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LOST – Season 6, Episode 10: “The Package”

For the first time in, oh, three seasons, I did something different: I didn’t take notes. Not one. I didn’t write down a single thing, I didn’t go back and watch it on TiVo. (I would need TiVo to watch it on TiVo.) Why? Two reasons: 1) Taking notes for an entire hour while trying to follow what’s happening is exhausting, and for a guy who sleeps as poorly as I do, I’m typically beat by the time the episode airs; and 2) I thought that, for once, it might be nice to actually just watch the episode, something I hadn’t done since way back in season 3. So, rather than present you a detailed, blow-by-blow, scene-by-scene recap of what transpired and how, I’m instead just going to throw things out there that I recall from last night. I guarantee I’ll miss a lot, which means I’m counting on you folks to fill in the gaps, so to speak. And by the way, in case you missed it, ABC wanted you to know that V would be returning after last night’s LOST. Just a reminder. With that, let’s start not at the beginning, but the end, where we found…

1. The Return of Desmond Hume. 

Who was holed up in the sub? Who, not what, as Charles Widmore made a point of noting? Why, it was none other than my man Desmond. Why did I find this so satisfying? Because he’s exactly who I said was in the sub back in the comments section of “Recon.” Yes, I’m bragging. By all means, I invite you to go back and read the “Recon” comments, as readers suggested everything from Eloise Hawking to Walt to Christian to inanimate objects. For me, Desmond made too much sense, particularly with the whole “108 – Wallace” on the mirror-wheel Jack demolished at the lighthouse. Connecting some dots, the only Wallace I thought of was William Wallace, the Scot from Braveheart. And since we knew the island wasn’t done with Des, not to mention his story arc with Widmore, it all added up. And speaking of “I told you so”…

2. “No English.” Back in Part 2 of “LA X,” most people were sure that Sun was pretending not to understand English when Jin was detained at the airport. Me? I said otherwise. Seeing as how this was not the true timeline, I supposed that she really didn’t understand what the customs agent was saying, and sure enough this was confirmed in “The Package.” Of greater interest, though, was learning that she and Jin aren’t married in this sideways timeline, but lovers. Speaking of Sun, I was psyched that she was finally given something to do in this episode, something more than “Where’s Jin?” or “Have you seen my husband?” And why was she given more to do?…

3. The Candidate.

Sun is the Kwon they’re looking for. (Holy mixed movie references, as I’m totally alluding to “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” even though I’m dropping a reference to The Manchurian Candidate. Ugh.) What makes me think that it is Sun and not Jin? Well, I might be wrong on this one, but having finished watching the episode a mere seven hours ago, I’m almost positive that Sun (and only Sun) looked in a mirror and saw her reflection. In the hallway of her hotel room, before answering the door and finding Keamy, she peeked into the mirror and adjusted her hair (wig) and had that moment of déjà vu, or whatever you’d like to call it. As far as I can remember, Jin had no such moment. And speaking of Jin, it was awfully sad, that moment he finally saw pictures of Ji Yeon, particularly when it was paralleled by Jin being pregnant (and shot) in the flash-sideways. And speaking of people being shot, another welcome back goes out to…

4. Mikhail, the One-Eyed Wonder. I haven’t been over the moon about some of the characters who have “returned” in the flash-sideways (e.g., Arzt and Liam), but I have to admit that seeing Mikhail was pretty awesome, particularly because A) he didn’t have the eye-patch; and b) his character was interesting and well-utilized. In other words, his presence wasn’t merely decorative; rather, he had a role to play, and did so quite well, before being shot dead – where? – in the eye. Well played, LOST. Also, this episode explained just what in the hell Jin was doing in the restaurant walk-in, as he was being held captive by Keamy, who as we learned was hired by Mr. Paik to kill Jin for sleeping with his daughter (Sun). That also explained just what in the hell Jin was doing with all that money, as well as the fact that in this storyline Jin isn’t necessarily the murderous, overbearing henchman he was in the real timeline. And speaking of Jin, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention…

5. Repetition and Parallelism. Two moments of last night’s dialogue were most certainly “repeated” lines, which LOST incorporates frequently. (That is, characters repeat lines of dialogue throughout the series.) The two I recall from last night are Widmore saying, “What’s done is done,” and Keamy saying that, “Some people just aren’t meant to be together,” before shutting Jin in the walk-in. (You get the feeling Jin and Sun will never be together? Sad.) And as far as parallelism, it was nice to Jin strapped to a chair and trapped in a room in the sideways timeline (the walk-in), as well as in the actual timeline (Room 23). And oh, by the way, Room 23! I could be wrong on this, but I don’t think we’ve seen Room 23 since season 3. Furthermore, Zoe referenced the Dharma Initiative in last night’s episode, in hopes that Jin was the one could point out the pockets of electromagnetic energy on the map, as his name was on it. Wow! In one episode, we not only saw Sun given something to do, but actually called back to the Dharma Initiative, something it seemed the writers had essentially washed their hands of. Frankly, I would have been rather annoyed had they never returned to the DI, seeing as how we spent, oh, five seasons talking about/referencing it. Let’s not forget about…

6. FLocke.

(If you don’t understand the picture above, too bad.) Last night he made a point of trying to recruit Sun, here saying that he could deliver her to Jin. Once again, he adopted the Faustian role of promising the individual the one thing they wanted most in order to get said person to join him. Clearly we saw in last night’s episode that FLocke’s motives are self-motivated, in that he needs the candidates together to get him off the island. I think what this really means is that he needs the candidates to accompany him (or die?) so that there is no one left to replace Jacob as his keeper. That would explain why FLocke’s panties were in a bunch upon discovering Jin had been captured by Widmore’s people, as he still wasn’t sure which Kwon he needed. And how do we know these folks are so important to FLocke? Because he more or less tipped his hand to Claire, pointing out that whatever happens to Kate, well, happens to Kate. Once FLocke gets what he wants from who he wants, everyone else is expendable. Hell, even Sayid was merely a pawn for FLocke last night, as he planted him on Hydra Island to figure out Widmore’s secret (and stare at Desmond from the water, all Apocalypse Now-like). (And by the way, it was pretty cool having to watch FLocke walk outside the pylons. On the other hand, having to watch the grown-up child star from Kate and Allie play the role of the heavy was once again lame.) And speaking of getting off the island…

7. “The plane, the plane.”

Well, it seems Richard and Hurley returned with a mission: to blow up Ajira 316, a plan that doesn’t sit so well with Sun. Having been convinced by Hurley and the ghost of Isabella, Richard is now prepared to destroy the plane so FLocke can’t leave the island. This is fine, really, since Sawyer’s escape route is centered around the sub, not the plane. And speaking of the plan, I’m actually a bit bummed that Jack has had so little to do since “Lighthouse.” I loved that episode, and it’s unfortunate that we haven’t seen much of Jack since then. He returned to his regular hero/leader/”I can fix anything” role last night in convincing Sun to join them. Still, he’s been somewhat absent since then. Frankly, it’s because the writers have been trying to squeeze so much in during the course of the season that the pace has been overly accelerated. It’s too bad, really, but they painted themselves into a corner. Again, I could used less Keamy and Omar and more, well, everyone else. Hell, even Ben is getting short-shrift this season, despite having an entire episode devoted to him. Frankly, there have been so many new characters (Dogen, Lennon, Zoe, etc.) and so many returned characters (Keamy, Liam, Charlotte, Omar, etc.) that at times we’ve lost sight of the main characters of interest, which is unfortunate.

[UPDATE 1: I was just thinking about a couple things based on last night’s episode. First, what did Widmore mean when he said they would all “cease to be.” When talking to Jin, he told him that if FLocke managed to get off the island, everyone he knew would “cease to be”; he didn’t say everyone “would die.” Does this some how go back to last week’s episode — “since the begging of time” — in that once “evil” is unleashed upon the world, the lives they’ve come to know would vanish? That their histories would be erased?

[UPDATE 2: I now have a theory (possibly) on how it will all end. FLocke has made it clear that he needs the candidates — all of them — to leave the island with him so he might get off the island. That being the case, I’m thinking that one (if not all) of the candidates will stay behind. Not only will this prevent FLocke from leaving the island (thus preventing evil from spreading), but it will make Jacob the “victor,” in that man will finally make the “right” or “good” choice, thus ending the game between Jacob and Smokey, and thus proving that “it only ends once.”]

Well, that’ll do it for me. Again, these are all points of interest off the top of my head. Please feel free to point out all that I’ve missed, as I’m sure there’s a good bit of information/detail left.

Until next time, have at it, you vultures!



  1. Well, glad you got this in nice and early (so now I don’t have to keep checking the website to see if something is posted), here’s my responses as usual:

    1. I really enjoyed this episode. Funny on how I wasn’t originally expecting much and I found myself enjoying it mainly because it wasn’t focussed on 1 person and showed all of the storylines and getting ready for all of them to converge.

    2. Props to you CB for being right abotu Desmond. When you suggested it I thought that would be a cool idea and that you might be right since we hadn’t seen Desmond this season really. Alas, I was still holding out hope it would be an object just so I could have been right, :).

    3. I was also glad to see Sun and Jin do more this episode then just say “where’s Sun/Jin?”

    4. You’re probably right that Sun is the canidate but they still both could be. Can’t say I picked up the mirror thing but that is definitely a good sign from what we’ve seen.

    5. Once they started with Sun and Jin being secret lovers and she said “I have something to tell you” you knew that meant she was pregnant. I don’t remember the exact moment in the episode when I figured it out but I was expecting Keamy to be a hitman for Mr. Paik and taking out Jin for the 25 grand. And as soon as Jin told Sun to move away I figured either a) she was getting shot or b) she was going to end up picking up a gun and killing someone.

    6. Jin seeing his daughter was very sad and I thought was a cruel but effective tactic to get him to join Widmore or help him out. Got to wonder what exactly the pockets of electromagnetism are going to be used for here though.

    7. As soon as they showed Claire staring at Kate again, I knew she still wanted Kate dead and I was expecting another mad rush at her. but then FLocke gave her the go-ahead as soon as they’re on the plane. Also according to FLocke, can we now assume that Kate isn’t a canidate?

    8. Is Sayid just a robot now? I say this because he said he feels no emotion and is just doing what FLocke commands. Interesting as well that it appears Sayid is almost 2nd in command or maybe he’s a Smokey in training?

    Also, had to laugh Sawyer’s line about FLocke turning into Smokey and just going over the water to get to Hydra Island. I guess it shows that FLocke has some limitations with him turning into the Smoke Monster. Also, in this episode when FLocke was chasing after Sun, he was running and didn’t turn into Smokey to track her down or at least get ahead of her.

    9. Got to give Sun credit for not trusting FLocke. He offered her the thing that she wanted the most and she ran from him and later said she doesn’t trust him. I don’t like her not being able to speak english though now (at least for a time).

    10. Additionally, had to laugh at Ilana not believing that Ben wasn’t after Sun or helping FLocke. Guess this means she doesn’t fully trust him.

    Think that’s enough for now. I’m sure I’ll end up commenting in response to other posts.

    • Alright, D, my thoughts on YOUR thoughts:

      1. I wasn’t wild about this episode. It was fine, but again, not much in terms of new developments, which at this point in the game is less than helpful.

      2. Zing!

      3. Agreed.

      4. I still think it has to be one or the other, seeing as how they even referenced in this episode that FLocke wasn’t sure which Kwon it referred to. Again, I think only Sun saw her reflection this week, so my money’s on her.

      5. I actually didn’t pick up on the pregnancy thing until the end of the episode. I did, however, know immediately she would be shot by one of Mikhail’s stray bullets.

      6. It was sad, indeed, but also pretty touching.

      7. I knew something was definitely “up” with Claire, though I didn’t expect her to rush her again. I’m pretty confident FLocke put her in her place the last time. Still, I think he’s giving Claire free reign to kill Kate once they reach the plane. And again, I still say the lighthouse was Jacob’s and the cave was FLocke’s. As far as he knows, Kate is NOT a candidate, but the lighthouse would suggest otherwise. Then again, didn’t Ilana name the candidates? Was Kate among them?

      8. Yeah, I’m totally confused about how they’re using Smokey. It would suggest that he can’t travel over water in the form of Smokey. And as far as tracking down Sun, I had the same thought. (It was similar to the scene with the ghost boy in the jungle.) As far as Sayid goes, I don’t think he’s Smokey’s replacement in that it’s clear (or seems clear, anyway) that Smokey actually has feelings.

      9. Agreed. Pretty much the same thing Ben did.

      10. Well, who DOES trust Ben, at least initially?

  2. 7. I expected Claire to make a mad run at Kate mainly because Claire is irrational right now so she’s capable of going bonkers within a eye-blink. I don’t think Ilana has named all of the canidates just said along the way if a person was one or not. I could be mistaken though.

    8. Just wasn’t sure with Sayid saying he has no emotion what that leaves as his purpose on the island, other than to be an enforcer for Smokey.

    9. Well Ben was going to go to FLocke but only as a last resort because he had no where else to go and no would take him in.

    10. I think Ben is now at the stage where you can trust him. I think he probably feels remorseful for killing Jacob and maybe even realized he was used as a pawn in the process. I think after his last speech (which seemed genuine) that he’s aligned himself with Ilana and isn’t looking to double cross her.

  3. I just posted a couple of updated thoughts/observations to “The Package.” Give them a read. Thoughts?

  4. I really enjoyed this episode, more than I thought I would. I thought it brought up a couple of interesting points. First, Ilana never named the candidates – she only mentioned that there were now 6 that she had to protect. I agree with the belief that Sun is the candidate, not Jin. You were definitely correct about the mirror moment – I noticed it immediately when I was watching it.

    Next, I’m really curious as to why Kate is “no longer” a candidate. Why did she become unavailable as one? What action nullified her from that particular distinction?

    Third, why didn’t Smokey just grab Sun when she (stupidly) knocked herself out on an inanimate object? Why chase her, and then leave her there?

    I really enjoyed the pylon scene myself, although I have to say that the character of Zoe is becoming less and less believable. A sharp-shooting, grifting GEOTHERMALCIST?! Really? REALLY!? I didn’t realize that you needed a minor in bad-assery for that particular profession.

    Overall, good ep.

    • The thing is, a., I’m not convinced Kate ISN’T a candidate, as she was still on the wheel. I still think she has a very important role to play.

      Why didn’t he grab her? Because, as FLocke explained, it was her “choice” as to whether or not she would go with him. He wouldn’t take her “against her will.” I think the candidates need to come with FLocke by choice, as everything has gone back to fate vs. free will.

      I’m not a big Zoe (Debbie Hunt) fan, either. Too many characters backloaded into season 6, when there is SO MUCH MORE we could be focusing on.

  5. I thought it was a pretty solid episode, but I agree with the pacing. Too much for one season. Also, im glad you didn’t take notes, Brandon, becasue it would be hard to write and felate yourself over being right at the same time (insert gay smiley face: :))

    “The Package” could also refer to the fact that the candidates are a package deal, not to mention the baby Sun had in the LA X reality and the 25 thousand/rolex and maybe Sun And Jin being the candidate, and my junk.

    I also caught the “cease to exist” line and thought that maybe it just meant they’d shutter over to the LA X reality.

    FLocke is an odd guy. He needs Sun alive, so why not just kidnap her? Why leave her and let them find out he attacked her? Also, I guess Widmore and Smokey don’t know each other, or at least had not met before then.

    Sayid wasn’t a zombie, but he sure is now. And Widmore sounded a lot like Smokey when he told Jin he had a daughter too and knows what he feels like.

    Ummm, last fragmented thought: I still think Jacob has candidates and MiB has candidates, and they’re not necessarily the same. Sun may be Jacob’s and Jin may be Smokey’s. Kate DID have a mirror scene in her episode, no? And her name was on the wheel.

    • Look, MM, who’s to say I didn’t felate myself while watching? Give me some credit.

      As far as why he didn’t take Sun, look at my comments to a. above on the same question:

      “Why didn’t he grab her? Because, as FLocke explained, it was her “choice” as to whether or not she would go with him. He wouldn’t take her “against her will.” I think the candidates need to come with FLocke by choice, as everything has gone back to fate vs. free will.”

      As far as Kate goes, I still say she’s a candidate, which is why she had a mirror scene, too.

  6. Awesome episode! Like others, I wasn’t expecting much cause Sun sucks, but I liked her in this.

    I thought to myself before the episode started that only one would look in a mirror and that one would be the candidate, but then when watching I missed any of them looking in a mirror, so I’m glad you caught it!

    I’m also glad that they finally mentioned Ji Yeon. It was getting frustrating that their infant baby was completely ignored.

    Thanks again CB! Glad you got to devote all your attention to the episode.

    • Again, I just thought this episode was okay. I liked it; I didn’t love it. Fortunately, I think it was a good one to watch and not take notes on, as it wasn’t as “full” as most episodes with easter eggs and such (which is ironic, as we’re approaching Easter weekend).

      I’m still with you on their lack of time devoted to even MENTIONING they have a daughter. Seriously, considering all of the daddy issues and familial relationships on the show, how have we gone 10 hours this season and this is the first mention of Ji Yeon? Nice parenting.

    • That’s funny. To me, Sun’s was the most obvious mirror-stare yet.

  7. “Also, I guess Widmore and Smokey don’t know each other, or at least had not met before then. ”

    I thought that was a note worthy conversation between FLocke and Smokey. When Ben was in charge, he made it seem like he had the ability to summon Smokey to do his bidding anytime he wanted and thus would know partially what he was all about. Widmore’s description was like he had never seen Smokey at all because he used words like myths and legends and jungle whispers.

    As for cease to exist, my first thought was just everyone dieing that Smokey would essentially lay waist to everything off the island. However, now it could be that somehow Smokey’s getting off the island is what the alternate timeline is all about.

  8. Minor point of order. Another recycled line was when FLocke was talking to Claire and said: “as for Kate, whatever happens, happens”. I believe “Whatever Happens, Happens” was used before and was the title of an episode.

    Overall, I thought this episode was kind of slow.

    • Did I forget to include that one? Oof. Can’t believe it. That’s a typical Faraday line, really. He’s said it at least three other times on the show.

  9. I was mostly annoyed by the giant “V” is on next, that was at the bottom of the screen through almost the whole episode.

  10. This episode felt a lot like treading water. Much like what Sayid was doing during the weird face to face Desmond scene. This felt like a set-up episode where not the build up starts until the finale.

    The only thing that stood out to me was the scenes between Flocke reaching out his hand to Sun & Jack reaching out his hand to Sun. I still feel like Jack is going to replace Jacob.

    Or…maybe that is what Widmore has planned for Desmond. In LA X we did see Desmond appear to Jack on the plane and it has been the only time we’ve seen him other than last night.

    • Exactly. The forward action was, well, wasn’t. That is, the flash-sideways, while it revealed some info about Jin and Sun, led to the scene with Jin in the restaurant, which we’d already seen.

      The stuff with Jack and Jin on the beach was a perfect parallel of season 1 when Jack sat with Rose on the beach.

      All in all, not a lot of “progress” in this episode, which is probably why it wasn’t one of my favorites.

  11. I seem to remember a scene this season where the camera is flying over the water from one island to the other, and we hear the Smokey sound effects, like he was able to go back and forth. Does anyone else remember that, and if so, I have more questions about Smokey’s conveniently-timed abilities. Doesn’t fake-Locke get tired of taking the boat across all the time?

    • In the sequence you’re referring to, I don’t think we saw Smokey traverse water; rather, he simply made his way across the island before settling on Sawyer in New Otherton. This, by the way, was “The Substitute.”

  12. Hey… who was in which room? I can’t remember specifically, but isn’t 42- Kwon, on the cave wall? And wasn’t Jin in room 42, not Sun?

  13. What’s more, wasn’t 8 and 42 the time used in the Sawyer episode? I don’t know if it’s just a red herring, or are Kwon and Reyes that important?

    • I’m actually confused as to what you’re asking, MM.

  14. Well, last night, didn’t both Jin and Sun go to different rooms in the hotel? Weren’t those two rooms numbered 42 and 8, respectively?

    In the debate of who’s the candidate, Jin or Sun, Sun may have had the reflective moment, but so did Ben, and he’s not a candidate anymore. Jin, I believe, went to room 42, which is the number next to Kwon, which might imply he’s the candidate, not Sun. Further proof that it’s Jin and not Sun… Sun isn’t even a Kwon in the LA X reality.

    But also, when James was late for the fake meeting in the pigeon drop, wasn’t the time 8:42? So it seems deliberate that they would repeat these two numbers. It could have just as easily been 4:23, or the rooms could have been 15 and 16, but they weren’t. So are 8 and 42 more important than the others? We already see how Hurley’s been intregal. Now Jin is wanted by Widmore.

    • Interesting observation, MM. 42 was, in fact, the Kwon number on the cave wall, and you would be right in pointing out that only Jin is a true Kwon. Still, there’s no denying the ambiguity is intentional, as Jacob touched them simultaneously at their wedding.

      As far as Ben goes, you’ll notice that he didn’t acknowledge himself in his reflection. That is, unlike, say, Sun, who had a moment of “uncertainty” upon looking — really looking — at herself in the mirror, Ben never really “looked” at his reflection. His “mirror” image in the microwave was more for us, not him.

  15. What, no props for ME pointing out the Kate and Ally (and Mr. Mom and Fiber One) kid in my comments from Recon? Hey, if you’re looking for pats on the back, then so am I.

    Just to clarify something you addressed in the last post (the Richard episode), in reference to the cork symbolizing the Island holding in the evil. Do you think the sideways world is the world with the evil now in it? Something that’ll be revealed in the upcoming episodes? Because that world is the world where the Island has been sunk and is now not able to contain the evil.

    This may have been addressed in other comments, or just implied in what you’ve been saying. Not sure.

    But if not, then I like thinking that’s the case.

    And lastly, since you’re into all the connections: At the end of Singles, Debbie Hunt (Zoe) meets her future husband played by Victor Garber, who starred in J.J. Abrams’ other big hit, Alias.

  16. Happy Belated April Fools:

  17. 2 quick things that just dawned on me: All this this talk of escaping to the, “New World” (Richard and Isabella, Jin and Sun) we took as ironic because they arrived on the island. But couldn’t the “new world” also be actually a new world, or, the LA X reality?

    Second, since we learned that FLocke can’t just turn into smoke and zip over to the Hydra island, was it just a continuity error that Christian was at the barracks while FLocke was on the Hydra when 316 first crashed?

  18. […] confirm his theory about Des, everyone Des cares about “will be gone…forever.” Again, notice like last week that Widmore doesn’t say everyone will be killed; rather, he uses expressions like “cease to […]

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