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LOST – Season 6, Episode 8: “Recon”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all! Today’s your chance to wear green, get wasted and be an official Irishman for one day out of the year. Or, as I like to call it, Wednesday. Why do I even bring up St. Patrick’s Day in my recap of “Recon,” when it’s got so little to do with LOST? Well, because maybe that’s not the case at all. Maybe it matters. Sort of. The date, anyway. Don’t worry; I’ll explain. In the meantime, let’s just say that I was stoked to see a Sawyer-centric episode, particularly because we haven’t even seen the straggly gent since “The Substitute,” an episode focusing on sideways Locke. Again, sort of. Sawyer’s storyline was rather prominent, as well. Okay, I’ve side-stepped things long enough. Let’s begin with…

1. Gettin’ the Band Back Together. Sawyer is outside of Claire’s makeshift home, making a cup of tea and serving it in a blue mug to a still sleeping Jin. (Was it me, or was the color blue prominent/important in this episode in relation to Sawyer?) Jin is alarmed to find that he essentially passed out and wants to get the hell out of there. Sawyer tells them him they need to wait for Locke, even though they both agree it’s not Locke. Jin (as always) says he can’t leave the island without Sun. I was happy to see Sawyer say that he promised they wouldn’t leave without her, even though that’s not the Sawyer we’ve been watching all season, who’s been acting solely out of self-interest. With that, FLocke and his band of soldiers return to camp, where we cut sideways to…

2. Officer Ford. Sawyer’s in bed with a woman, post-coitus. (Did anyone else think/hope it might be Juliet?) She rouses his from his semi-slumber and reminds him that he was supposed to be somewhere by 9 o’clock, and it’s now 8:42 (hey, it’s 8 and 42!). Sawyer quickly hops out of bed and grabs his briefcase, which opens and spills several bound stacks of cash onto the bed. The woman jumps out of bed and pulls a gun on Sawyer, telling him she can spot a con-man when she sees one, as she was married to one. (Who do you think she was married to?) A calm Sawyer tells her to put the gun down, as the cops are outside and the room is bugged, and all he needs to do is say the password. She thinks he’s full of shit, which prompts Sawyer to say, “LaFleur.” (Awesome!) With that, the hotel room is flooded by cops, led by none other than Miles, who is not only a cop but Sawyer’s partner. Hmm, awfully interesting that in this sideways reality, the two con-men, Miles and Sawyer, are on the side of the righteous. From there we return to…

3. “That’s not a knife…”

Claire, Sayid, FLocke and the rest of the undead army are resting outside of her shelter. Claire, meanwhile, appears to be scavenging for supplies, including a rather sharp knife (foreshadowing, people). Claire looks in on her makeshift baby, which naturally disturbs Kate. Outside Claire’s “home” Stewardess…er, Flight Attendant Cindy (who has still proven to be rather useless, mind you) wants to know what happened to the people who stayed. FLocke holds court and tells her, “The black smoke killed them.” FLocke recognizes that everyone’s tired and has questions, but tells them they need to keep moving, but that he will happily answer all of their questions at some point. Kate approaches Sawyer where he asks about Jack and company, but only before (once again) telling Kate that he’s “not with anyone.” From there we go sideways to…

4. The Secret Identity.

Sawyer (Det. James Ford) is at his desk in the police station placing phone calls, where he reaches out to one Anthony Cooper. (Yes, FLocke’s father; yes, the man who conned Sawyer’s father; yes, the man Sawyer strangled on the island.) He asks if Mr. Cooper was in Alabama in 1976. When he discovers he wasn’t, he hangs up and dials another Anthony Cooper. Clearly Sawyer is trying to track down the man responsible for the death of his parents, although he lies to his partner Miles about what he’s doing. Miles doesn’t believe Sawyer, to which Sawyer responds, “Why would I lie,” which is awfully ironic considering this is sideways con-man Sawyer we’re talking about. Miles, meanwhile, wants to set Sawyer up on a date, and asks him, “Do you want to die alone,” which has obviously been a prominent theme in Sawyer’s storyline, particularly of late, particularly considering he just told Kate, “I’m not with anyone.” There were a couple details of note in this scene. First, Sawyer’s nameplate on his desk. Here, again, he is Det. James Ford. Second, Sawyer is drinking out of a coffee mug with “Hollywood” on it. Third, he is in lying to his partner, and even makes a point of saying, “Why would I lie?” The reason I point this out is because all of these details hint at the idea of what’s real and what’s illusion. Here Sawyer is James Ford, not Sawyer. Like Carradine pointed out in Kill Bill, is the disguise Clark Kent or is it Superman? Is Sawyer the real man, or is it James Ford? Furthermore, we think of Hollywood as the land of illusion, of smoke and mirrors, of false realities. Could it be that Sawyer’s coffee mug is a clue to the audience, that what we’re seeing really is a false reality? That this sideways reality is a sham? From there we return to…

5. The Admission. FLocke and crew are trekking through the jungle when Sawyer calls him out on the amount of time it’s going to take to get to their destination. FLocke is irritated that Sawyer called him out in front of the group, and the two of them convene privately. Sawyer wants to know why FLocke rescued them from the “smoke thing,” to which FLocke responds, “I didn’t rescue them; I’m the smoke thing.” And there you have it, people who still questioned whether or not FLocke and Smokey were one in the same. Interestingly, FLocke then has a very real, very vulnerable moment, in which he once again points out that he just wants to leave the island. He says he gave the people at the temple a choice, that it’s kill or be killed around the island, “And I don’t want to be killed.” There was something very literal about that statement, thus reassuring us that he can, in fact, be killed. FLocke takes Sawyer to an outrigger, and tells him he’ll be going to Hydra Island to find the Ajira plane. He wants Sawyer to do recon on the island but not to reveal what’s going on in these parts. Wanting to know why FLocke chose him, he explains, “You are the best liar I ever met.” Again, this ties in nicely with the sideways arc of this episode, naturally. Speaking of sideways, we go to…

6. Bullitt.

Sawyer enters what appears to be a hotel bar, where he approaches his blind date, who is none other than one Charlotte Staples (C.S.) Lewis. The two hit it off immediately, and over dinner she asks why he became a cop. Sawyer asks if she ever saw Steve McQueen in Bullitt. (Incidentally, what kind of car does McQueen drive in the movie? A Ford Mustang. Nice.) Sawyer says he knew he’d either be a cop or a criminal, and he chose cop. Sawyer winds up bedding Charlotte down. Post-coitus (again!), Sawyer offers to get her water while she fetches a shirt from his drawer. (On top of his dresser, by the way, were both Watership Down and A Wrinkle in Time, both of which have been seen previously on LOST.) Inside his drawer she finds more than clothing, as she uncovers a binder marked “Sawyer,” containing photographs and news clippings about a local man who was killed, leaving his child behind. Sawyer is outraged and kicks her the hell out of his apartment. Clearly he was just looking for an excuse to get rid of her, as the sex was done with. (That’s a joke, folks. Relax.) We’ll get back to the books later, particularly Watership Down. In the meantime, we return to…

7. Singles.

Really? Singles? I’ll explain in a minute. Sawyer reaches Hydra Island and comes across the polar bear cage where he was held captive way back in those first few, ahem, less than stellar episodes in season 3, as well as Kate’s old cage directly across from his. Inside the cage is the dress Kate wore, the one supplied to her by Mr. Friendly. Sawyer looks at the dress nostalgically and, yes, this is once again foreshadowing what’s in store for Sawyer. He makes his way around the island and reaches the Ajira plane, which appears to be completely intact. Looking down, there appears to be a “path” etched into the sand, which Sawyer follows to reveal a circle of newly-dead, fly-covered bodies. He hears a noise behind him, and discovers a woman running. Sawyer tracks her down and tackles her, only to discover it’s Debbie Hunt from Singles, who tells Sawyer, “I’m the only one left.” Get it? Singles? Sawyer’s single? She’s the only one left? She’s single? She was in the movie? Whoosh. Meanwhile, back on the island, we find…

8. The Gringo Took My Baby. Kate is still wandering around somewhat aimlessly and takes a seat next to Sayid. She asks if he’s alright, to which he responds, “No, I’m not alright.” Not a moment later she is attacked from behind by Claire, who is trying to kill Kate with the aforementioned knife because she took Aaron. Kate pleads for Sayid’s help, only he does nothing. (Creepy.) FLocke pulls Claire away before she can kill Kate, and he goes so far as to punch Claire in order to knock some sense into her. Kate is clearly shaken by what transpires, and rightfully so. We then go sideways to…

9. Mirror, Mirror. Charlie’s brother, Liam, is at the police station trying to find the whereabouts of his brother who was arrested for drugs. (Honestly, this was a pleasant surprise, as I never thought for a second we’d see Liam again.) Miles slams Sawyer into his locker, presumably because of how he treated Charlotte. As it turns out, Miles is pissed at Sawyer for lying to him, wanting to know what in the hell he was doing in Sydney, Australia when he claimed to have been in Palm Springs. Miles says he went through Sawyer’s credit card statement, and found that he returned on Oceanic 815. He wants to know why Sawyer lied, but Sawyer says it’s none of Miles’ business. Miles terminates their partnership, and Sawyer looks at himself in the mirror (hooray for consistency!) before breaking it. We then move back to…

10. Killing Zoe.

Debbie Hunt introduces herself as Zoe. She tells Sawyer her plane crashed, and they were all waiting to be rescued. While away from the camp in search of supplies, she heard screaming. When she returned, she found all of her fellow passengers dead, and dragged them to the pile (thus the “path” in the sand). She asks if Sawyer’s alone (again, hammering the whole notion of whether or not Sawyer is meant to be alone). Clearly, Sawyer knows Zoe’s full of shit, but doesn’t act just yet. But first we go back to the island for…

11. It’s Not Just the Daddies Who are Damaged. FLocke approaches Kate, who is sitting next to a tree, crying. He apologizes to her for telling Claire that the Others had her baby, but justifies it by saying that Claire needed something to hate, to keep her going. Kate questions his methodology, and in an almost comical, yet awesome manner, FLocke responds, “Nobody’s perfect.” To win her trust back, FLocke promises to keep Kate safe, and tells her he’ll take her to see Sawyer. They arrive at the beach and look out on Hydra Island. They take a seat, and in yet another moment of extreme vulnerability, FLocke explains, “I am not a dead man.” He goes on to say, “My mother was crazy”; he calls her a “disturbed woman.” He says he’s still working through his issues, and perhaps things might have been different had he been able to. Furthermore, he is telling her all of this because Aaron now has a crazy mother, too, and seems genuinely concerned, as he identifies with Aaron. Wow. This conversation was downright kooky. Sure, it’s hard to know how much of this we can accept as truth, but here FLocke is saying that he’s an actual man, born unto a woman, and that he and she both have/had psychological issues to deal with. Last I checked pillars of black smoke which have the ability to transform into the dead aren’t typically considered “men.” So, if FLocke/Smokey really is a “man,” who in the hell is he? Who was his mother? We then go back to Hydra Island, for perhaps my favorite line of the episode…

12. “Take me to your leader.” Sawyer and Zoe make their way back to the outrigger, with her asking a ton of questions all the while. Sawyer asks where she was headed, and even her slightest hesitation in responding “Guam” is enough for Sawyer to know she’s full of shit. He pulls his gun on her, but before providing any information, Zoe whistles and her whole team emerges from the jungle, taking Sawyer captive. “Is your name really Zoe?” he asks mockingly. “Is yours really Sawyer?” she replies. Sawyer accepts that he’s caught, and being used to this situation by now, he says in a rather unimpressed, unfazed manner, “Take me to your leader.” Sawyer’s marched through the jungle where we see pylons being erected (similar to those that kept Smokey out?), as well as a sub, clearly indicating that these are Widmore’s people. We then go sideways to…

13. Little House on the Prairie.

Sawyer enters his apartment, which is 245, though I’m unsure of the significance. The only thing I could come up with is this passage from Kings 2:45:

But King Solomon will be blessed, and David’s throne will remain secure before the LORD forever.

Interesting that it references David (Jack’s son), no? Sawyer grabs a beer and sits down to find Little House on the Prairie on TV, one of my least favorite shows of all time. It would appear that Michael Landon and Laura Ingalls are having a pretty poignant conversation in terms of not only Sawyer’s current plight, but LOST in general. Laura is worried about life without her parents around, but Landon tells her that she can’t spend her whole life worrying about what’s going to happen. Besides, “People aren’t gone when they die. We have their memories to sustain us.” This is great stuff, really. Yes, it totally relates to Sawyer, who lost his parents as a child and can’t let go of his anger. But it speaks to LOST as a whole, where there are not only implications of wondering about the future, but also the notion of people not really being gone post-death. Prompted by this, Sawyer goes to Charlotte’s apartment with both a sunflower and a six-pack in tow. (This calls directly back to “LaFleur,” in which Sawyer arrived at his shared space with Juliet in New Otherton circa 1977 and presented her a sunflower.) He tries to apologize for kicking her out, but Charlotte says he blew it and sends him away. Sawyer leaves the sunflower at her door. So, in this timeline, is Charlotte a substitute for Juliet? For Kate, even? We then go sideways to…

14. Let’s Make a Deal. Sawyer descends into the sub where he passes a double-locked door. He inquires as to the contents, but he’s told to keep walking. He’s taken to Widmore’s chambers, where he tells Charles he remembers him as the guy from the freighter who tried to kill him and his friends. Sawyer tells Widmore that it was Locke who sent him to Hydra Island, but he’ll happily bring Locke to Widmore so Widmore can kill him himself. In order to make this happen, though, Widmore must promise to A) ensure Sawyer’s people won’t be hurt; and B) make sure they have safe passage off the island. Widmore agrees to the terms. Meanwhile, back on the main island…

15. Apology Accepted? Kate returns from her conversation with FLocke to find Claire waiting for her in the jungle. Claire breaks down completely, hugs Kate, and thanks her for taking care of Aaron. Was this legitimate? Was she convinced by FLocke to apologize, or is she genuinely sorry? Or, is she simply batshit crazy still and fluctuates like a flickering light bulb? Well, we go back to the beach for…

16. The Long Con. Sawyer returns from Hydra Island where a rather joyous FLocke greets him. Sawyer tells him that all of the passengers are dead, and that Widmore is on the island. He tells FLocke they’re setting up pylons to keep out the “smoke thing.” Furthermore, he goes on to explain the deal he made with Widmore, so that he (Sawyer) and FLocke can now change their plan and get the jump on Widmore. FLocke wants to know why he’s telling him this. Sawyer, who perhaps has some bit of honor in him yet, says, “A deal’s a deal.” We then go sideways to…

17. The Confession. Sawyer is outside the police station waiting for Miles. Miles gets in the car and Sawyer presents him with the “Sawyer” binder, then tells him what happened to his parents. Sawyer tells Miles about Anthony Cooper, and how he’s been hunting him since leaving the academy. Sawyer’s plan once he finds Cooper is to murder him. Miles isn’t too pleased to hear this, but before it can go much further a car slams into theirs (yet another car accident). The assailant takes off running and Sawyer and Miles pursue on foot. Sawyer catches up to the assailant, pins her against a wall, and removes her hood to discover it’s Kate. Again, they’re reconnecting has been hinted at the entire episode, so as soon as I saw the person running from the cops, and considering her back story, I knew it was Kate, which leads us to the episode’s final scene…

18. Planes, Subs and Outriggers.

Sawyer returns to find Kate sitting by the fire, where she says she’s cooking rabbit (more on this in a minute). Sawyer tells her about finding Widmore on Hydra Island, about the Ajira plane, and his plan to get himself and Kate off the island. Kate points out that neither of them knows how to fly a plane. “We ain’t taking the plane,” says Sawyer. “We’re taking the sub.” I didn’t realize Sawyer or Kate knew how to pilot a sub, either? Kidding. I’m assuming his intent is to take someone hostage and have them captain the sub off the island. Anyway, this gives me a chance to get back to…

19. Rabbit Season.

In addition to recurring lines of dialogue and themes of black and white, good and evil, and free will and fate, the rabbit motif has been one of the most common symbols/images throughout the entire series. Whether it’s Alice in Wonderland, Dr. Marvin Candle’s time travel videos, statues of rabbits, rabbit for dinner, or the aforementioned Watership Down, there’s no denying the fact that the image continues to pop up like, well, rabbits. Why? Well, an obvious answer, and the one common to most of us when thinking of rabbits, is procreation. We think of rabbits having sex always and often, thereby reproducing always and often. Thus, we are reminded of fertility, a subject of great importance in terms of the Island, Tawaret, etc. I’m not really one for dream analysis, but consider this interpretation from

To see a rabbit in your dream foretells of luck, magic and a favorable turn of events and a positive outlook in your future endeavors. Alternatively, rabbits symbolize sexual activity. To see a white rabbit in your dreams symbolizes faithfulness of a lover. To see many rabbits … signifies fertility.

Now, it seems that rabbits have been significant in the lives of many LOST characters, particularly Jack (“White Rabbit”) and Sawyer (“Every Man for Himself”). But in “Recon” rabbits seem specific to Sawyer, particularly when we think of a “favorable turn of events,” “sexual activity” and “fertility.” We know he’s fathered a child (Clementine), we saw him bed down with two women in this episode, and we saw him holding Kate’s dress in the cage, where he had sex with Kate. Furthermore, she’s cooking rabbit and his plan is to now get the two of them off the island. Foreshadowing? Yes, I have to think so. Oh, and speaking of Watership Down, here’s a bit of the plot summary from

Watership Down is the tale of a group of rabbits in search of a home. Fiver, a small, young rabbit, has a gift: He can tell when things are going to happen and he can sense whether they will be good or bad. Fiver foresees great danger to the rabbits’ home warren. His brother Hazel, who is slightly larger and helps take care of Fiver, takes Fiver to the Chief Rabbit, the Threarah. Fiver tells the Threarah that he foresees great danger, but the Chief Rabbit does not believe him.

The rabbits go through several adventures before Hazel successfully brings them to a field where they believe they can live. But the field is already inhabited by a group of rabbits, who seem strange but let the travelers stay with them. Fiver warns the rabbits not to join the new warren, but they do not listen to him because the living is easy and there is food for everyone. There is something odd about the warren, but they cannot figure out what it is. Finally, after an argument with Fiver, Bigwig gets caught in a snare. Hazel and the other rabbits manage to get him out, although they get no help from the rabbits who live in the warren. Fiver figures it all out, explaining to the group that a farmer leaves the great food behind for the rabbits in order to fatten them up before he catches them in his snares. They decide to leave, and one rabbit from the new warren, Strawberry, comes with them.

The rabbits travel on until they reach Watership Down. At the top there is a perfect field for a rabbit warren. They settle down in the field, but then Hazel realizes that they need does (female rabbits) to mate with, as they have only bucks and their warren will not last long without does. Holly and Bluebell, two survivors from their home warren, find the rabbits and tell them of a horrible poisoning that occurred. The rabbits befriend a wounded bird, Kehaar, and after he heals he searches for other warrens so they can get some does.

[In the end] the rabbits live happily in their warren and Campion returns to run the Efrafan warren. They decide to build a third warren halfway between the two and fill it with rabbits from each warren. Hazel lives several years, longer than most rabbits live, and he sees the warren prosper and thrive before he dies.

Okay, there’s no need for me to point out all of the similarities to LOST. You can intuit that for yourselves. I do, however, want to point out the final paragraph, namely the third warren. Doc Jensen had a great post recently about the island reality and the sideways reality being the two halves to a single reality. What if this single reality is actually this third reality, or third warren? What if these two timelines add up to form the idyllic or actual timeline, the “third warren halfway between the two”? Finally, we end with…

20. The Beginning. That is, back to the significance of St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll keep this brief. What’s today? St. Patrick’s Day. What’s the date? March 17, 2010. What does that mean yesterday’s date was? March 16, 2010. Or 3/16/10. Or, subtracting the year, 3/16. Or, to think of it another way, 3:16, as in John 3:16, as in Ajira 316. And what did we see on LOST on 3/16? Ajira 316. Kudos.

Well, that’ll do it for this week. So much to talk about in “Recon.” Do you have observations of your own? Questions? Agree or disagree with my takes? By all means, leave comments here on the blog.

Until next time, have at it, you vultures!




  1. “Jin is alarmed to find that he essentially passed out and once to get the hell out of there.”

    Really Brand? Really?

    • Look, you try drinking a bottle of wine, taking notes for an hour, waking up at five AM and spending four hours writing this bullshit!

      Also, I’m ashamed.

      • As well you should. But you do good work, despite being all jewy.

        I’m surprised you didn’t bring up the correlations between Lost and A Wrinkle in Time. If anything, it has more similarities than Watership Down. (Also, I hate that book. Effin’ rabbits. Really?)

        “Mrs.Whatsit, Mrs.Who, and Mrs.Which turn out to be angelic beings who transport Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin O’Keefe through the universe by means of tesseract, a fifth-dimensional phenomenon explained as being similar to folding the fabric of space and time. … There the “Mrs. Ws” reveal to the children that the universe is under attack from an evil being who appears as a large dark cloud called The Black Thing.”

        *cough cough*

        • I couldn’t resist jumping on Watership Down. I think I wrote about A Wrinkle in Time a long time ago.

  2. This episode has really turned my opinion on Flocke. I think he just wants to get off the island and live Brandon has said in the past, him and Jacob might not be good or evil respectively. “Nobody’s perfect.” I just liked how open and upfront he was because that is totally new for any character on LOST. One thing that drove me nuts was when he confessed to being the black smoke to Sawyer, why didn’t he just ask “What the hell are you?” Honestly that would have been the first thing I said to him.

    I’m starting to think that he may not have hated Jacob for any reason other than being stuck on the island. Maybe they both serve a purpose to the island and he was stuck there as long as Jacob was. He wasn’t allowed to kill Jacob directly, but found his loophole and now is able to actually leave the island. Maybe Jacob brings all the candidates to the island and MiB is supposed to weed them out. Who knows.

    • i was sort of thinking along the same lines of that, mike. i’ve been trying to simplify shit a bit more and have come to the conclusion that the island is a prison of sorts built to contain smokey, etc. that would put jacob in the role of warden/ guardian.

      i think smokey is definitely some sort of an evil presence and the island was created to contain it. otherwise, why not just turn into smoke and the fly the fuck out of there?

      undecided about whether i think jacob is “good” or “evil,” but i think it’s irrelevant. his job was to keep smokey on the island and sort of contained. and to do it by whatever means necessary. which would validate any of his manipulations of the candidates.

      also, i thought that episode basically sucked ass. and i maintain the opinion that the douche who plays sawyer is one of the worst actors i’ve ever had to endure.

      • I disagree, crohrer666. I don’t think Jacob’s purpose was simply to to act as island warden, as that oversimplifies his purpose. Both he and Smokey have roles that go beyond that, as illustrated by the fact that they’ve got “super powers,” or whatever you want to call them. Additionally, why? I mean, they can’t be there for no reason other than to keep Smokey on the island. What’s the point? What does that have to do with free will vs. fate, faith vs. a godless world, black vs. white, good vs. evil, etc.

        And as far as your assessment of Josh Holloway goes, you’re way off.

    • Again, I think it’s too much to paint everyone with one broad stroke, Mike. Both Jacob and Smokey possess qualities of what one might qualify as “good” and “evil,” so to say one is one and the other is the other is a somewhat uninformed opinion.

      As far as telling Sawyer he’s Smokey, you’ll notice they’ve been doing a LOT of that this season. They did it with Dogen, they did it with Richard, and now they’ve done it with Smokey. Granted, I don’t think it was really a mystery at this point, but still.

      • I was saying that I don’t think Jacob or MiB are necessarily good or evil. Which is why I quoted his “Nobody’s perfect.” line. I think they both serve a purpose and want what they want. They just have two different approaches.

  3. Watership Down is a constant, as I’m pretty sure that we have seen this piece of literature read by Sawyer previously.

    I think one of the biggest things you missed was that Jacob’s “gift” to Sawyer was the ability to be, “the best liar I ever met.” In the flashsideways, James is probably the worst liar ever. First, the girl knows he’s lying about the briefcase (and what police operation protocol is it to sleep with the target’s wife?), then Charlotte calls BS on the Bullit lie, and even Miles knows when he’s lying. It’s my assumption that he couldn’t become a criminal because he’d be horrible at it!

    A few other things that I have issues with in the flashsideways: How the hell did James know where Charlotte lived after 1 blind date, that ended abruptly??? And even if Miles somehow gave him the address, she wasn’t surprised he knew where to find her? Also, if he was so protective over his Sawyer file, why not get her the damn tee himself???

    A big reveal in the flashsideways: Mile’s pop, the rabbit holding Dr, is not on the island and/or dead.

    Nice mirror scenes where in the beginning, James was caught lying, held at gunpoint, but had hidden backup. Then, Zoe was caught lying, held at gunpoint, but had hidden backup.

    Didn’t Locke have a crazy mother too, who claimed he was immaculately concieved? I mean, I know she helped con him, but she was nuts too. And had she not been so crazy, he wouldn’t have had to deal with his issues either. This was more reference to Aaron being important, and maybe even FLocke himself???

    Sawyer is alone, right now. And he’s still selfish. He’s telling everyone something different, putting his easter eggs in various baskets. Oh, and in what seems like forever, Sawyer called Kate Freckles again, even though she had none.

    Speaking of Rabbits… when Alex was butchering the rabbit awhile back, her hands looked like that mystery boy FLocke was chasing when his hands were all bloody.

    • Lots to respond to here, MM:

      1. Watership Down appeared in “Confidence Man,” “House of the Rising Sun,” and “Left Behind.” And, yes, I had to look that up.

      2. I don’t know if I agree with your assessment as to why he couldn’t be a criminal, but I think you make some solid observations about his inability to lie successfully.

      3. I had the exact same thought about Sawyer knowing where Charlotte lived. No way does Miles tell him, as they’re not even speaking at that point. And as far as the t-shirt in the drawer goes, lazy writing. Haven’t the writers seen Dexter? You keep your blood samples stowed behind the A/C; you don’t put them in your sock drawer.

      4. Great observation on the “mirror” scenes.

      5. I had the same thought about Locke’s mom being crazy herself. What’s more, I also thought for a moment that Smokey might be Aaron based on his full-on identification with his plight.

      • 3. I think it’s reasonable that while on a date, and prior to going back to his house for sex, that Charlotte could have told Sawyer where she lived. “Should we go to your place or mine? I live on 34th street – where do you live?…”

        5. Yes, I was also thinking that FLocke was talking about Locke’s upbringing. I am also wondering if Smoke Monster=Aaron. If so, that would mean that the Smoke Monster is from the future. Maybe going “home” for smoke monster means going back to the future. (Not necessarily off the island.)

  4. Smokey was able to tell Ben what John’s last thoughts were. We also saw earlier in the season Flocke using Locke’s “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.” Do you think he is using Locke’s thoughts/experiences as his own to make himself seem more human in other people’s eyes?

    Also: Libby was a crazy lady. I don’t think she had any children, but she had a husband named David.

    • Yep, thanks for reminding me about Libby and David. So, it seems that every mother is a nutcase and every father is a scumbag.

      • takes one to know one

        • You’re right, ma’am.

  5. like i said, it’s my simplified theory and i think that in some roundabout way, that is what it will boil down too. the smoke is evil and the island with jacob’s (and his successor’s) guidance contains it.

    3 words about holloway – “you did this.” fucking terrible. as is his character at this point. the whole angle about who sawyer is playing has been washed up for about 3 seasons. i get it he’s con man… that’s his nature. his character still sucks.

    and, i know you’ll hate this, but i think the best part of last night’s episode was the preview for next week’s. though i’ll give some props or the “3.16” bit. that was smooth.

    • You’re a tough crowd, Sir. All I know is that there’s been way too much build-up to simplify it in such a fashion. I mean, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen that way; rather, I’m saying it will be completely unsatisfying.

      As far as Holloway goes, this is probably his strongest season in terms of acting, which is why I take issue with your assessment.

      I didn’t watch the previews for next week. And don’t post them here.

      Thanks, I was pretty pleased with the 316 observation myself.

  6. Brand, you said “Interestingly, FLocke then has a very real, very vulnerable moment, in which he once again points out that he just wants to leave the island”

    If I’m not mistaken, FLocke actually says “I want to go home”. I think he always says “I want to go home.” I think it’s possible that going home and leaving the island (for FLocke) are not necessarily the same thing.

    • Actually, Richie, I’m thinking they ARE the same thing. What I mean is that I think FLocke wants to go “home,” and whether that’s a literal home (of his crazy mother, say) or simply someplace he feels safe, I’m not sure.

  7. Anybody notice that Swayer got his hair did? Im not talking about the “flash-sideways” either. How is it that Swayer can get a hair chop but Hurley can’t lose a single pound. He’s getting fatter!!

    In the scene where we find out that Swayer is a cop, I kept waiting for Miles and Swayer to break out into a little song and dance routine, “Cop Rock” style.

    Anyways, this episode was by far my least favorite. Next weeks episode is going to kick ass though.

    • See, I actually really enjoyed this episode, and I’m not totally sure why. There seemed to be a good bit to think about in terms of personal story arc, and even some of the mythology came into play. To be honest, though, one of my least favorite storylines continues to be the Widmore stuff. I’m not sure why, but I like the idea of Widmore and the people who carry out his wishes more than the man himself.

      I’ve been saying that about Hurley all season. Perhaps the island can give some the ability to walk, some the ability to no longer be cancer-ridden, and some the ability to not shed a single pound.

    • I liked this episode.

  8. If smokey only killed the people at the temple because they were trying to kill him – if smokey only kills to protect himself – why did he kill Mr. Eko?

    (I’m still better that Mr. Eko was killed off.)

    • BITTER (not better).

    • I don’t know that FLocke said he only kills to protect himself; rather, he killed the people AT THE TEMPLE to protect himself. I don’t think he ever made that claim regarding everyone he’s killed.

      And who knows: maybe we’ll see Mr. Eko after all.

  9. Regarding Flocke’s talk with Kate about Claire and his mother: Do you think his speech about placing anger somewhere is about him too? Did he hate Jacob for all those years and now he is looking for somewhere to place it? Or did he hate his mother, who could be gone and turned to focus on Jacob?

    Following the biblical references, and believing that they are Jacob and Easu in some form, would lead you to believe that their mother is Rebecca. Her name means “To tie or to bind”. Did she bind them to the island?

    Another interesting thing I came across. Rebecca and Isaac were buried in a cave. That made me think of the skeletons they found.

  10. Why have all the biblical allusions and then have Sawyer claim, “God has nothing to do with this.” Is that statement ironic or literal?

    • We’ve never really seen Sawyer align himself one way or the other in terms of being a man of science or a man of faith. Still, at look at his statement as being ironic in nature, only he isn’t aware he’s being ironic.

  11. Also, any insight pertaining to James’ black beaded bracelet? I think black beads on the rosary is supposed to represent sin. I don’t know if there’s any other meanings or if it was just him being fashionable. But, Brandon, you’re the smart one, so I defer to you.

    • To be perfectly honest, I haven’t a clue as to the bracelet you’re referring to…

  12. I by no means know anything or pick up on the subliminal which is why I like this blog. Wasn’t there some kinda episode where Sawyer mentions little house on the prairie and Kate makes fun of him?

    • Thanks for reading/commenting, Dan.

      I had to look this one up, as I could’ve sworn there was a reference to Little House before, too. Sure enough, I found that there must have been a mention of Sawyer watching it as a child when he was ill (as seen in “Tricia Tanaka is Dead”).

  13. I, too, liked the episode and yet I’m not exactly sure why. Just a lot to think about and talk about. Sure, that’s the case with every episode. But for people who are so down on it, you can’t deny that it still makes for some good analysis.

    Also, I’m a big fan of the whole “smoke and mirrors” reference. It’s clever and corny at the same time. I wonder if that’s something the writers thought about at the beginning. Or if it’s just a coincidence.

    I also dig the subtlety of the title Recon (i.e. Re Con) – I nice nod to “The Long Con”. Something that Doc J pointed out (that my coworker showed me).

    And, lastly, the kid/baby-faced man who had his gun pointed at Sawyer in all his scenes is (I’m almost positive) also the kid from Mr. Mom/Kate and Ally/those Fiber One commercials. Seriously, he looks like he still 12. Is that their inside-joke reference to Walt? Kidding, that’s just stupid.

    Good recap, BD.

    • I’m with you, the malty. It’s not that it was a great episode, and yet I liked it. I think I’m still with “Lighthouse” as my favorite episode this season. That, or “The Substitute.”

      Great catch on the whole “smoke and mirrors” thing. Very subtle. Also, I completely missed the whole “Re-Con” title, which irritates me as I’m typically “aware” of the title’s significance.

      That’s hysterical about that kid. I kept looking at him and thinking that he was A) way too prominent; and B) way too “odd.” Is it possible that a former child actor would take a roll on LOST as an extra?

  14. Ok, my thoughts/input:

    1. I actually thought this was the weakest episode of the season. I just didn’t feel like much was accomplished storyline wise other than Widmore is on the other island. I still enjoyed it because I enjoy Lost, but as mentioned, just thought this was a weak episode.

    2. I think Sawyer is loyal to his fellow Losties (even Jack) and I don’t think he wants to leave any of them behind. At the same point, I have issues with him thinking he can hyjack the sub. I work in the submarine business, it’s not as easy as one would think. There’s a reason their is a large crew that goes out on a submarine.

    3. I can’t believe you guys are missing the obvious when it comes to Sawyer and finding Charlotte’s address. It’s simple- he’s a cop! All he needs to know is her name and he could probably track her address down. Look at what he’s doing with Anthony Cooper and all he has is a name. Also, I’m hoping that it’s a different Anthony Cooper and not Locke’s dad as I would like to think that Locke’s dad is a good person in the sideways flash.

    4. Claire is just a loon now. Her attack on Kate and then her apology is just her losing control of her emotions. I was also suprised that Kate didn’t ask Sayid why he didn’t help her out.

    5. I know I complained last week about Widmore’s arrival but this time I didn’t mind seeing him. Still have to figure out what he wants. Also, with FLocke sending Sawyer there, I think Ben can rival Sawyer in the best liar department.

    6. Maybe we get to see Charlie again?

    7. I don’t think I believe FLocke’s speech to Kate. I think that was him just trying to get her to “join” him. But you do have to wonder if at one time he was a normal guy that got dragged to the island and then became Smokey.

    8. I saw Sawyer’s plan unfolding before he told us. I figured he is now playing both sides against each other in hopes they woudl destroy each other or at least still be able to tell the winner that he was with them all along.

    9. My g/f told me of an interesting theory- what if the sideways flash isn’t if the island was destroyed or sank but what if it’s a reality where Jacob never existed…..

    10. It’s too bad you didn’t see the preview CB. Not going to say what it was nor did it hint to tell us something would be going on plotwise, it just basically told us which character the next episode will be featuring.

    • Okay, Dochi (or Okey-Dochi), allow me to respond to this wealth of input:

      1. A lot of people have had the same reaction. I kind of agree that not much happened, and yet I really liked this episode because of all of the Sawyer/Juliet subtext. I liked seeing how completely vulnerable and “opposite” Sawyer was in the sideways timeline.

      2. Sure, it’s assinine, but again I think his plan is to force someone else to captain the sub. Also, who do you suppose he’ll take with him to the sub? Just Kate? Any chance we finally see who was in the other outrigger (thus, Sawyer shooting at Sawyer)?

      3. Oh, right. Duh! I do think it will be the same Anthony Cooper, though.

      4. Sayid’s response (or lack thereof) was downright creepy.

      5. I’m with you on Ben rivaling Sawyer, but seeing as how Ben is no longer in the FLocke camp, FLocke needs SOMEONE to do his bidding.

      6. Whether or not we see Charlie again is inconsequential to me, to be perfectly honest.

      7. I’m not exactly sure what to make of his speech other than that Smokey is manipulating Kate to get her on his “team.”

      8. Interesting parallel in that Locke tried to get Sawyer to kill his dad (which he did) and FLocke is essentially trying to get Sawyer to kill Widmore (which he didn’t).

      9. Why? What’s the point? I mean, what would the point be of having a Jacob-less reality, particularly when Jacob, or at the very least the presence/idea of Jacob, has been prevalent throughout the series? I think that would be kind of weak.

      10. (Un)fortunately, I already know who it’s about.

      • 2. I think if given the chance, Sawyer would take all of the original losties with him including Miles too. He’s definitely friendly with Miles, Kate he has a thing for, he told Jin that he would get him and Sun off the island, I don’t see him turning his back on Hurley, and even with Jack, I think Sawyer would help him if given that kind of chance. He would probably leave Sayid, Claire, and dead Locke behind because they’re not themselves anymore and I don’t think he would take Ben either.

        3. I do think it’s the same Anthony Cooper, just hoping it’s not, that’s all.

        4. I think Sayid nailed that line with the way he said and his expression and even when Kate was getting attacked, his reaction to it all was great. Got to wonder what is going to happen with him now.

        9. The sideways flash is what we’re guessing at what if the island didn’t exist or somehow sank, basically making it, what if the Losties never arrived there (to a degree since I see people’s characters have changed somewhat). But here’s why I think it’s interesting. When we saw Jacob show up in the past in the Losties lives, we’ve argued that he “changed” their lives and basically made them come to the Island. Well, if he never existed in the sideays flash, he doesn’t alter their lives and this is what happens. Hence, Sawyer becoming a cop instead of a con man. Just something to think about it because I realize that Kate still kills her biological father.

        10. I’m surprised you’re nto thrilled then. Or maybe you would have rather just been totally surprised. I know I was pysched when I saw the preview.

        11. One point I forgot to make. I think FLocke basically helped us solve one thing. He sort of helped with the theory that this isn’t “good vs. evil” but more of 2 players playing a game against each other and FLocke is just trying to win. That’s what I took from his “kill or be killed” talk to Sawyer.

  15. By the way, anyone have any thoughts as to what/who is locked up in the sub?

    • NOT sure exactly the icon but maybe Dan Feherty’s Young Mother?
      I can see some sort of Proof when they were there on the island before

    • Since it’s double-locked, you would think that it must be something dangerous and/or strong in there. But nothing like that comes to mind. I would think that whatever is in there is something/somebody that we are already familiar with.

      My 2 wild guesses:

      Guess #1: I forget her name – the lady who was on the island with Widmore in 1955 and 1973. Ellie? And is the mom of the scientist guy whose name I am forgetting. She seemed to have some intrinsic tie to the island. She seemed like she had no interest in returning to the island. But maybe Widmore needed her to return to the island, so had to force her back.

      Guess #2: Walt. Again, he seems to have some kind of special powers as if he has an intrinsic tie to the island. Maybe Widmore needs him there.

    • I would assume it is something to either capture and/or kill Smokey. Or something/someone like Walt or Eloise being used by Charles to find the island. I’m leaning towards the former. My reasoning goes along with the thinking that Smokey wants to clear the island of people and Widmore wants to occupy it.

    • I think it’s some sort of physical weapon that can kill FLocke or do some damage to him or maybe even restrain him and keep him on the island. I just don’t think it’s a person inside there, just would seem off to me. Usually with a person, you have a guard outside of the door to make sure they don’t escape and with an actual object, you just keep it locked so no one else can get in to see what it is. Just my thoughts.

  16. Okey-Dokey? Really Brandon? I’ll just assume the syphilis is eating away at your brain…

    1) I liked the episode, and thought it revealed a lot to us. Moreover, it put a lot of things into motion for future episodes.

    2) I think Sawyer, with his sub statement is thinking Smokey will win. However, he’s not going to want to go on a plane with him, so he’ll switch his route of escape last minute. Also, Sawyer already sacrificed getting off the island once. I wonder if he’ll do it again.

    3) He may be a cop, with cop resources, but she should’ve been outraged by the violation of privacy, similiar to how Jim was when Miles ran his credit card. She didn’t even seem surprised he was there.

    7) I believe that FLocke was telling Kate the truth. And Kate still isn’t totally on board with him, thus her asking Sawyer why he was running errands for him. But FLocke’s mother has to be someone we’ve seen before. I think it’s too late in the show to keep introducing more and more characters.

    It would be great if Christian or Christian’s body was locked up in the sub! Or, maybe Ji Yeon and Aaron, seeing that Widmore has worked with Paik indsutries and seems to know who’s important to the island. (How did he know Sawyer was Ford, and why wasn’t Sawyer surprised?) And what paperwork is so important to Widmore? He was reading some chart in Sundown and he was doing some more paperwork in Recon.

    • 3. She could have been outraged btu she was more annoyed that he kicked her out at 3am and then showed up asking for forgiveness. Plus, maybe in her head, she figured he was a cop (and had the resources to find her) or had asked Miles for her address.

      7. Depends on if FLocke was telling the truth. If he wasn’t, then no need to introduce a mother character for him.

      An interesting last point but if it was Aaron and Ji, why would they need to be double bolted in? They’re just kids, they’re not breaking out of a single lock and probably wouldn’t need to be locked in and just have someone looking after them. Christian’s physical body would be interesting but what would you do with it or how would it factor in? As for the paperwork, could it just be Widmore’s plan written out?

  17. Per the contents of the sub room: I’m leaning to it containing a person as opposed to an inanimate object. Why double-lock it? How’s a “thing” going to “escape”? As to the mystery person? Well, I’d love to be able to go with Christian, but that seems far-fetched. And, sure, I could see it being Eloise Hawking or even, as Doc Jensen speculated, the woman Widmore was keeping on life support (the one whose brain Farraday scrambled putting her through time traveling experiments). And, sure, Walt is a really interesting guess, as well. Would make sense in a weird way. Alas, I’ve got my money on someone else. And that someone is…


    • The reason you lock up a thing is not because you’re afraid of it escaping but you don’t want anyone touching it or tampering it or even moving/hiding/stealing it to prevent you from using it.

      • Again, you’re assuming it’s a “thing” and not a person. Either way, who but Widmore’s staff is on the sub? Who would he be worried about stealing it/using it? Again, I think it’s a person.

        • Well, at the same point, if you’re on a sub, where is the person who is being locked up going? They can’t escape because they’re far under the water nor can they kill everyone because it takes more than 1 person to crew the sub. That’s why I think it could be a thing. Plus, why do you need to doubel bolt a person in? A few guards outside the room wouldn’t be able to stop a person?

          However. I do like the idea of it being Desmond as he probably wouldn’t come back to the island willingly.

          • Turst me, I think I’m right on this one. And why would you lock someone up? Well, perhaps said person is dangerous? Perhaps he would kill and demand the sub be turned around and he be freed? Just because you’re underwater doesn’t mean you can’t fuck shit up.

          • You may be right but my issue is unless the person has their own death wish, then him killing people and demanding the sub surface and such won’t work because they’ll still be trapped deep in the water. So if they don’t listen to the person, then the person is still stuck in the same predictment they were in before. Like a person hyjacking a plane, unless they know how to land it or have a parachute handy, they’re sort of force to keep the pilot alive unless they want to die themselves and the pilot doesn’t have to listen to him. And yes, I know i’m arguing for the sake of arguing right now. I’ll hope it’s Desmond in there as well because we haven’t seen him this season except for 1 scene.

    • I like where your head is at with that, CB. He is the last guy that got away who is still unaccounted for. And at this point, I can’t see him making his way to the island any other way. Only having seen him for a flash in the first episode, you forget about him and that he got away too.

      • Look at it this way, Mike: we know the island “isn’t finished” with Desmond; we know Jacob told Hurley that “he’ll find a way” to the island; and we can’t help but think 108-Wallace might have to be Desmond, since the only Wallace I know is Scotsman William Wallace.

  18. Re: dochielomn

    Again, if the person being held captive went apeshit and killed everyone EXCEPT the captain, he could order the sub be turned around. He wouldn’t pilot it himself.

    Okay, this is getting us nowhere. Let’s move on.

    • Here’s how the convo would go between the person that escaped and the captain or pilot/driver of the sub:

      Person: I’ve escaped and killed everyone on this sub except for you. Take me to the surface.

      Captain: No.

      Person: If you don’t, I’ll kill you.

      Captain: If you kill me then you have no one to drive this sub and you’ll die here anyways.

      Person: Oh yeah, I didn’t think about that. Guess I better leave you alive unless I want to die as well.

      That’s all I was trying to point out. But yes, we can move past this since you’re probably going to be right anyways, :).

      • You’re putting a LOT of stock in the fact that a guy who’s merely captaining the sub has enough loyalty and bravery not to simply say, “Whatever you say, Sir.”

  19. I just wanted to point out that, more and more, I’m thinking Smokey/FLocke/MiB is Aaron.

    That is all.

  20. […] so satisfying? Because he’s exactly who I said was in the sub back in the comments section of “Recon.” Yes, I’m bragging. By all means, I invite you to go back and read the “Recon” comments, as […]

  21. […] like all had to be together to return to the island. And recanting the same line as Sawyer back in “Recon,” FLocke says, “It’s the only way we’re getting off this godforsaken rock.” Sayid then […]

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