Posted by: cousinbrandon | December 18, 2009

The 12 Days of Pissed Miss: Helliday “Cheer” (Day 8)

Good ol’ Ms. Snell It’s nice to know you can count on the consistency of certain people. And in her case, I use the term “people” loosely. After failing to change her billboard for a couple days, Ms. Snell got right back on her winged, biblical horse to preach her message of holiday “love” to us all.

Karen’s yard. Walnut Street, Harrisburg. 7:52 AM. December 18, 2009.

It’s dedication like hers that leaves a warm place in my heart, much like the warm place she’ll be visiting once Satan drags her down to the Underworld and makes her his eternal bitch. Now that’s holiday cheer.

Until tomorrow, have at it, you vultures!




  1. PLEASE tell me you responded with a bigger, flashier “Merry XXXMas” sign, complete with a silhouetted stripper.

  2. I grew up seeing her signs all the time, they were so hardcore! Babies in trashcans! It was heartwarming. What’s happened? There’s a definite softening.

    I suspect Ms. Snell’s gettin’ laid, OR she’s taking stool softener. Probably the latter.

    • Has she softened? Not at all. The holiday season simply brings out the Christ in her exponentially. Don’t worry, post-Christmas you can rest assured she’ll be back to dead babies and minority hate, the way God intended.

  3. Doesn’t she know that Christ doesn’t approve of the slothful?

    Bitch betta fix up that yard.

  4. …man, it never dawned on me. I guess I’ve seen it, but I always thought it was some sort of coincidence. This really changes everything.

    I like Christmas. Maybe I’ll like Jesus too. Does Santa want me to yell at scared teenagers in front of abortion clinics?

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