so why are people hellbent on him inhabiting the body of Sayid?”

    Possibly, because Jacob was just murdered and tells Hurley to take Sayid to the temple, the place where Sayid returns from the dead, seemingly hours after his death.

  13. DM–if Jacob were inhabiting the body of Sayid, then why are the Others trying to poison Jacob’s “vessel”?

    I’m guessing that Jacob is planning to exploit the resurrection of Sayid (which he facilitated) for his (nefarious?) purposes.

  14. Just a thought that I forget to include in my recap. We don’t know why, exactly, Sayid “failed” the test. That is, based on what? At the time, I kept thinking that the scene was pretty much BS, in that how could any man withstand shock therapy followed by a red-hot poker pressed into his chest and not be in complete agony afterwards, let alone still be conscious. Was Sayid’s physical reaction to the torture, or lack thereof, what constituted his “failing” the test?

  15. I need to re-watch when Rosseau had Sayid hooked up to the battery and how he reacted. But,I think that the test was ONLY the electrical part, and that the poker was a brand. We’ve seen both of these things before.

    Juliet was branded when she killed another Other, and now I think the hot poker was a crude brand to say Sayid was infected.

    My theory is that the electrical charge was super low, and something that wouldn’t have hurt a “regular” person that much. Electricity is becoming a character too. It’s used against Smokey, it cause the 815 flight to crash, and it’s been used in two torture scenes.

    • Speaking of Juliet’s mark, did we ever figure out just what in the hell it is/meant?

      I honestly don’t remember.

      • As far as Lost blogs, I’ve only read this one, the eyemsick blog, and one over at Powell’s, which is fantastic. Probably because I got into the Lost late last year, so I didn’t have 4 seasons of waiting and reading everything.

        However, the Powell’s blog is by far the most in depth that I’ve read, as far as analysis.

        That’s about the episode with Juliet’s mark. Worth the read Cousin Brandon. Don’t cry about it.

  16. “(What’s interesting about this is that, at that time, Aldo would have been a “guard” under Ben’s command, no? So how, then, did Aldo find himself under Dogen’s leadership?) ”

    My take on this part is that didn’t the others split up and either Richard or Ben told a bunch of them to “go to the temple”. That would be my explanation as to how Aldo is now under Dogen’s leadership.

    As for everything else being discussed. I’m not really sure what to think when it comes to Sayid. Him failing the test had to be something abotu his reactions to being tortured but they haven’t explained this darkness thing yet so we need more information. Is the darkness the “sickness” that Rousseau had mentioned and the reason why she shot her friends? I also don’t think that people like Rousseau can inhabit other people’s bodies. They were mortal and as far as we know MiB and Jacob are the deities of the island and they’re the only ones with the power to appear in the form of someone else. If anything, Claire has just turned into another version of Rousseau.

    I also thought that Jack did a bad job at asking questions. I think he should have asked way more questions to Dogen about why they needed to torture Sayid and how he “failed”. However, I definitely didn’t see it coming when Jack attempted to swallow the pill. I thought that was a cool part on his doing.

    The previews for next week seem to indicate they would give us some answers but since it’s early in this season (even though it’s the last season and it’s only going to be like 16 episodes), I’m still skeptical that they’ll reveal stuff to us this early.

    • This goes back to my comment to Major Minority, in which I also said that, yes, Ben knew about the temple. Thanks for confirming this. And yes, dochielomn, that’s a good point as to why the Others might be separated into those following Ben and those following Dogen. Would it stand to reason, then, that Dogen was also a follower of Ben, since there can be “only one leader at a time”?

      You make a good point about Rousseau/Claire. I mean, it’s one thing for MiB to “appear” as the dead, but at what point did we assign Rousseau with that ability?! Or Jacob, for that matter, which I mentioned previously. Look, there could be something to the notion of the “spirit” or soul of the dead having the ability to inhabit bodies on the island, particularly the dead who’ve been taken to the spring. Still, I think it’s pretty much speculation on our part at this point, so why make assumptions.

      • I sort of think/feel that Dogen might be the “spiritual” leader of The Others in the same way that in other cultures or ancient times, you had the leader and then you had the high priest type of leader who basically had all of the same power but might not have done all of the day to day stuff that someone else could do. But if that’s the case, then what is Richard? Is he just the top advisor? Obviously, we still are trying to figure out his place on the island in terms of how long he’s been there and how much power he has.

        And yes, as far as we know only the MiB has the power to take the form of someone who we know is dead. Jacob hasn’t showed us this ability so I guess we can’t jump to conclusions yet. MiB, in the form of smokey, has done this numerous times as far as we can tell.

      • re: Claire

        Wasn’t she “possessed” in some way the last time we saw her (Season 3 or 4?) when she was in the cabin with Christian? I seem to recall her sitting in a chair in the dark creepy cabin. Doesn’t seem like a place that the normal Claire would just be hanging out unless she was possessed in some way.

  17. Re: Major Minority

    “As far as Lost blogs, I’ve only read this one, the eyemsick blog, and one over at Powell’s, which is fantastic.

    “However, the Powell’s blog is by far the most in depth that I’ve read, as far as analysis.”

    I’m with you, MM. Both eyemsick and Powell’s are fantastic. The Powell’s blog is wicked smart. J. Powell was gone for a while, as he had develope a tumor (I think). It would appear, though, that he’s back, which is awesome. I have one of his books that he wrote on LOST. The guy’s great!

  18. […] at this point, whether so-so or epic, promises answers. So even though an episode like, say, “What Kate Does” might not have been a fan favorite, both answers and story progression were incorporated within the […]

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