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The “Miscellaneous” Mixes: The Best of 2011

It’s once again time for Cousin Matt’s Best of 2011 mix. He’s the guy who did this in 2010, did this in 2009, this in 2008, this in 2007, and so on. In any event, here’s this year’s self-titled “Letter from the Editor!” with an omission here or there:

It’s that time of year again, when I open myself up to the ridicule of others by distributing my favorite songs (and albums) of the year. Oh, and I also attempt to make “cover art” (in Word). So go ahead, poke your fun. Laught at the fonts, giggle over the layout, whisper about the nerdiness of the whole thing.

When you’re done, open it up and breathe in the wonderment that is my Best of 2011.

This is my completely subjective take on what stoked my aural fire this past year in music. You may not agree with all of it — well, you may not agree with any of it. If that’s the case, please pass it on to a friend, or dispose of it responsibly.

Just a few quick notes about the comp, since no one probably reads these liner notes anymore. And if you want even more jaw-dropping insight from yours truly, check out my blog.

Like, wow, a new design! Sure it’s totally 80’s, but it wasn’t intentional. I didn’t set out to make an “80’s” theme, it just sorta morphed into it, so I kept going. Still, I like how it turned out since it’s vastly different from years past. Also, the design of it took no inspiration from the fact that Barcade is now here and hep (total coincidence), or that there’s a song on Disc 2 called “Video Games.” And speaking of…

The Lana Del Rey explanation… Some of you may have seen the quite sultry (and possibly overhyped? Still TBD) Lana Del Rey completely fumble her big break on SNL. Based on people’s resulting backlash and everything that’s been written about her since, it’d be easy for my (or anyone’s) interest to wane. But I base this compilation on the feelings I had about the songs throughout the year, and the longevity they’re able to maintain. It is where it is for a reason, and it’s staying there. Besides, the public scolding of LDR happened in 2012, not 2011.

Okay, that’ll do it for this year. As always, thanks for listening.

Until next year,

Top 12 Albums of 2011:

#12 – The Double Cross by Sloan
#11 – Wounded Rhymes by Lykke Li
#10 – Actor-Caster by Generationals
#9 – Megafaun by Megafaun
#8 – Motorcar by New God
#7 – Dress Like Your Idols by BOAT
#6 – Within and Without by Washed Out
#5 – Zonoscope by Cut Copy
#4 – What Did You Expect From the Vaccines? by The Vaccines
#3 – David Comes to Life by Fucked Up
#2 – Cape Dory by Tennis
#1 – Father, Son, Holy Ghost by Girls

As is always the case with Cousin Matt’s year-end mixes, this is a “countdown” as opposed to a compilation. (Again, Track 1, in this case, is his 43rd favorite song of the year.)

The Best of 2011 front cover.

The Best of 2011 back cover.

The Best of 2011 (Disc 1):

1. Japanther – “First of All” (Beets, Limes & Rice)
2. Cloud Nothings – “Should Have” (Cloud Nothings)
3. Sloan – “Green Gardens, Cold Montreal” (The Double Cross)
4. Youth Lagoon – “Posters” (The Year of Hibernation)
5. Royal Bangs – “Bad News, Strange Luck” (Flux Outside)
6. Manchester Orchestra – “Pensacola” (Simple Math)
7. The Strokes – “Two Kinds of Happiness” (Angles)
8. Pterodactyl – “Searchers” (Spills Out)
9. Liam Finn – “Cold Feet” (FOMO)
10. Fleet Foxes – “Helplessness Blues” (Helplessness Blues)
11. New God – “On and Off” (Motorcar)
12. Telekinesis – “Please Ask For Help” (12 Desperate Straight Lines)
13. Akron/Family – “Island” (Akron/Family II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT)
14. Smith Westerns – “Weekend” (Dye It Blonde)
15. Cults – “You Know What I Mean” (Cults)
16. Mogwai – “San Pedro” (Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will)
17. The Dears – “5 Chords” (Degeneration Street)
18. Deerhoof – “Secret Mobilization” (Deerhoof vs. Evil)
19. Generationals – “I Promise” (Actor-Caster)
20. BOAT – “Forever In Armitron” (Dress Like Your Idols)
21. Megafaun – “Resurrection” (Megafaun)
22. My Morning Jacket – “Wonderful (The Way I Feel)” (Circuital)
23. Male Bonding – “Channeling Your Fears” (Endless Now)

The Best of 2011 (Disc 2):

1. James Blake – “I Never Learnt to Share” (James Blake)
2. Cut Copy – “This Is All We’ve Got” (Zonoscope)
3. Ezra Furman & The Harpoons – “Wild Rosemarie” (Mysterious Power)
4. St. Vincent – “Cruel” (Strange Mercy)
5. Wild Flag – “Future Crimes” (Wild Flag)
6. Portugal. The Man – “So American” (In the Mountain In the Cloud)
7. We Are Augustines – “Juarez” (Rise Ye Sunken Ships)
8. Real Estate – “It’s Real” (Days)
9. Dum Dum Girls – “Bedroom Eyes” (Only In Dreams)
10. Tapes ‘n Tapes – “Freak Out” (Outside)
11. Lykke Li – “Sadness Is a Blessing” (Wounded Rhymes)
12. Washed Out – “Before” (Within and Without)
13. Eleanor Friedberger – “I Won’t Fall Apart On You Tonight” (Last Summer)
14. We Were Promised Jetpacks – “Sore Thumb” (In the Pit of the Stomach)
15. The Vaccines – “Norgaard” (What Did You Expect From the Vaccines?)
16. Tennis – “South Carolina” (Cape Dory)
17. Wye Oak – “Civilian” (Civilian)
18. Fucked Up – “One More Night” (David Comes to Life)
19. Lana Del Ray – “Video Games” (Single)
20. Girls – “Vomit” (Father, Son, Holy Ghost)

As always, we had some crossover selections on our respective mixes, such as “Future Crimes,” “It’s Real,” “I Won’t Fall Apart On You Tonight” and “Civilian.” Other bands we had in common were Cloud Nothings, Fleet Foxes, Male Bonding, Tapes ‘n Tapes, Tennis and Fucked Up.

Well, it looks like that’ll do it. My thanks once more to Cousin Matt for his annual Best of mix, a tradition that now dates back for a decade between the two of us. Can’t believe we’re not both dead yet.

Until next time, have at it, you vultures!




  1. Hey I am the random guy who popped in here a couple of years ago with some comments on The “Miscellaneous” Mixes: Fin. Don’t worry I had to go back and search for it myself because I didn’t remember what I had commented on.

    Anwyway I was just curious if you had heard of the site It is a site where users can post their music mixes for all to listen to. I discovered it via their Android app. It is kind of weird because you actually upload the songs to their site rather than picking songs from their library. The legality of it seems sketchy at best but whatever. It does seem custom made for things like these mixes you post because it would make it relatively easy for people to listen to them. Although with more work on your part.

    I am actually not super active on the site but I do really like the idea of it. Just wanted to pass it along in case you weren’t aware of it. My username on that site is “buttch” but I don’t have much up there.

    • Thanks for coming back into the fold, chunk_style. Yeah, I’m familiar with the site you reference, but, no, I haven’t used it for reasons that shall go unmentioned. It’s definitely a great idea, though, and I encourage others to use it.

      • Well that makes me curious but I won’t ask what has come between a man and a website. Heh.

        • chunk_style – not sure if you’ll ever see this, but I actually posted a few of my past mixes on 8tracks when I made my Best of 2011. I found it to be a good way for people to listen to the mix the moment I sent it out, or on the go. And the site itself is extremely easy to use. Here’s the url to my listenables:

          • Cool I will check them out. Just followed you on there.

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