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LOST – Season 6, Episode 5: “Lighthouse”

I don’t know if everyone’s aware of this, particularly when we’re in the moment of watching each episode, but we’re that much closer to this whole thing being over and done with. And while I mean that in the sentimental “Man, it’s going to suck once LOST is no longer on” kind of way, I’m thinking about that notion in another light entirely. Every episode at this point, whether so-so or epic, promises answers. So even though an episode like, say, “What Kate Does” might not have been a fan favorite, both answers and story progression were incorporated within the episode. I bring this up now because “Lighthouse” (which I’m now referring to as episode 5, as it would appear “LA X” is considered episodes 1 and 2), which some might argue wasn’t a great episode, was actually of great importance. I’ll obviously get into that statement in further detail below, but what I mean on a surface level is that included what we all want and ask for on a weekly basis: mythology, story progression and answers. You’ll see. Lots to get to this week, so we begin with…

1. A Man Without a Coffin. We open on a framed photograph of Jack Shephard, along with mother and father. Jack enters his apartment, where he has just returned from LAX. He appears to be in a hurry and quickly “freshens up” in the bathroom. (Incidentally, this is the fourth straight episode in which we’ve watched the flash-sideways character stare into a mirror and have a moment of “recognition.”) Jack splashes water on his face and notices a scar near his belly. His mother calls, panicked about Christian’s casket, and Jack asks her to remind him of when he had his appendix removed, thus referencing the scar. (Clearly, though, we cannot see this scar without being reminded of the series premiere “Pilot,” in which Kate sewed Jack up on the island.) She tells him he was seven or eight at the time, and Jack claims to remember even though it’s vague. Again, one can’t help but think of the déjà vu all of our flash-sideways Losties seem to be experiencing. [UPDATE: It just dawned on me that Jack had his appendix removed on the island in season 4, I think. Can’t believe I forgot that.] Jack bolts from his apartment and drives to St. Mary’s Academy, where a boy is sitting alone waiting on the steps. Jack apologizes to the boy (David), who is actually Jack’s son. Now, I promise to get further into the significance of David at the end, but in the meantime we jump over to…

2. The Man in the Mirror. Jack is outside the temple staring into the river, where we intentionally see him studying his reflection. Nice touch by the writers, as we just left Jack staring at himself in the opening. What’s more, this actually foreshadows the end of the episode – that is, Jack reflecting over a body of water, but we’ll get to that later. Jack is greeted by Dogen, who asks about Kate, Sawyer and Jin. Jack confirms that they aren’t coming back to the temple. In the midst of their conversation, Dogen tells Jack, “Everything is an option.” The indirect significance of this statement rests once again with the ongoing theme of free will vs. destiny. Inherently, though, the statement doesn’t actually define which of the two we should subscribe to. Even if everything is an option, does that mean we have free reign over our choices, or are our choices already predetermined, whereby choice (option) is merely an illusion? On the other side of the compound we find…

3. “Would You Like to Play a Game?”

Miles and Hurley are playing a life-size version of Tic-Tac-Toe, which seems significant in that A) it’s a game (Backgammon, Risk, Chess, etc.); and B) it’s a meaningless one. If we learned anything from the still highly-rewatchable (and, in this case, aptly named) WarGames, it’s that Tic-Tac-Toe is an effort in futility. There is no winner, as every game ends in a stalemate. Sure, we’ve all lost a game here or there, but technically every game has the potential to and likelihood of ending in a tie. Is this, then, the ultimate metaphor for LOST? That is, we’re focused on the notion of the “rules of the game,” and we are constantly hit with themes of black and white, good and evil, and, ultimately, balance. Again, perhaps Tic-Tac-Toe and this scene in particular teaches us that there can never be a “winner,” and that black and white, good and evil, and every other polar opposite must remain intact on the island, perhaps to keep the world in balance. After all, one opposite cannot exist without the other. But I digress. Hurley enters the temple to gather up some food for he and Miles, only to find Jacob kneeling by the steps of the spring. He tells Hurley he’ll need to write a few things down in order to help someone find the island. I’m just now realizing the significance of this line, as well, but I’ll get to it later. Let’s first go sideways to…

4. Fathers and Sons. Jack and David enter Jack’s apartment, and clearly we’re witnessing yet another strained child/father relationship. David is completely withdrawn from Jack, as we learn the two only see each other about once a month. Now, this tips us off to the fact that David spends the majority of his time with his mother, thus begging us to wonder (if we weren’t already), who is David’s mother? Jack tells David he can watch the Red Sox later, which is obviously not the first Red Sox nod on the show. Jack also finds that David is reading an annotated version of Alice in Wonderland, which has been referenced both directly and indirectly countless times on LOST. Hell, even episode titles alluded to Lewis Carroll’s work, such as “White Rabbit” and “Through the Looking Glass.” Jack has to leave to go to his mother’s house, as she can’t find Christian’s will. So, after spelling out their strained relationship, we move across time to…

5. Dead Man Walking.

Sayid is walking the temple compound, where the temple Others are staring him up and down. Sayid approaches Jack, wanting to know what’s prompted their stares and asking about the “infection.” Jack confesses that the pill Dogen and company wanted Sayid to take was poison, as they wanted him dead. Sayid, of course, wants to know how Jack knows this, which allows us to cut to…

6. The Other Shephard. Okay, she’s Claire Littleton, but she’ll always be a Shephard in my book. Claire frees Jin from the bear trap. Jin wants to know how long she’s been out there, and she explains that she’s been there since everyone left (which, according to Jin, is three years). Jin attempts to walk once frees, but faints due to his intense leg wound. We move back to the temple where we find…

7. Indiana Reyes and the Temple of Doom.

Hurley is walking through a cavern within the temple, referring to directions and glyphs he’s written on his (rather large) forearm. He is looking for a specific glyph, and eventually comes to it on the temple wall. (I couldn’t quite make it out, but was that Ouroboros, the image of the snake eating its own tail?) Hurley is stopped cold by Dogen, who wants to know what he’s doing there. Hurley tells Dogen (in one of Hurley’s very funny moments this episode) that he’s a fan of temples, history and Indiana Jones. Dogen wants Hurley out of there when suddenly Jacob appears to Hurley, who instructs him to tell Dogen that he’s a candidate and that he can do what he wants. Hurley not only complies, but tells Dogen to leave. Dogen is taken aback, but does as Hurley says. [UPDATE: Apparently this is what Dogen’s Japanese translated to: “You’re lucky that I have to protect you. Otherwise I’d have cut your head off.” Thanks, Twitter.] Jacob tells Hurley that Jack must go with him, but Hurley knows that getting Jack to do anything is next to impossible (which isn’t necessarily true, considering Hurley rather easily convinced Jack to take Sayid to the temple back in “LA X.”) Hurley makes his way into the courtyard and tells Jack that he’s got a plan. He tells him that Jacob led him to a secret passageway into the jungle, and that Jack needs to go with him. Jack naturally refuses, but Hurley convinces Jack by telling him, “You have what it takes.” Jack looks like he’s seen a ghost, as that expression (much like the old Red Sox winning a championship expression) clearly resonates with him. After some questioning, Hurley explains that Jacob is dead “like Obi-Wan.” (Lots of movie references this week, Hurley!) Finally Jack agrees and says, “Then let’s go see Jacob.” We move back to the other side of the island where we find…

8. Psycho.

Jin awakes in some type of makeshift lair. To his right he spots a box of dynamite (taken off of the Black Rock, no doubt) as well as Aaron’s cradle. Inside the cradle is an animal’s skull (or whole skeleton) dressed up to look like a child. Claire enters with Justin, Aldo’s partner, in tow. She ties him to a post and demands to know where her son is. It becomes clear pretty quickly that Claire is either bi-polar or channeling Norman Bates, as she switches from sour to sweet in the blink of an eye and speaks to Jin about his wound, ironically telling him that “one thing that’ll kill you around here is infection.” Jin wants to know what she’s doing in the jungle by herself, but Claire happily insists, “I’m not by myself.” She exits the tent and Justin pleads with Jin to free him or Claire will kill them both. Meanwhile, we find…

9. The Trek. Hurley and Jack are making their way through the jungle, having obviously utilized Jacob’s secret passageway. Jack spots a blue pack and looks down to the river, where Kate is filling her canteen. He asks about Jin and Sawyer, but it’s clear she’s now on her own. She tells Jack she has to find Claire, to which Jack responds that something’s happened to her. Jack wants Kate to come with them, but Hurley, following Jacob’s instructions, says she’s not invited. Kate is okay with this as she has her own mission, and tells Jack, “I hope you find what you’re looking for,” which again resonates with all sorts of metaphysical overtones. We flash sideways to…

10. The Will. Jack and his mother are in Jack’s childhood home searching for his father’s will. His mother offers Jack a drink but he refuses, to which she responds, “Good for you,” clearly alluding to the fact that this sideways Jack must have some type of drinking problem. That, or alluding to Christian Shephard’s alcoholism and Jack’s lack thereof. [UPDATE: I totally meant to include this in my post and was just now reminded of it. Was I crazy in thinking that I saw a bottle of McCutcheon whiskey among his mother’s booze?] Jack’s mother points out that David was upset at the funeral, which seems to surprise Jack. At last, she finds Christian’s will. And in a moment I predicted, she asks Jack if his father ever mentioned someone by the name of Claire Littleton. Speaking of which, we return to…

11. Camp Crazy. Claire appears to be boiling/sanitizing needles by a fire outside her tent, as well as sharpening an axe (more on the axe later). Inside the tent, Justin is once again begging Jin to free him. Claire enters and cleans Jin’s wound. She apologizes for him having stepped in the trap she set. She cleans up Jin’s gash and explains that she had to stitch herself up after being shot. She again turns to Justin and demands he tells her where Aaron is, saying that she knows the others have her. Justin denies having Aaron, but Claire insists that both her father and her friend told her the others know where Aaron is. Hmmm. On the other side of the island we find…

12. Adam and Eve. Hurley apologizes to Jack for wrecking the moment he was having with Kate, and wants to know why things didn’t work out for them. Additionally, Hurley tells Jack he would’ve made a great dad, which is ironic considering the parallel storyline. Hurley finds Shannon’s asthma inhaler laying on the ground, and the two of them realize they are at the cave where they found the skeletons we’ve come to know as Adam and Eve way back in the season 1 episode “White Rabbit,” the same episode in which Jack chased his father’s ghost around the island, and again a nod to David reading Alice in Wonderland. In a moment of dialogue directed to the show’s fans, Hugo wonders aloud about time travel and asks, “What if those skeletons are us?” Jack, though, is someplace else, as he spots his father’s shattered coffin. Furthermore, he tells Hurley of how he chased the ghost of his father on the island, only to smash his coffin when he realized his father wasn’t it. Now, I’m not so sure of the significance of finding Shannon’s inhaler, or if it was merely a nod to the fans. Finding the coffin and the skeletons was pretty cool, though. Speaking of Jack, we go sideways to…

13. The Rabbit.

Jack returns to his apartment with a pizza only to discover David isn’t there. He calls David several times before deciding to look for him at David’s mother’s house, even though Jack knows she’s out of town. (Still, David’s mother has not been identified. Thoughts as to who it might be?) Jack pulls up to her house (which, if I saw correctly, was house number 233). When no one answers, Jack lifts the rabbit statue by the front porch and removes the hidden key from under it, exactly as we saw Miles do in the season 5 episode “Some Like It Hoth.” Jack searches inside for David, but no one is there. He scans David’s room and finds sheet music, as well as photo booth pictures of him and David. Seeing that there are messages on David’s answering machine, he hears a message regarding David’s conservatory audition, as well as Jack’s own message left from Sydney after the death of Christian. We go sideways once more to…

14. The Lighthouse. In a pretty funny moment, Hurley reflects upon their trek and says it’s “old school,” the way the two of them are walking through the jungle on a mission they don’t understand. Hurley flat-out asks Jack why he came back to the island, saying that he returned because Jacob appeared to him in the back of a cab and told him to come. Finally, in a moment of utter vulnerability, Jack explains that he returned because he was “broken” and “stupid enough to think this place could fix me.” This was sort of a nice self-admission, I thought, because even though we’ve seen it all over his face this season, it was nice to see Jack verbalize his failure, so to speak. At last, Hurley and Jack reach their destination: a lighthouse. Jack asks how they’ve never managed to see it before, which was my thought, as well. I have two theories: 1) Because it’s simply convenient for them (and us) to have never seen it before, so Jack asking this question is the same as us, the audience, asking this question; or 2) Because Jacob never allowed them to see it before. All in all, between their initial trip to the island and the three year-stint by Sawyer and crew, I’d say they’ve had a fair amount of time to explore the island. Sure, Jack and Hurley weren’t there during Sawyer’s three-year jaunt, but after a while you’ve got to wonder how they’ve failed to locate such landmarks like the statue, the temple, the cave FLocke claims to be Jacob’s, and now the lighthouse. I suppose I’m wondering if somehow Jacob, in this case anyway, didn’t somehow make the lighthouse visible. Sure, it might have always been there and they really never spotted it before, but as a viewer I grow weary of that explanation, as I feel like they should have scanned every inch of that damn island by now. Hurley says they have to turn the lighthouse on, but after approaching the lighthouse door, they find that it’s locked. Jack, skeptical still of Jacob, kicks the door in. We then go cross-island to…

15. So I Married an Axe Murderer.

Claire continues to interrogate Justin and is threatening him with the axe. Jin insists that Justin might be telling the truth, but Claire says the others captured her, stuck her with needles and branded her. (The whole notion of branding those who are outcasts or, in this case, “infected” is very old-school in itself.) As Claire rears back to with the axe, Jin stops her by telling her Kate took Aaron when she left the island three years ago. Claire thinks about this for a moment, only to once again pull back the axe and put it right in Justin’s gut regardless. And even though I knew she was going to do it, I still had a “Damn!” moment when she went through with it. We then flash sideways to…

16. The Piano.

Jack arrives at David’s conservatory audition, where he is in the middle of his piano performance. (By the way, I couldn’t help but think of Faraday, who we saw playing piano as a boy with his mother, Eloise, back in season 5.) Jack watches David, and it is clear that Jack is both awed and proud. A small child asks Jack if that’s his son, and tells Jack that David’s really good. In what I thought was a pretty goddamn cool moment, the camera pulls back to reveal that this is Dogen’s child, who tells Jack that David “has a gift.” Again, pointing out a gifted child is a recurring theme on LOST (Walt, Aaron, etc.), so this statement seemed to carry a great deal of weight. We do the sideways shuffle again where we encounter…

17. The Names. Hurley and Jack reach the top of the lighthouse. There they find a mechanism manually powered by a pulley-system, with three mirrors attached to it and a flat wheel with notches drawn into it. Hurley points out that the mirrors must have been used to signal ships pre-electricity. Jack begins pulling the chain to adjust the mirror, and is instructed to stop when he reaches 108-degrees (nice). While pulling the chain and spinning the mirror, Jack notices what appears to be a reflection of a village in the mirror. He looks frantically behind him but sees only ocean. Jack further studies the wheel and realizes that there are names next to every number/notch on the wheel, and that their names are among them. Rather than going to 108-degrees, Jack finds the word “Shephard” with 23 next to it (the same as in the cave, mind you) and goes immediately to that. At 23-degrees, the reflection of Jack’s childhood home is visible in the mirror, causing Jack to essentially lose it. Jack points out that Jacob’s “been watching us the whole time.” Realizing he’s been manipulated and wanting to know why they’ve been watched, Jack demands Hurley make Jacob appear, only Hurley insists it doesn’t work that way (similar, by the way, to Sawyer insisting that Miles speak to Juliet’s ghost). Incensed and beyond frustrated, Jack smashes all three mirrors. Okay, I have to say that I was pretty pissed off about this. Yes, I know Jack was beyond angry and scared at this moment, but what the hell, Jack?! You had the opportunity to see some crazy-ass shit in that mirror, including what the 108 corresponded to, and instead you went apeshit. While I understand his actions, I was pissed to realize that his impulsive behavior might have cost them the chance to get rescued or at least get some legitimate answers. Well played, spaz. In direct contrast to this, we move to…

18. “I don’t have what it takes.” Jack is waiting for David outside of his audition. David had made his mother promise not to tell Jack he was still playing piano. Not understanding why, David explained that Jack used to watch him practice all the time, and he didn’t want Jack to see him fail. Jack points out that Christian used to be hard on him, and would tell him that he didn’t have what it takes (calling back to Jacob’s motivation to get Jack to accompany Hurley). David appears to forgive Jack and they make amends. Fine. We rejoin our sideways story with…

19. The Man Behind the Curtain.

Jack is alone, staring out over the ocean, thus nicely bookending the episode (as Jack was staring into the body of water – the mirror image of himself – at the start). Jacob appears to Hurley, and Hurley explains that Jack smashed the mirror. Jacob doesn’t appear to be the least bit bothered, explaining, “I’m sure they’ll find some other way [to find the island].” It suddenly dawns on Hurley that, perhaps, Jacob wanted Jack to see the reflection of his house, to see what was in the mirror. Jacob explains that Jack has to do something, but unlike Hurley was told what to do in the back of the cab, Jack needs to figure it out for himself. He tells Hurley that something bad is coming to the temple, and even though Hurley wants to return to warn them, it is too late. Okay, this scene is loaded with intrigue. First of all, are we to think that they really were supposed to set the wheel to 108-degrees to signal a different arrival, or was this whole thing a ruse by Jacob to get Jack to see the reflection, just like Hurley suggested? Honestly, I am starting to fully believe the latter. Perhaps Jacob never meant for anyone else to find the island as suggested back in point 3. In fact, perhaps the person who was meant to “find” the island was Jack. In other words, Jacob didn’t plan on Jack and Hurley signaling a new arrival; rather, he used this tactic to make Jack realize that he’s the one who must figure out his role in all of this. So, if that’s the case, and based on what we’ve just witnessed, can’t we also conclude that Jacob has, in fact, manipulated all of them to come to the island, just as FLocke told Sawyer he did? Doesn’t this also, then, eliminate the notion of free will? Sure, Jacob says that Jack must “figure it out for himself,” but only after pulling every string imaginable to put Jack in this position to do so. In other words, Jack isn’t acting out of free will; he is fulfilling his destiny to reach a pre-determined choice. Furthermore, we have to once again question who is really “good” and who is really “bad,” as we know from the season 5 finale that it was Jacob who brought the ship to the island, even though everything “only ends once.” He knows there is a finite point, a pre-determined moment, a destiny. Phew. That broke my brain a little. In the episode’s final scene, we return to…

20. “A friend in life is special / do you want me as your special friend?” Yes, that’s a reference to Ween’s “Friends,” a ridiculous/great song. Anyway, Claire returns to her tent and tells Jin she’s glad he didn’t untie Justin, clearly indicating she could hear Justin asking to be freed. Jin tells Claire he was lying about Kate and Aaron (which was far from convincing, I thought), and that the Others do, in fact, have Aaron at the temple. A relieved Claire says that if she found out Kate was raising Aaron, “I’d kill her.” With that, in walks FLocke, prompting Jin to say, “John?” Claire, in a sweet albeit crazy moment, looks at Jin as if to call him “Silly-pants” and says, “That’s not John; this is my friend.” Oof! This was an awesome ending. I was geeked, namely because I think it confirms that Claire was sitting in the cabin along with Smokey way back when, only at that point it was Christian Shephard he was inhabiting. Furthermore, when Claire claimed that both her father and her friend told her the Others had Aaron, well, I guess she’s accurate on both counts. This ending, then, prompts a much larger issue, which is…

21. The War. All along throughout LOST we’ve heard about an impending war that was going to be waged; only we never really knew who the players were. It was misdirection, of sorts, to think it was the war between the Losties and the Others, or perhaps Ben and Widmore. I think we can assume that The War is the one we’re about to witness between Camp Jacob and Camp Smokey/MiB/FLocke. In one camp is Jacob and his minions (Jack, Hurley, Dogen, Miles, Sayid, etc.), while in the other I think we’ll find FLocke and his (Sawyer, Claire, Jin (perhaps)). When it comes down to it, I’m not so sure the Losties will remain loyal to these affiliations, but either way I’m convinced this is the war we’ve been waiting for. I’m still under the impression that Sawyer might be pulling a long con on FLocke, so who knows. Two other points of interest, beginning with…

22. The Axe. We’ve seen an axe before on LOST, yes? Twice, in fact. Perhaps the most recent axe reference was to Horace Goodspeed, who we found out in the jungle cutting down trees to build Jacob’s cabin. So, to see Claire with an axe (which may or may not be the same one) is fascinating, considering she spent time in the cabin. The other axe reference? Gilgamesh. Way back in season 2, Locke was inside the hatch completing a crossword puzzle, where I believe one of the clues (or one of the answers) was “Gilgamesh.” If memory serves, the clue might have even been “Enkidu’s friend.” This clearly seemed to be an allusion to Mr. Eko, wherein he was the Enkidu character and Locke was Gilgamesh. Remembering this, I Googled “gilgamesh axe” and came up with this passage from the Academy for Ancient Texts:

A second time Gilgamesh said to his mother: “Mother, I have had another dream:
At the gate of my marital chamber there lay an axe,
and people had collected about it.
The Land of Uruk was standing around it,
the whole land had assembled about it,
the populace was thronging around it.
I laid it down at your feet,
I loved it and embraced it as a wife,
and you made it compete with me.”

The mother of Gilgamesh, the wise, all-knowing, said to her son;
Rimat-Ninsun, the wise, all-knowing, said to Gilgamesh:
“The axe that you saw (is) a man.
… (that) you love him and embrace as a wife,
but (that) I have compete with you.
There will come to you a mighty man,
a comrade who saves his friend—
he is the mightiest in the land, he is strongest,
he is as mighty as the meteorite(!) of Anu!”

Gilgamesh spoke to his mother saying:
“By the command of Enlil, the Great Counselor, so may it to pass!
May I have a friend and adviser, a friend and adviser may I have!
You have interpreted for me the dreams about him!”

After the harlot recounted the dreams of Gilgamesh to Enkidu
the two of them made love.

Now, I’m not exactly sure how to interpret this passage at this point in relation to LOST, but surely the appearance of Gilgamesh and the reappearance of the axe are by no means accidental, particularly considering Locke’s involvement and reappearance here, albeit as FLocke, a “dark” version of Locke. Any thoughts on this are welcome. And speaking of ancient texts, we end (finally) with…

22. King David.

Like so many names on LOST, and considering the number of religious/spiritual allusions, David is of Biblical significance. According to a site on Biblical baby names, David means and represents the following:

The Biblical baby name David is Hebrew in origin and its meaning is beloved. David was the youngest son of Jesse. He was a brave warrior, a talented musician and poet, and the greatest king of Israel. As a young man armed with just a slingshot, David killed the terrible giant Goliath. David brought together the twelve tribes of Israel into a single kingdom and ruled over it for thirty-three years. David was succeeded on the throne by his son Solomon.

Now, after conducting a bit more research this morning, I found that David’s mother was not identified in the bible (much like David’s mother in this episode). Furthermore, David, who was credited as the “founder of temple singing” (Temple? Hello?), ruled over Israel as its king. So, could it be that Jack’s son (David’s father, again, was named “Jesse,” which at least is another “J” name and, therefore, somewhat similar to “Jack”) is the key to everything? Could it be that Jack’s son David, the music prodigy who “soothed” the conservatory judges with what Dogen called “a gift,” is the key to reigning supreme over the island?

Sweet Jesus! I absolutely cannot believe how much I’ve written this morning. For my money, this all goes back to my point at the opening, in that even though there might not have been so much that actually happened in this episode, so much actually happened in this episode! With that, I ask that you leave comments here on my blog. What did you think of the episode? What did I miss? Agree with my takes? Disagree? The floor, as always, is yours.

Until next time, have at it, you vultures!




  1. are you sure that the “eve” skeleton is a female body? don’t recall if that was established or not.

    • I’m 99.9% positive. The only reason I don’t go with 100% is because I forget which episode it was in which they established it.

      • i was thinking maybe the skeletons of jacob and anti-jacob… which obviously doesn’t fly if it’s a female corpse.

  2. I thought one of the more intriguing lines in the episode was when Dogen told Jack you always have a choice and Jack replied, “So I could walk out right now?” (Something to that effect.) And Dogen said “Yes, but I would stop you.” That seemed like a pretty interesting exchange to me.

    Also, it’s Enkidu, not Endiku!

    Oh, and apparently Austen’s name was on the wheel along with some other’s. I’ll try and find a link with them.

    • Good catch, Manderson. It’s been fixed. I haven’t looked at any external LOST stuff pertaining to last night’s episode as of yet, but I’m sure there are some solid hi-res images out there. I’ll get on it.

      Also, Dogen’s comment still seems to support the notion that they have no free will.

  3. Yeah… the conservatory audition had the poster that said, “Candidates welcome,” as well. And when Dogen said something about them being too young for such stress, it made me again wonder how old he is.

    When did FLocke have time to befriend Claire? He was only FLocke, as far as I remember, when the Ajira flight crashed on the island, which was just days ago, in their time.

    With the Gilgamesh thing, were you implying that FLocke was the axe or Gilgamesh? Claire referred to him as a friend. The passage referred to the axe as a friend.

    And how did Jack not know how long his son had played for? He used to watch him practice all the time. Is it that the two realities are just becoming blurrier and blurrier to him? He mentioned the Red Sox and the kid had a Dodgers hat on. Also, I’m trying to remember, but did Jack leave a similar voicemail to his ex-wife when he was in Australia in the original reality?

    If it was the symbol of the snake eating it’s own tail that would suck. Because that alludes to them restarting over and over and over, putting events into place continuously and perpetually. But Heinlen’s, “All You Zombies” was a pretty solid short story.

    • Some great observations, MM. I totally missed the “Candidates Welcome” poster.

      I’m saying that FLocke befriended Claire when he appeared to her in the form of Christian (initially). She doesn’t now see him as John Locke; she knows he is the Smoke Monster. She even says, “That’s not John.”

      I’m still implying that Locke is Gilgamesh in the original analogy.

      Interesting note about Jack not knowing, but I think of it more along the lines of Jack being so removed from David’s life that he simply doesn’t remember. The differing hats has to do with Jack growing up a Sox fine along with Christian. I think David having a Dodgers hat indicates A) the distance between the two of them; and B) the fact that he is being raised by his mother in LA. I can’t remember the initial phone call you refer to. Anyone?

  4. i am hoping that 108 on that compass is “hume.” i’ll be pissed if there isn’t some resolution with desmond. and it’s frankly a waste of a season if the writers neglect his character.

    • It is supposedly Wallace. I haven’t seen any reference to Desmond yet. But we did just see Austen on the wheel and not in the cave, I doubt this is the last we will see of the candidates.

      • I’m drawing a blank: who was Wallace in the LOST mythology?

        • We don’t know!

  5. I paused it on hulu, and it’s far from high resolution, but the name for 108 was not hume. It was Wallace, I believe.

    • Here’s a screencap, and 108 = Wallace for sure:


        Here’s a crazy list. Though after looking at them some of them don’t seem accurate. Still a good list.

        • hurley is told to turn it to 108. that could mean either 108 degrees, or # 108. it doesn’t look like they’re one in the same.

        • I posted a similar list last week after the cave names were revealed, but this one’s rather extensive. Well done, Manderson.

  6. One more thing! It doesn’t look like a snake eating itself. It almost looks like the top of an ankh with the bottom chopped off to me.

  7. unfortunately, i think the mother is going to be juliet. i can’t just be jack’s exwife, because why would the island’s submergence effect their relationship? it has to be someone whose life is altered by the lack of island. not to mention, the kid had blue eyes. i’ll be a little disappointed, but not surprised if that’s revealed.

    • Really interesting thought, jesuisjenn. At this point we can assume it’s not Kate, as she and Jack are strangers in this reality. Still, what about Jack’s ex-wife, whose name is currently eluding me? She, too, was blonde. And to be perfectly honest, even though it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the current mythology, I would LOVE to find out the mother was Libby, if only to get some sort of closure. It still kills me that we don’t know what in the hell she was doing in the mental ward with Hurley.

  8. nevermind. it is the same.

  9. But if Claire knew Flocke and her dead dad were one and the same, why would she differentiate between the two to Jin? She said my dad AND my friend. She could have just said her friend.

    About the phone call… I’m probably making things up in my head.

    For Juliett to be the mother A LOT of things would have to be different for her. Where she lives, her job, probably her sister’s cancer, etc. Everyone else in LA X was previously in LA (Jack, Hurley, Kate, et al) or unaccounted for off the island (Dogen, Linus.)

    I like the Libby thing, but I doubt it. Since we’re throwing out crazy ideas about the mom, what if it was Rousseau, or ewwww Eloise? Also, the inhaler thing was off. I don’t know what it meant, but it was peculiar. Also, wouldn’t the metal have been much more corroded and rusted after 3 years in the wilderness?

    • I can’t take credit for this theory, but it’s goddamn fascinating: what if we discover that Juliet is not only David’s mother, but the reason she wasn’t home or at David’s audition is because she was with Sawyer, “going Dutch,” having a cup of coffee. Brilliant!

  10. Wallace is a obvious reference to Seneca Wallace, the incredible back up QB for the Seahawks. You see, the Seahawks are like the Island…

  11. Ok, so I’m going to throw out a few responses/thoughts:

    1) I too originally thought that the scar was originally referring to when Kate stiched up Jack but then when he said appendix, I remembered that Juliet did indeed remove Jack’s appendix. But I think the point to the scene was to reference us back that Jack was having some sort of deja vu moment.

    2) The whole free will vs. fate/destiny is always open for discussion. Dogen’s comments about “but I’ll stop you” were interesting because it was implying that Jack had free will but his fate was still already predetermined. I’m more or less thinking that the Losties have free will but someway somehow even if they try to run from it, fate will find a way to get them to do whatever they were suppose to be doing.

    3) I think I have a way to answer once and for all if Flocke is bad or good. If we associate flat out lies with being bad then Claire said that “her friend” told her the Others had Aaron stolen Aaron and had him at the temple. This we know is false. If her friend then turned out to be Flocke, then can’t we say that bad = lies = Flocke?

    Also, right after the black other guy said he was going to kill Claire if given the chance, you knew she was never going to set him free and was going to kill him. Additionally, I think Claire was recruited by Flocke along the way and in an off-camera scene that we didn’t see (kind of like how the others had her at the temple for a bit that Claire mentioned). So my guess is right after Claire escaped the temple, Flocke found her and became “her friend”.

    4) A random detail but how is it that Jack and his dad are Red Sox fans? Jack is because his dad is but was it ever revealed why his dad was? Did he grow up in the New England area or have ties to NE/Boston? It seems to me they’re from LA and hence Jack’s son was wearing a Dodgers hat and would be a fan of them as oppose to the Red Sox. Like I said, random thought I had while watching (even though i know Jack makes a remark about watching the red sox on tv and while I know fans are spread out all along the country, they still have to have some reason as to why they originally liked them).

    5) I love all of the Hurley scenes now with Jacob. It definitely has a Obi-Wan Luke Skywalker feel to them now.

    6) The whole 108 thing I felt right away after the episode finished was all a setup to get Jack to see his house and go bonkers and in the process try to find meaning with why he’s here. Got to believe right now that he was definitely the one that Jacob said was coming to the island. But I do wonder what 108 would have shown us if anything.

    7) I think Adam and Eve are suppose to be Rose and Bernard.

    8) What’s up with Claire saying she would kill Kate if Kate had and/or was raising Aaron?

    9) Very interesting about the David connection you’re making there. I too also was hoping to find out who the mother is but maybe she’s really not important to the story/show. I also thought the “good for you” line was directyl saying that Jack does have a drinking problem but has it under control now. But then again, on the plane ride, he asked for more alcohol.

    Ok, I think that’s enough for now, :).

    • Since I’m not sure how to edit my post, between 7 and 9 should be 8 with a ) attached to it. Oh well, victim of the emotocon shortcut that time around.

    • Let me respond to your points, dochielomn (and by the way, how do you pronounce that?):

      1. Yeah, in all of the flash-sideways sequences we’ve seen “deja vu” moments. There seems to be a sort of shared consciousness between the island self and the sideways self that hasn’t flat-out been explained yet.

      2. I essentially wrote the same thing in my post — that they have the illusison of free will, but are actually fulfilling their destiny.

      3. I get your point, but if that’s the case can’t we also conclude that Jacob is evil, seeing as how essentially lied to get the Losties to do what he wanted? Hell, even in this episode he got to the lighthouse in order for Jack to recognize his “mission.” Also, I still say that Claire was obviously befriended by FLocke, as evidenced by her sitting in the cabin with Christian (who was Smokey in disguise).

      4. I don’t remember them ever really explaining their Red Sox loyalty. Sure, it was a device that allowed a connection between Jack and Christian (and Sawyer), but it was also used by Ben to show Jack that the Sox did, in fact, win. Still, I don’t recall them ever saying that Jack or Christian was originally from Boston.

      5. People are split about the Hurley scenes in this episode, in that some think there was too much “for the fans” stuff. Me? I thought he was hilarious.

      6. Exactly. Jack’s temper fucked them (and us) once again!

      7. That’s the popular notion.

      8. Keep in mind that Claire isn’t exactly in her right mind.

      9. See my response to MM about David’s mom being Juliet, and where she was at the time.

      Thanks for commenting (as always).

  12. alright, bitches. 108 is “wallace,” which will somehow/ someway be desmond. take it to the bank. i could not think of any other situation that would make any sense, so i did some quick research and learned that, while the #108 pops up a good bit on the show most interestingly:

    -The numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 add up to 108

    -The code that Desmond enters to keep the hatch from blowing up needs to be set every 108 minutes

    i’m also considering that “Wallace” is a pretty god-damn scottish name, and, there has always been a weird connection between desmond and jack, going back to their meeting in the arena in LA, the recent season opener, etc. and of course that “the island is not done with him” yet.

    • Wait, you’re just now realizing this points about 108? Seriously?

      I think the notion of Wallace being Desmond is interesting in the respect that Desmond MUST have a role to play yet, as, per Eloise Hawking, the “island isn’t done with [him] yet.”

      • no, how the fuck would i remember the 108 minutes from season 2? it’s not like i take notes when i watch this shit.

        • Okay, not to sound completely condescending, but this LOST factoid is, perhaps, the most well-known of all the LOST mythology among fans.

  13. I think the whole 108 thing is a red herring. Something that won’t be that important in the long run. The name was already crossed out, right?

    Desmond is important, but he’s not 108.

    Maybe Wallace was Libby’s husband’s name? He died of an unknown illness, was an avid sailor, and she went crazy after he died.

    Also, it’s subtle, but did you notice how Libby had dark hair before she got out of the mental facility, and light hair afterwards… almost like a transformation.

    I like Adam and Eve being Rose and Bernie. It’s the ultimate juxtaposition. Black Vs. White on the island, while they’re black and white working together…. and probably the happiest people there.

    • That’s long been the speculation, that Adam and Eve are Rose and Bernard. I’m still not fully convinced, though. I could see that, but at one point I thought it would end up being Jack and Kate, even.

      Another interesting point about Libby’s husband, since you brought him up: I think his name was David.

  14. So all of the names in the lighthouse were people he has been observing, but no necessarily candidates? Also did you have have meet Jacob at some point in your life to be a candidate?

    • No, Mike, I don’t think that’s the case. Or I DO think that’s the case, I mean. It would seem to me that the names on the wheel were those Jacob was observing and, yes, considering them as candidates. And according to FLocke in “The Substitute,” it would seem that being touched/visited by Jacob would be a requirement, at least according to FLocke, who pointed out to Sawyer that he was probably visited by Jacob at some point in his life.

    • In Addition:

      Or is meeting Jacob a matter of influence to push you towards the island?

      I’m starting to think that crossing your name out means your purpose has been served. I see that Ben’s name is on the wheel and crossed out, but he isn’t dead, where I assume crossed out meant dead because of Locke.

      I’m hoping there will be a Claire episode this season, it would be nice to see what she had been through. As a clarification, she did leave the baby in the jungle and was in the cabin?

      • Seeing as how this season has mirrored the structure of season 1 so far, I would bet dollars to donuts there will, in fact, be a Claire episode. I mean, you don’t re-introduce her after all this time without letting us know just what in the hell happened to her.

  15. I am now in 100% agreement with you about this being a completely alternate timeline where we know nothing about what lead these people to be together on the plane. I’m saying this now because after re-watching “The Substitute” Peg Bundy clearly wants to invite Locke’s father to the wedding. Last time we checked, he tossed Locke out a window. Can’t imagine him topping many guest lists.

  16. One random thing that’s been bugging me: Shouldn’t Claire have been surprised to find that Jin speaks English? Wasn’t their last contact prior to him learning it? Should we just chalk that up to her being bonkers?

    • Thank you, mrspotter13, for bringing this up, as I had the EXACT same thought when I watched that scene. For the sake of “going with it,” yeah, I guess we just have to assume it’s her now being a nutball that she thinks nothing of it. Still, that irritated me, as well. On the other hand, one could make the argument that she’s more likely than not seen Jin on the island during the past three years and realized he now speaks English. I mean, if she’s now adopted Danielle’s role (perhaps literally and figuratively), she is something of a mysterious, unseen tracker. But, yeah, it definitely caught my attention, as well.

  17. Just using the name dochielomn since that’s what I use for the Dameshek message board. The way it’s suppose to be pronounced is Doc-E-L-O-Man. The “hielo” part is spanish (i’m not spanish just took a bunch spanish classes) and the whole name is a long story but the short version is that it’s from a joke from a spanish class long ago where I went by the name of Hielo (meaning Ice). Real name is Adam so feel free to use that instead if you like.

    Now for Lost responses:

    1 and 2 we’ve covered.

    3- The line between lies and actual deception/manipulating is a thin one but it’s the one I’m trying to use in my point. Flocke we know lied to Claire (or at least, Claire is claiming that Flocke told her that the temple people had Aaron). That we know is a lie. However, I’m not sure if Jacob actually lied to anyone. What I would say is that he manipulated Jack to get him to do something. Jacob has manipulated people but not sure he’s actually flat out lied to someone.

    Also, I’m having an issue with Christian’s character showing up to certain people. I remember how he showed up to Claire and if you’re saying he was the smoke monster really then, then what about all the other times Christian showed up. Was Jack chasing him (smokey) around the island in season 1? Did
    Jack see (smokey) back in LA at the hospital? Wasn’t it Michael that saw Christian right before the freighter blew up? Did Smokey (in the form of Christian) get Locke to leave the island and scolded him as he said Locke was told to originally turn the wheel and not Ben, plus “say hello to my son” as Locke turned the wheel? Christian has showed up too much that I wouldn’t like if we had to pick and choose when he was Smokey, himself, or Jacob, or something else. Then again, to steal a line from an Indiana Jones movie “you lost today kid, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it”. So I don’t know.

    4- I remember all the mentioning of the Red Sox stuff and accepted it but then was just curious when i saw David with a Dodgers cap on.

    5- Hurley is the man right now. I think he serves the audience as a way of simplifying things and a way to explain stuff easily to the audience. Sort of how him and Miles last year were trying to explain time traveling and explaining present, past, and future and trying to make sense of it.

    6 and 7 are fine.

    8- I would hope that if we get a Claire episode that they would explain her comments there. Otherways, yes, the only explanation is that she’s looney right now.

    9- If Juliet was the mother and was with Sawyer, man that would be messed up but too funny.

    10- As for the Lighthouse, while I do think it’s possible that maybe the Losties just weren’t looking for it and that’s why they never saw it, I think I agree with you that maybe it was just somehow hidden and then Jacob revealed it to them. I think if it was always visible, one of them may have noticed it while in the helicopter when they were leaving the island or at some point (like you mentioned) they would have explored all of the island and found it. Then again, look at how long it took them to find the temple.

    And thanks for writing Cousin Brandon, always interesting ideas/opinions here. Maybe when Mad Men comes back, you’ll blog about that show as well.

    • Here goes, Adam:

      3. Again, we’ve never seen Jacob (as far as we know) in the form of anyone BUT Jacob. Jack seeing Christian on the island means one of two things: A) that was Christian’s ghost; or B) that was Smokey portraying Christian. While I want to think the latter is more likely, I’m not so sure. Why? Because I seem to remember a scene in which Ghost of Christian (or whatever you want to call him) nudged Vincent (the dog) to go talk to someone on the beach, or wake someone in the jungle. I don’t remember the exact scenario, and this may have been one of the “extra” scenes that was part of the official mythology on one of those online games, but never included in the actual show. My point is that, why would we need to see Smokey as Christian when the only other “person” around was the dog? Why not appear to Vincent as someone else? I know that’s awfully confusing. All I’m saying is that I’m convinced Claire was in the cabin with Smokey in the guise of Christian.

      4. Perhaps David is a Dodgers fan to spite his father, yet Jack telling him he can get the Sox game on TV is just an attempt by Jack to bond with him, to win him over to his team.

      5. Up until “Lighthouse,” I was convinced it would be Hurley that would serve as Jacob’s replacement. To be honest, I still think there’s good chance of it. Now, I know it might seem that Jack is the new Jacob (and by the way, I once suggested Jack WAS Jacob in one of my posts way back when, but I forget which one), but think about this: Hurley has the closest connection to the numbers; Hurley is the only one who can see/communicate with Jacob now that he’s dead; Hurley was the only one visited off island by Jacob post-Oceanic, pre-Ajira; and Hurley, in the sideways reality, seemed awfully Jacob-esque in the Hummer scene with Locke (trust me, go back and watch it).

      8. I really hope we do. I’m betting we do.

      9. I’m just thinking about her comment before she died, when she was “incoherent” a la Charlotte and her consciousness seemed to be elsewhere. She said something to Sawyer about getting coffee and going Dutch. Just saying it would be VERY cool to find out that’s where she was during that scene.

      10. The thing with the lighthouse that I’m more and more convinced of is that, as Hurley put it, they weren’t looking for it. In other words, it was there because they needed it to be there. Whether that means Jacob made it visible or it now needed to be a part of their destiny, it’s a much cooler idea than I originally gave it credit for.

      Mad Men, eh? I considered it, as I love that show, but with season 4 on the horizon, I’m afraid that ship has sailed. Thanks for the kind words, though.

      • Wouldn’t David be a Yankees fan if he was trying to piss off his dad the Red Sox fan?

  18. What about Breaking Bad?

    • Damn you, Crotch! Again, that’s also entering it’s third(?) season. If I’m going to blog about another show, I want to get on something right out of the gate. Breaking Bad is great, though.

  19. A couple of things more, and also a slight response to docheilomn and CB.

    Jack does not have a drinking problem in the ALT. His mother’s, “good for you” comment was more of a joke that they both knew Chrisitian died partially because of alchohol. Jack drinks on the plane, and looks like he’s having a beer when at home trying to figure out where David is. He can drink and he can control it. Also, there was a bottle of the whiskey Widmore had in Christian’s study. Maybe he was more connected to the island (previously) than we knew. Actually, it would be crazy if that whole throwing self-doubt into Jack was him trying to groom him to be the island’s new Jacob. Also, if Aaron is so important, Christian also had an indirect role in his creation too.

    Jack mentioned smashing the coffin because he didn’t find what he was looking for… very similar to him smashing the mirrors in the lighthouse, for all who were upset he did this.

    Chrisitian and FLocke are two different entities, as far as I’m concerned. Claire mentioned them seperately, and she knows that FLocke isn’t John. But again, I’m all for being wrong. It ain’t no problem.

    Claire had heard Jin speaking English when he was running from Mac. And she had bigger things to be concerned with, rather than being impressed with Jin’s broken Korenglish.

    Noy my theory but: someone thinks it was Claire and Flocke or Christian in the outrigger shooting. She had the oar that Jin used as a crutch and she had to sew herself up when she got shot.

    • Just want to respond to a couple points here, MM:

      As far as the whiskey, yes, I updated that in my post above yesterday. Take a look. Definitely a bottle of McCutcheon’s (or however it’s spelled).

      Nope, I still say that was Smokey portraying Christian. Look, Claire’s a nutball. For all she knows, her friend and Christian are two different poeple.

      Even if Claire heard Jin speaking English, you think she still might make the point of saying, “Wow, pretty cool that you learned English.”

      While I really like the conclusion you’re drawing based on the oar and the wound, I say no way. I always thought we’d find it was them shooting at themselves. The reason I say no way is because, based on Claire’s character as the “new Rousseau,” there’s no way she would make herself that visible or vulnerable.

    • Shouldn’t that be Korengrish? (sorry)

  20. Not for nothing, but here’s my take on the Smokey/Christian/Flocke trifecta…

    CLEARLY they’re all the same dude. The ending of the recent episode pieces that all together:
    We all know that Flocke is Smokey.
    Claire knows it’s not John, even though she’s staring right at the face of someone she hasn’t seen in 3 years.
    Claire refers to him as her friend, and who else on the island would be her friend other than the dude she was hanging out with in the cabin after she ditched Aaron? Answer – Smokey/Christian/Flocke.

    Sidenote – How the hell can Claire claim to be angry at anyone (e.g., members of The Others or Kate, etc.)… to the point of actually killing them or being willing to kill them, respectively… for “taking” her baby? “Where’s my baby?” Are you kidding me? Unless the episode (“Something Nice Back Home”) I watched was tweaked, didn’t she just ditch the kid in the jungle after she met up with Smokey/Christian/Flocke? Just putting that out there. She’s a crazy b!tch who was looking for a dumpster and settled for a jungle.

    And back to another justification for the Smokey/Christian/Flocke connection, recall that Ilana mentioned to Ben (in “The Substitute” episode) that Flocke was now “stuck” in that form. Consider – After Christian’s body showed up on the island, people on the island start seeing Christian. After Locke’s body showed up, people started seeing (who they thought was) Locke. Haley Joel Osment isn’t the only one seeing dead people. Smokey sees ’em, then takes their form. Take that one to the bank.

    And on an unrelated note…

    While we’re all sitting here wondering about who’s who, what’s up with the sideways universe, why did the producers even bother with Nikki and Pollo (sp?), and why the hell was Libbey in the nuthouse with Hurley, has anyone asked:

    “Where did Jacob and Smokey/Christian/Flocke come from?”

    “Why are Jacob and Smokey/Christian/Flocke on that freaky island in the first place?”

    “How’d that time-shifting wheel get there?”

    “How did the DHARMA initiative build the basements of their houses so close to The Native’s tunnels without breaking through?”

    Maybe there’s a miscellaneous Lost-theory thread I missed. I apologize if this has been discussed before, as it appears there’s a new thread for each episode. Sorry, I’m new here. But there’s some greater-scheme-of-things answers I’m looking for before this series ends.

    Before I go repeating any theories, I’ll kindly wait for anyone to post before I tell you where I believe the island came from*. The thing moves, and it’s able to sink after a hydrogen bomb explodes underground. Don’t think for a second that it’s always been just a piece of dirt in the ocean.

    * – Brandon, I shared this theory with you at the BrickHaus last week.

    • Hey, JMZ, thanks so much for posting. By all means, you should share your island theory. I’ll let others weigh in on your points before I do, but, yes, I am in full agreement that FLocke, Smokey, MiB and Christian are all one in the same.

  21. If I’m incorrect, please let me know, but in The Incident, wasn’t Christian at the barracks and FLocke on the beach? That nullifies the same entity theory, no?

    • Huh? When did we see Christian in “The Incident”?

      • Brandon,

        We didn’t. The episode in question was “Namaste”. That aside, Major Minority is correct to an extent – Christian made himself visible to Lapidus and Sun at the barracks. However, consider:

        1 – Smokey/Christian/Flocke is able to travel at great speeds (as Smokey).

        2 – He’s able to make himself randomly appear in places (teleportation, maybe?).

        3 – The scene in question only depicts Christian, not Flocke. If both were in the same scene, I’d surely agree with Major Minority.

        4 – Follow-up to #3, we never see Smokey, Flocke and Christian in any combination in the same scene.

        5 – Neither Lapidus nor Sun know who the Christian Shephard is. On that same note, John Locke didn’t know who Christian Shephard was, either (until Christian told him to say “hi” to his son). Arguably, Smokey appears to whomever in whatever form fits/influences the setting (e.g., appears as Christian to people who don’t know Christian so as not to scare them [by appearing as a ghost of someone they might know], appears as John Locke to convince Ben Linus that he (posing as John Locke) MUST be extra special because he can come back from the dead – leading Ben to believe anything he says, including “kill Jacob”, etc.).

        Another point relative to Smokey/Christian/Flocke’s propensity for shape-shifting into dead people and why we’ve only seen him in one form at a time: Recall when Ben went to seek judgment in “Dead is Dead”. Flocke disappears… Smokey appears… Smokey disappears… Alex appears… Alex disappears… Flock appears.

        Hell, let’s just call him Smokey/Christian/Flocke/Alex/anyone-else-who-has-died.

        • Exactly, JMZ. I’m so glad you brought up “Dead is Dead,” as that scene with Ben, Alex, “Locke” and Smokey was the biggest tell of all. Also, in which episode did Locke suddenly appear out of the bushes? That might have been “Namaste,” as well. I can’t quite remember. Someone (Ben?) made the comment that John was standing right outside. Again, it was pretty goddamn clear that in both of those instances Locke was NOT Locke.

          I continue to be convinced that Smokey was/has inhabiting/inhabited Lock and Christian, as well as Yemi, etc. Again, I see no reason why Smokey counldn’t have appeared to Claire as both Locke and Christian. Now, until we see Claire, FLocke and Christian in the same scene at the same time, you’re not convincing me otherwise, people.

  22. Yeah, I WAS wrong… different episode.
    It was the Namaste episode where Lapidus and Sun see Christian, while, presumably, FLocke was watching over Ben on the beach.

  23. Again, I just like to argue, but…. Smokey can travel fairly quickly, but not quietly, and no one, especially those new to the island from 316 mentioned hearing anything odd, nor seeing trees move around like the 815ers did.

    There are ghosts of people who haven’t died on the island as well… such as Ben’s mother or even Walt. And Illyana didn’t know who FLocke was even though he was previously dead right away. If she knows about FLocke being stuck, and the cabin, and the statue, etc. if there was only one possibility as to whom FLocke was, she should have known fairly quickly.

    Ricardus also claims he never saw anything like a ressurection, (of Locke) but he knew young Ben saw things he wasn’t supposed to see. So, it may be more complicated than we think.

    Also, the young boy would lead us to believe there’s at least a 3rd entity on the island.

    Flocke is definately smokey. That much we can agree on. Christian… im not convinced. And Brandon’s Vincent point is spot on. Why would he need to be Christian for the dog?

    • FYI, this is the “Vincent” point:

      “Again, we’ve never seen Jacob (as far as we know) in the form of anyone BUT Jacob. Jack seeing Christian on the island means one of two things: A) that was Christian’s ghost; or B) that was Smokey portraying Christian. While I want to think the latter is more likely, I’m not so sure. Why? Because I seem to remember a scene in which Ghost of Christian (or whatever you want to call him) nudged Vincent (the dog) to go talk to someone on the beach, or wake someone in the jungle. I don’t remember the exact scenario, and this may have been one of the “extra” scenes that was part of the official mythology on one of those online games, but never included in the actual show. My point is that, why would we need to see Smokey as Christian when the only other “person” around was the dog? Why not appear to Vincent as someone else? I know that’s awfully confusing. All I’m saying is that I’m convinced Claire was in the cabin with Smokey in the guise of Christian.”

      • Whoops. Forgot to address this in my last lengthy post.

        The short answer as to why Christian appeared to Vincent is simple – The dog was used to seeing people, not towering smoking figures. Put a dude next to a dog to give him direction and that dog might just listen. Put a towering smoking clicking grinding phantasm by a dog and who KNOWS where that dog will run to. Besides, it’s Smokey we’re talking about. That guy can do whatever he wants. Maybe he felt like being Christian because that was the first dead guy he came across since the plane crashed.

        That particular snip-it of information (Christian nudging Vincent toward Jack) came from a webisode. It’s one of the 13 “Lost: Missing Pieces” episodes. The opening scene of the series immediately follows this snip-it, where we see Jack waking up all “WTF-ish” and he sees Vincent strolling around the jungle. Again, maybe he (Smokey) felt like being Christian because that the first dead guy he came across. Maybe he (Smokey) took Christian’s form in order for Jack to see him wandering around the island because he knew Jack had issues that were never squashed with his father and would undoubtedly follow him (like Ben would follow Locke if he thought he came back from the dead, or like Ben would listen to his daughter because he felt guilty for her death, or like mini-Ben would listen to his mother because he missed her so much, or like Mr. Eko would chat with Emi, etc.). See previous discussions of Smokey taking on the form of dead people who are best-suited for specific situations.

    • I’m liking this.

      815-ers vs. 316-ers – By this point, it’s evidenced that Smokey takes the form of either Smokey or Locke (or the dude passing on Jacob’s offer for fish at the beach). I’m going out on a limb, here, but if the dude can show us he can shape-shift, and if he magically appears to whomever in whatever form he chooses, isn’t it at least plausible that he has the ability to be wherever he wants to be at any time on that island? Better question – if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, was it Smokey’s fault that the tree fell?

      Ghosts – Note that my previous axiom mentioned nothing of people dying on the island; rather, Smokey appears as dead people (see item #5 in my posting today at 12:18pm). I DID, however, indicate that we might as well call him “Smokey/Christian/Locke/Alex/anyone-else-who-has-died.” I retract that sarcastic generalization, specifically for the purpose of putting forth the theory that the vision of Ben’s mother could very well have been Jacob. If Smokey can shape-shift, why not Jacob? Still, I think the vision of Ben’s mom WAS Smokey, and I’ll explain that later (below). I’ll leave your Walt comment alone, simply because we all know he hasn’t died, and because there are a number of us who recall Miss Cleo… I mean Miss Klugh (Bea Klugh)… inquiring of Michael as to whether he knew of Walt’s ability to be in two places at once or something along those lines (sorry for not having the specific details of Miss Klugh’s and Michael’s conversation). Long and short – Walt’s an oddity, but he’s not dead. Regarding Ilana – She knows Smokey is stuck in Flocke form, as was revealed to us after she found that Jacob had died. That leads me to believe that “the game” (of Jacob vs. Smokey) has been paused or something and he can only take on the form of the last human he’d taken the form of. That’s just a guess. However, if memory serves, she didn’t see Locke’s stank corpse until after Flocke had left the 316 crash site, which would certainly explain why they decided to carry the coffin to show Ricardus.

      Ricardus – Not sure where that one was going. Your reference to Ben aside, there’s been no resurrection. With regard to being more complicated than we think – I couldn’t agree more. Recall when Flocke mentioned to Jacob how he (Jacob) had no idea how long he (Flocke) had been working on the loophole? I can’t help but wonder now if the vision of Ben’s mother WAS Smokey, who told mini-Ben to stop running lest he be killed by the fence. Maybe, just MAYBE Smokey knew that Ben would be the one to kill Jacob, so he certainly had to keep him alive. And surely a boy like that, scorned by his father, hating life with the Dharma people, would certainly listen to his mother (see previous discussions of Smokey taking the most advantageous form in particular circumstances).

      Young boy – You mean the blonde long-haired kid that Flocke was chasing after? C’mon, you’ve got to admit there’s a serious likelihood that kid is Aaron.

      • Look, JMZ, I’m still not convinced (as I’ve written several times previously) that Jacob has the ability to take other forms simply because MiB does. Again, we’ve never seen Jacob (as far as we know) as anyone BUT Jacob. I realize that he, too, is “supernatural” like MiB, but I refuse to assume/accept he take other forms until we actually see that happen.

        As far as “ressurections” go, I’m thinking the only one we’ve actually witnessed is Sayid’s. The show has been pretty good about reinforcing the idea of “dead is dead,” going so far as to show us the conversation between Richard and (F)Locke (I think) in “The Incident.” Richard points out that he’s never seen anyone return from the dead, only to have (F)Locke say that he’s never seen anyone who doesn’t age. We will of course learn that Richard was speaking to FLocke in this scene, and that Locke really IS dead and has not been ressurected.

        In “The Substitute,” I also came to the conclusion that the boy in the jungle was Aaron, so there you go.

        • Resurrections – I should’ve been clearer by stating “there’s been no resurection as far as Richard has seen”. Unless I’m mistaken, Richard hasn’t made his way to the temple to see Sayid yet.

          Jacob shape-shifting – Fair enough, and I tend to agree. With that, I’m going to go with the idea that visions, minus Walt and disregarding Hurley’s gift, are that of Smokey taking the most advantageous form given the situation.

  24. It was a webisode. And he tells Vincent to, “go wake up my son. He has work to do.” Much like Walt told Locke he had work to do.

    And why would a fake Christian refer to Jack as his son? It is very confusing.

    • Again, it’s hard to reconcile as to whether or not those webisodes were considered canon. Good point, though: why WOULD he refer to Jack as his son if speaking to a dog and no one else was around to see this?

    • Why would Christian refer to Jack as his son (presumably to Locke when he’s turning the wheel)? Answer – It gives Locke firepower for bringing Jack back to the island.
      John – “Jack, come back to the island.”
      Jack – “Go f_ck yourself.”
      John – “Jack, come back to the island; I ran into your old man there. He said hi.”
      Jack – “What the… ?”

      Again with Walt, that kid and anything associated with him (other than the Miss Klugh stuff and his step-father saying he was weird) is left solely to speculation. There’s GOT to be more resolution to that character before this thing’s over.

      • I’m a douche. I somehow (in my Lost-weakened mind) blocked out the part in your post about him talking to the dog when referring to his son. My burn. I have no explanation for that one

        Dang it!

        • Exactly. It’s odd.

          • Hey, here’s something that just occured to me……..
            (it’s a little out there)

            What if Christian faked his death? When browsing through some of the episode transcripts, Sun says something to Ben along the lines, “I don’t care if Locke was in a coffin, it doesn’t mean he was dead. He could have faked his death.”

            What if he did have a connection to the island before 815 (which could accound for the McCutchenson in his study) and HE was the 23-Shepard. He was still alive, and much like Locke, he had to “die” to get back to the island. That’s why he spoke to Vincent saying. “wake up my son” and Claire calls him her father.


          • Agreed – that’s a little out there… but it’s certainly not impossible.

            The MacCutcheon may be a stretch – it’s been placed in varying other locations in the show that would make it common enough to show up in equally random places, expensive though it may be.

            The Christian and Vincent exchange is still a bit of a mystery to me. Claire calls Christian her father because he told her as much in Season 3’s “Par Avion” (when they met in Australia at her mother’s bedside).

            That aside, you may be on to something, Major Minority. This show is notorious for dropping the smallest of hints that later become the biggest clues. Sun’s comment may have merit, and we never saw Jack identify the body nor did we ever see Christian in the coffin. Further, this episode (The Lighthouse) informed us that Jack busted up his dad’s coffin when he found it was empty. I, for one, can’t recall any previous episode where this was mentioned.

            Very interesting, in deed.

          • Though it’s an interesting theory, I still think Christian is dead, the Man in Black takes the form of dead people, and Smokey is the embodyment of Christian is Flocke is Alex.

          • Yeah, I’m not married to the idea, but it could explain why Christian’s body is missing in BOTH realities.

          • Touche.

  25. Just wanted to link to this piece by Marc Oromaner. Really fucking interesting:

  26. Ok, let add in some input/thought here since I’m just now reading all of the last posts.

    With regards to the whole Flocke/Smokey/MiB as Christian thing, as I mentioned before, I wouldn’t be a fan of picking and choosing when Christian was a ghost or someone else portraying him. I like the idea that everytime we’ve seen Christian, it was always Smokey taking his form. Now, that leads me to want to know every single time we’ve seen Christian and what the scene was all about and what was accomplished. However, one thing I do seem to recall is that didn’t we see Christian off the island, back in LA, in the hospital where Jack works (after Jack got off the island)? Pretty sure when Jack saw him that the smoke alarm went off too either right then or right after. The question would be then, presuming that then Christian was Smokey, how did Smokey get off the island to portray Christian here?

    Ressurections. Wasn’t Ben “resurrected”? Sayid shot him and thought he had killed him. Now, I would guess as a trained torturer as well as already being in the military, I think Sayid would know where to shoot someone and could hit his target to kill him. I thought that’s why Kate grabbed Ben’s body, found Richard and told him to fix him in which Richard said he could/would but there would be ramifications and Ben wouldn’t be the same again. Now maybe Ben wasn’t technically 100% dead but he was probably about 95% of the way there.

    • Let me respond to both points, Adam:

      1. Glad you brought up the scene in which “Christian” appeared in the hospital off-island. I remember writing about this and even then I said that, because of the smoke alarm going off in the hospital, it was Smokey portraying Christian. Sure, based on FLocke’s interraction with Sawyer in the cave, where he told him option 3 was “getting off this damn island,” you might ask how he could have been off-island (in the hospital) previously? Well, my answer would be that “visiting” off the island and permanently being free of the island are two different things.

      2. I don’t know that we can say been was technically ressurected, as we never actually saw him die. He was taken to the temple and “reborn” spiritually, perhaps, but one can’t be physically ressurected if he hasn’t first died.

  27. Did anyone notice that Claire’s accent was almost non-existent? My wife and I mentioned it to one another after the episode. Also, can we please get a shot of Michael screaming “WALT!!!” at least once this season? He seemed to scream it at least once per episode in the first 2 or 3 seasons.
    >fingers crossed<

    • Well, notverygood, in order to get a shot of Michael screaming “WALTTTTTTTTT!” we first need Michael, and unfortunately I don’t see that happening. As far as Claire’s accent goes, I’ll simply note that as a continuity type of error. I mean, she still had an accent, even if it was less pronounced.

  28. I have to credit Ryan and Jen at The Transmission for noticing this, but when they found the skeletons in the cave back in season 1, the skeletons were NOT together. In “Lighthouse,” though, the skeletons are “together,” so to speak. So, is this a continuity error, or are we to make something of this? I’m leaning toward the former, but still I found it interesting.


    I’ve been hesitant to put this idea out there, but I’d hate to have it come to fruition and have no one believe me when I tell them “I knew it all along.”

    Consider what we’ve seen throughout the course of this series…

    1 – Statue of Taweret (Egyptian)

    2 – HEAVILY Egyptian-referenced items within the ruins of the statue (e.g., the astronomical chart on the ceiling, the tapestry, the hieroglyphics, etc.)

    3 – Pyramid-shaped temple… like those famous ones in Egypt… complete with hieroglyphics on the walls.

    4 – When one turns the frozen donkey wheel under the Orchid Station, one disappears then reappears in Tunisia (Tunisian Desert) – EVERY TIME. Though not part of Egypt, it’s DAMN close to it (a stone’s throw across Libya), and it’s certainly in the same “cradle of life” or “origin of humanity” part of the world.

    5 – Jacob and Smokey/Christian/Flocke – can anyone REALLY argue with the biblical “Jacob and Esau” reference here? Point is – The biblical Jacob and Esau hail from the Israeli and Egyptian part of the world.

    6 – Consult your local bible for “Jacob and Esau: Good vs. Evil”, the sequel to “Cain and Abel”.

    7 – Jacob and Smokey/Christian/Flocke are on that island for a reason or because of something. When one has to follow “rules” (e.g., bad guy can’t kill Jacob) and they’re looking for a “loophole”, there’s got to be some sort of structure to that existence … similar to the rules of a game, perhaps? Like Backgammon?

    8 – Backgammon goes WAY back – some have indicated as far back as 3,000 years ago in Iran (see “cradle of life” discussion in item 4 above); others say even further back – in ancient Egypt.

    9 – Juliet activates a hydrogen bomb in the 70’s, and the next thing you know, the island is on the bottom of the ocean. Sounds to me like there’s some serious flaws in the land-structure underneath that island… almost as if there’s little to no supporting structure at all… almost as if the island is like a lollipop planted in the middle of the ocean. Blow up the stick (from below sea-level) and the sugary top sinks. Mmmm… Juliet’s sweet sweet candy…

    Sorry, drifted off there for a second.

    10 – The island has the ability to move (via the frozen donkey wheel). Anything that has an ability to move, especially a big old piece of dirt sticking out of the ocean, can’t be all too firmly planted.

    Wrap your brains around this one – The island wasn’t always an island. Maybe… just MAYBE… the island originated in the Egyptian/Tunisian/Iranian area of the world (like where pyramids and statues of Taweret come from and were already built before the island became an island). Maybe… just MAYBE… some greater being (e.g., Christian God? Egyptian God?) took a scoop of dirt out of the desert and put Jacob and Smokey on the island for purposes of some sort of experiment or game, or might have wanted them to duke it out somewhere other than in the Egyptian/Tunisian/Iranian part of the world.

    Again, I had to get this out there before we get much further into the season.

    Thoughts (other than “this asshole thinks WAY too much about this show”)?

    • I must say, JMZ, you make some really strong observations here. I’m still not convinced 100%, but it certainly warrants consideration.

      Now, get over to my new post and start commenting there.

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