Posted by: cousinbrandon | May 8, 2012

The “Miscellaneous” Mixes: 111

Today’s mix comes courtesy of my lady, Michelle, whose other mixes (like this one) you can find scattered about the site. This mix represents her best of 2011 (much like my own), only she took a different approach. Her goal was to represent her favorite albums of the year by choosing the first tracks from her favorites, respectively. That, then, is where the 111 title came from (1 = track 1; 11 = 2011). Clever, no?

Now, I should point out that she and I have debated this approach over and over again, as I believe that a best of the year mix should encapsulate one’s favorite songs of the year as opposed to one’s favorite albums. In other words, a great song can come from a terrible album, just as a strong album can contains several decent tracks with no real stand-out. Additionally, this approach limits one’s ability in that EPs, for example, are thrown to the wolves, which is a damn shame considering that some of the best songs from any given year appear on EPs. All the same, this is her mix, not mine, and I have no choice but to allow it despite my arguing with the concept. Fortunately, the mix itself is strong, and we even have several crossover tracks that appeared on both her mix and my own.

By the way, it’s May of 2012. Timely? Nah. Awesome? Absolutely.

111 cover.


1. Wild Flag – “Romance
2. Tapes ‘n Tapes – “Badaboom
3. Atlas Sound – “The Shakes
4. The Antlers – “I Don’t Want Love
5. Iron & Wine – “Walking Far From Home
6. Bill Callahan – “Drover
7. Fleet Foxes – “Montezuma
8. Akron/Family – “Silly Bears
9. Hospital Ships – “Love or Death
10. Cloud Nothings – “Understand At All
11. Gold-Bears – “Record Store
12. Yuck – “Get Away
13. An Horse – “Dressed Sharply
14. Cults – “Abducted
15. Those Darlins – “Screws Get Loose
16. Girls – “Honey Bunny
17. Tennis – “Take Me Somewhere
18. Dan Mangan – “About as Helpful as You can be Without Being Any Help at All
19. Bird of Youth – “Right on Red
20. Eleanor Friedberger – “My Mistakes
21. PJ Harvey – “Let England Shake
22. Beirut – “A Candle’s Fire

Thanks again to the lady for contributing yet another fine mix to the cause. Until next time, have at it, you vultures!


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